Popular Restaurant Dupes You Have to Try (Taco Bell, Olive Garden, Applebees, and more!)

We all have those dishes, sauces, or desserts that you order time and time again from a certain restaurant. You crave that specific taste that you assume you can only enjoy when you spend that extra cash on eating out. But, what about if you don't want to spend the time, money, and gas it takes to go out and order that one dish that makes you drool?

In comes copycat recipes. Oftentimes restaurants use ingredients that most people have in their pantries. You can enjoy virtually the same dishes from the comfort of your own home with these copycat recipes! You will be sure to enjoy the time spent in your kitchen testing and trying out these restaurant dupes.

Making restaurant styles dishes at home means you save time and money. It's also a healthier option! You never really know what restaurants use in the back kitchen, and oftentimes it's heaps of oil and butter. Cooking at home means you know exactly what you're eating, and you can avoid any added ingredients that aren't great for your health.

It is almost always be cheaper to eat at home, and with these recipes you can recreate your favorite restaurant dishes at a fraction of the cost. Here are some top copycat recipes that you can try at home today!

Zupas Strawberry Harvest Chicken Salad

JDawgs Famous Hot Dog Sauce

Mcdonalds McGriddle 

Taco Bell Caramel Apple Empanadas