The Best Dollar Tree Cleaning and Organization Supplies

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I am a self-proclaimed neat freak and I love to be organized. I have been known to vacuum my house every day and I take great pleasure in making lists for just about everything I need to accomplish. And luckily, there are so many products out there to help me do all of that!

Now, you could spend lots of money on those items but I’ll let you all in on a little secret! You can find so many great things at The Dollar Tree that can help you stay organized and help you stay on top of your cleaning duties.

The new year is the perfect time to make new goals and get in the habit of de-junking and cleaning up. I want to share with you my favorite organization and cleaning products to purchase at The Dollar Tree.

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1.) Air Fresheners

You will find all kinds of air fresheners at The Dollar Tree. Because they are only a dollar- you can stock up and have something for every room in your house. There is something about a fresh smelling room that makes everything seem clean!

2.) Notepads

Like I mentioned I love making lists. Nothing will keep you more organized than being able to write down everything you need to do each day! My mom always has several yellow legal pads that she uses to jot down lists for just about everything.

3.) Sponges

4.) Toilet bowl brushes

5.) Dish Soap

6.) Anti-bacterial wet wipes

7.) Shelf liners

8.) Carpet cleaner

9.) Brillo pads

10.) Dust rags

11.) Mops

12.) Mop buckets

I love having several buckets around, they come in handy more than you might think!

13.) Dish scrubber

14.) Cleaning supplies

I’m not saying the cleaning supplies you will find here is going to be top quality, but if you are on a budget or not too picky- I’d definitely go this route. My mom has mentioned that sometimes the sprayer stops working, though, so be aware of that. We might have to do a post sometime testing out the different options!

15.) Rubber gloves

16.) Microfiber towels

17.) Lysol wipes

18.) Chip clips

I love having these to help keep cereal and chips and crackers fresh. We often have several boxes of these things open at one time and I love opening my pantry and seeing them safely secured with a clip- it just makes things look more organized!

19.) Calendars

20.) Dry erase boards

Dry erase boards are perfect for keeping track of daily activities, meal planning or for jotting down phone messages or other daily details you don’t want to forget. You can easily attach one of these to your fridge or on your wall. They also sell dry erase markers so be sure to pick up a few of those, too!

21.) Tupperware 

I often see Rubbermaid brand sold in store.

22.) Laundry basket

You can read here why I love laundry baskets!

23.) Storage bins

They have tons of different kinds of totes, baskets, and tubs that you can use to store toys- big and small in. You can also store your make-up, nail polish, hair gels, or medicine in any of the storage bins they sell.

24.) Pill dispensers

If you take a lot of vitamins or pills daily , a pill dispenser is a must! These are also great to store medication in if you having an emergency bag that you keep in your car.

25.) Office supplies 

Paper clips, pens, pencils, sticky pads, tape, glue, paper– you name it, they most likely have it!

What are your favorite Dollar Tree organization and cleaning supplies?

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  • They also have the more expensive brands sometimes, in a smaller quantity or size. Which really works sometimes. Love the large and XXL ziploc style bags. I'm talking over gallon to 2-3 gallon sizes. They work for a lot of different tasks or items. Food storage containers (tupperware style) are good to get. Socks, sunglasses, and reading glasses (since I loose them so much), at $1.00 each works really well.
  • Hey - I'm new to all of this. I really thought that the dollar tree stuff would be inferior stuff. I'm going to go check out some of the stuff that you recommend. Please send me any of your thoughts on organization ideas. Thanks for your help. Bye-for-now.
  • I love their little baskets for organizing and I have compared pricing on these items. Just be aware, some of the dollar store items can be found in Walmart for just under a dollar as well.
  • I also like Dollar tree for certain things that are too expensive in regular stores. You can’t beat the selection during holidays. I’m going to try there cleaning products. Thanks for your help.
  • Mops only lasted me for 2 weeks. I have 7 cats & 3 dogs & a husband that made a mess in his clothes so I had to mop a lot & I went threw 4 mops in a month, glue didn't hold.
  • I love the gain dryer sheets and the hardware section is nice too they have a set of screwdrivers, hammers even a tool box I'm a regular shopper and I can say that when I go I leave with pretty good stuff
  • So your first paragraph basically describes me, too! I love this post! I didn't realize there were so many great cleaning supplies there! I have used Dollar Tree bins for organizing my kids' closets when they were babies, and now I am using them in our baby's closet! They are amazing!

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