About Clarks Condensed

Clarks Condensed was started in January 2013 when Katie was trying to find a way to stay home with her baby, Jack, but still use her degree in journalism. After struggling with depression during pregnancy (which was often fueled by the negativity towards motherhood online), she wanted to make sure other parents knew having children wouldn’t ruin their lives.

She attended the Online Blog Con a few month’s previous, and after participating in an internship with HealthCareScene.com, she knew blogging professionally was something she wanted to do. She had blogged since her senior year of high school and always loved sharing her thoughts and experiences with others.

Forrest and Katie didn’t want to be tied down to a particular topic, so the name “Clarks Condensed” was born. It’s a catch-all, nonsensical name that has come to define their blog! Until recently, their site was branded by this logo:


But when baby #2 came around, they decided it was time to change things up a little bit!

On Clarks Condensed, you’ll find topics ranging to parenting and pregnancy advice, easy recipes that ANYONE can make, fun DIY projects (with detailed tutorials), tips for frugal living, travel reviews and tips, and really, a little bit of everything.

Katie’s goal with Clarks Condensed was to bring more positivity to the Internet – particularly regarding family life. She and Forrest love being married and having children, and they want to share with the world that family life is more than worth celebrating.

You can read a little bit more about the Clark family here.

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Curious about how to start a blog? Forrest and Katie are relentless DIY-ers when it comes to their blog, and they have taught themselves pretty much everything they know. You can learn a little bit about how to start a blog here, or you can head over to their blogging site, The Blog Help.

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