50+ Cricut Christmas Projects – Easy and Jolly Ideas!

Christmas is coming, and your Cricut is about to be your best friend (as if it isn’t already!) Here are 50+ amazing and jolly Cricut Christmas Projects to keep you busy as you await the most wonderful time of the year. 

Cricut Christmas Projects

Cricut Christmas

I know it’s only July – but Christmas in July is a popular idea.

Well, at least all the emails I’m getting advertising Christmas in July seem to perpetuate that 🙂

Either way, there are many awesome ways to use your Cricut during the holiday season.

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Materials to Buy for Cricut Christmas Projects

Here are a few things to consider buying for Christmas projects – many of these are key components in the projects I will share below.

Cricut Christmas Cartridges

Although Cricut has moved away from the traditional cartridges, you can still find these for sale (usually from individuals – Ebay is a good source for these if you have a machine that uses them).

They do offer many of their old popular cartridges as digital versions now (as well as some other fun, new ones). Here are some different ones to consider getting if you’ll be making lots of Christmas projects this year:

Cricut Make it Now Christmas Projects

Cricut has DONES of projects, all ready to go, in Cricut Design Space. While some of them cost money, many of them are free of charge. I’m a big fan of Make it Now projects because they require very little knowledge or ability to design a project yourself.

In the projects I share below, most of them are created by other bloggers with tutorials on their blogs. However, I have shared a few of my Make it Now Christmas projects.

Last Christmas, I made this Christmas Village, and it’s easily become my favorite Christmas decoration. This isn’t a picture of mine, but isn’t it beautiful:

This project is free, and you can check it out here. I used some battery powered lights from the Dollar Tree that worked reallly nicely with it.

Christmas Cricut Quilts

If you have a Cricut Maker, listen up! Quilting has never been easier with the rotary blade, and they have a beautiful Riley Blake Christmas quilt kit. This comes with all the material you need to make a beautiful quilt (and they have quite a few different patterns available through Design Space).

Here are a couple of the patterns to consider pairing with this quilt kit (they are about $10 each):

Big Star Throw

Home Throw

Tribal Throw

All Wrapped Up

Cricut Christmas Ideas

Below you will find over 50 cute ideas that you can make with your Cricut. Some of them are decor, others are gift ideas, and others could be both!

Before I share all of those, I wanted to highlight a couple of ideas that I either have made personally, or I just thought had an extra ounce of cuteness.

I made this stocking last year, and I can hardly wait to get it together. This is a project offered through Design Space, but I do suggest reading my tutorial for more clarity on some of the instructions

I made this as part of an ornament exchange last year. It was very simple, but I just love how it turned out! You can check out the tutorial here.

Christmas Tea Towels

Faux Leather Christmas Tree Pillow

Modern Christmas Tree Sign

Christmas Placemat Settings

And now, here are all of the rest of the great Christmas ideas. Make sure you click over to the posts and pin from these to give these talented bloggers the credit they deserve 🙂

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