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We LOVE working with quality, family-friendly brands. As we naturally incorporate products and services that we feel our readers will love, it becomes both a win-win for our readers and the companies we work with. Some of our most popular posts have been sponsored! Our favorite (and most popular) topics are about pregnancy and parenting!

Because we believe in only promoting the best to our readers, we are fairly picky about the brands we work with. Please read the following guidelines before contacting us:

  • We must be able to try the service or product for a reasonable amount of time before we write about it.
  • Sending a sample does NOT guarantee a positive review on our part. We do not allow you to edit our content to make it more positive or to sound like an ad. We reserve the right to post pros and cons. If we don’t feel we can write a positive review
  • We do not do full product reviews on our site. We will incorporate the product, service, or company into a post that can be shared and enjoyed by our readers.
  • We are happy to do social media reviews. Sending us a product does not guarantee a review, but we will consider it. Depending on the value of the product, we may do this for just product and not pay.
  • We DO NOT accept guest posts or any kind. We are also not interested in putting your link or infograhic into a post.
  • For the most part, we are not interested in press releases or conducting interviews for experts on certain topics. Some exceptions may be made.
  • Sponsored content on our website is paid for. In some situations, we may be willing to take product in exchange for a post, but in this case, the product must be of equal or greater value to our sponsored post rates. Occasionally, we may make exceptions, but this is rare. Our time is valuable and crafting a high-quality post takes a lot of time and creative effort.
  • All links in sponsored posts are no-follow. This is non-negotiable.
  • We do not guarantee any results. While we will heavily promote all posts, and most do quite well, there’s no guarantee of conversions or sales.
  • We love for companies to promote the content we create for them on their social networks!
  • All sponsored work is done in accordance with the FTC guidelines.
  • All links will be coded nofollow.

We love working directly with brands to come up with a post that will resonate with our readers. We’ve been professionally blogging for three years, and the posts that do the best are those that don’t feel like ads.

Here are some ways we can work together.

  • Recipe development: We request that you provide the product you want in the recipe, either by mail, full-value coupon, or send funds to purchase the item. We have done recipe development for recipes to be put on our website, as well as development for recipes for a company website. Here are some examples of recipes we have developed for companies:
    Chicken Stroganoff
    Honey BBQ Cauliflower Wings
  • Sponsored posts: We will incorporate your company or product into a post. This post will feature an interesting topic and your company will be incorporated organically. Here are two of our most popular sponsored posts:
    29+ Memorable Christmas Traditions
    Random Acts of Kindness Ideas
  • User Testing: We are excited to offer this option! You will send a product sample (must have value and useful. In general, products under $50 will not be considered), to 3-5 of our readers, and I will document their truthful experience on the blog. We require that you send us the product as well. Additional fees may apply.
  • Affiliate Partnerships: Some of our most successful business relationships have been with companies willing to form an affiliate relationship for us. This means that we get a portion of any revenue our site generates to your company.
  • Social media promotion: We can share your company with our readers through visual media, curate content on Pinterest, etc.
  • Brand ambassadorships
  • Travel reviews (hotel, restaurant, attraction, etc.): We require that our experience is paid for in exchange for the review. Other payment may or may not be required. Here is an example of a travel review:
    Lion Square Lodge
    Blue Boar Inn Review
  • Press trips
  • Newsletter inclusion: We will mention your company in our newsletter. We also offer the option of putting an ad for your company in each of our weekly newsletters.
  • Video creation



We have an active following of both our blog and our social media. We believe we’ve worked hard to gain their trust, which is why we are careful in what we promote to them.

  • Average Monthly Pageviews: 900,000
  • Average Unique Monthly Visitors: 700,000
  • Pinterest: 60,000
  • Facebook: 17,300
  • Twitter: 11,700
  • Google+: 4,110
  • Instagram: 33,000

(updated 1/1/2018)


As previously stated, we do require payment for most promotions. These prices can vary depending. Please email us below for further details.

We look forward to hearing from you!


All we ask is that you be kind. We welcome differing opinions, but any comments containing personal attacks, sarcasm, etc. will be removed immediately. Keyboard warriors aren’t welcome 🙂 All comments are moderated and may take time to be approved. Anything not pertaining specifically to the content of a post will be removed (including comments about ads).