80+ Dollar Tree Cricut Projects

Are you looking for affordable but cute projects to make with your Cricut? Here are over 80 awesome Dollar Tree Cricut Project ideas to get the juices flowing. 

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Several months ago, I wrote this post about Dollar Tree Products to Use with Cricut.

And it went totally wild! I was so shocked to see how quickly it became one of our top five posts on Clarks Condensed.

In that post, I just mention a bunch of different products that Dollar Tree sells that you could use to make projects with your machine – but I don’t share any projects.

Well, I got tons of comments (most nice, some not so much) saying I needed to share ideas on how to use those products.

And as much as I wish I could make tons of Dollar Tree Cricut projects for you all…there’s just not enough hours in the day 🙂

So I turned to my trusty Cricut Support Group, and I asked them to share a photo that I could put in this post of some of their Dollar Tree projects.

Let me tell you – they delivered! I was so impressed by the creativity of all these people. There are some seriously amazing ideas.

So today, I am sharing the post that everyone has been asking for – Dollar Tree Cricut Project ideas! I hope that you’ll take these projects, put your own spin on them, and enjoy the world of frugal crafting.

But before I share the pictures, just a few notes:

  • Many of these projects have designs on them that were either created by the person themselves or bought on Etsy. I do not have access to the files, so unfortunately, you will have to recreate them yourself 🙂 Etsy is a great place to find really fun SVG files! I’ve really been loving So Fontsy lately as well – they have some great free and paid files available.
  • Some of these projects are seasonal, and therefore, the materials may not be currently in stock at your local Dollar Tree.
  • Keep in mind that all Dollar Tree stores are different, and there may be items available at one store that you can’t find at yours.
  • I recommend checking out The Dollar Tree website, because they have most of what is available in stores across the country. Shipping is just about $4.95!
  • Some of the popular materials used in projects in this post include water tumblers, cutting boards, stuffed animals, plates, and wine glasses. However, there are several creative projects here that I wouldn’t have ever though to do!
  • As much as I wish the Dollar Tree sold vinyl, adhesive foil, etc….they don’t! So most of these projects are comprised of items found at the Dollar Tree, except for those. I know a lot of people like their contact paper for transfer tape, though.
  • I have not personally seen t-shirts at our Dollar Tree, but apparently quite a few stores are having them now…great for making t-shirts (especially for little kids!)
  • Make sure you read this post about what type of vinyl to use for craft projects.

Now, without further adieu…all the projects!

If you are new to Cricut, make sure you check out our Cricut for Beginners course – it’s just $9.99!

Dollar Store Craft Ideas

Using Cups, Glasses, and Mugs

Tutorial for ^^ here.

Using Water Bottles/Tumblers

Using Stuffed Animals

I think these are so cute! A few people mentioned that they used a hair straightener and teflon paper to iron on the vinyl.


This one ^^ was done using a wire wreath for the tape and then plastic dividers. I thought it was so creative! She said, “The top is a wreath form. The butterflies are page dividers. I put two of them together, and hot glued fishing line through their torso. I tied them at the top, but also hit each knot with a bit of hot glue. They have since faded to pastels (except the green).”

This one ^^ was done using glitter and mod podge – she said everything for this craft was from the Dollar Tree!


Greeting Card Box – click for tutorial





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