Aaptiv Review (2018) – The Best Exercise App for Beginners AND Pros!

Aaptiv Review

Is Aaptiv worth using?

A few months ago, I discovered an app called “Aaptiv” and decided to try out the 30 day free trial.

I’ve used a lot of exercise apps in the past, and for the most past, they end up deleted within a couple of days.

However, these one seemed different and really piqued my interest. I was in North Carolina at the time, feeling a little overloaded from the days preceding (Thanksgiving – I’m sure you know the feeling!), and I decided to get on my in-laws treadmill.

I wasn’t even sure what to do with the app. However, as soon as I finally decided to open it and select a workout, I was hooked.


I liked it so much that when talking with the brand, they agreed to let me try it out for a year in exchange for me sharing my experience. But honestly – I would pay for this app every month because I think it’s that great.

It has literally changed the way I workout, and it’s the first time in a long time that I actually feel like I’m getting something out of my workouts.

So I’m excited to share a little bit more about why I like Aaptiv – along with the pros and cons – so you can decide if it’s right for you!


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Feels like you’re working out with a friend

So the main issue I have with exercise voices are that they usually have these very robotic voices that really aren’t that fun.

Or they don’t have any voices at all and you have to be constantly looking down at your phone trying to figure out what to do, which can really get in the way when you are working out.

With Aaptiv, every workout has an actual person guiding you through it. They try to make it fun, and it really takes your mind off the workout. They also are very encouraging and always seem to have their “don’t give up, don’t put your hands on the hand rails!” timed at the exact right spot.

It really feels like you are working out with a friend – or at least with an actual personal trainer.

You can click on the workout section to find the strengths of different trainers. I personally like the ones that are fun and supportive (positive affirmation, right?!).

Upbeat music timed with workout

I love working out to music, though I don’t always pick the best options. I usually will turn on Pandora, and it works…but sometimes it’s just a really slow song, and I don’t want to waste my precious

With Aaptiv, they have a variety of music styles and most of the songs aren’t ones that I would have chosen on my own. However, they are very good to work out to. The trainer typically has it setup to have music that’s similar to the cadence of the workout.


It’s Mindless

I like that I don’t have to put any prep or thought into doing it beyond selecting which workout I want to do. I always see people talking about these great exercise routines or courses, but they often require you to piece together the workout yourself. I love that I can just put my head phones in, listen to what the trainers say, and be good to go!

Easy to find what you want 

The filtering feature is very helpful – you can filter by length of time, level, max/minimum speed, etc. The other day I was wanting to transition from walking workouts to

Workouts that make you sweat

One thing I love about Aaptiv is that I know I will get a good workout. I keep track of my calories burnt on my Apple Watch, and it also shows my heart rate – both of which show that I’m getting a pretty good workout. I always feel a little stronger and sweatier when I’m done – which seems pretty good to me!

I’ve also noticed that my endurance has been built a lot as well as I’ve progressed to different levels. That’s been really cool to experience!

Tons of different equipment


Whether you like the treadmill or elliptical, the stair stepper or the rower, there’s a program for you. Aaptiv has workouts for a bunch of different machines, as well as yoga, strength exercises, and stretching. There’s really something for everyone – whether you are working out at the gym, in home, or even outside.

Training programs

In addition to having tons of individual workouts, they offer different workout programs – so there’s ones to help you train for various races (5k, 10k, etc.), weight loss, and even programs for busy parents and pregnant mothers. I was especially excited to hear about the maternity program since I work with so many pregnant moms through our blog!

Varying lengths

I love how they have workouts in all different time ranges. They have ones that are under 10 minutes and others that are over an hour. I usually try and find one between 20-30 minutes, which seems to the perfect amount of time (especially if you end up doing one of the stretching workouts they usually recommend at the end of every workout!).

Active community

I’ll admit I don’t really participate in this, but they have an active community where you can interact with other Aaptiv users – as well as the coaches themselves

Guest Pass

You are given ten “guest passes” that you can give to friends for one month of full access for free! I thought that was kind of cool.


As much as I really love this app, there are a few things I would change.

The cost

Most of our readers know that I don’t like to spend unnecessary money. We try to be very frugal people in the Clark household! It is $9.99 a month, which can be a substantial cost for many people – especially in addition to paying for a gym membership (if you have one).

You can either pay for it all up front (and I *think* you get a small discount for doing so) or just month to month, so it’s nice that you aren’t locked in forever. I wish it was less cost-prohibitive, however, it is very much inline with other fitness apps (and I’ve seen ones that cost the same and offer a whole lot less).

Some of the music

Sometimes I don’t love all the music. They don’t edit out any swear words and some of the content is a bit questionable. I don’t find this the case with all the music by any means, but there have been a few times I’ve though, “Well, it’s a good thing

I’m not sure the levels are correct for a lot of them

Some of the beginner level workouts definitely are really simple, while others seem really hard. I would like to see more walking workouts as well and to have them more easy to separate out.

You do need equipment (for the most part)

While there are some workouts you can do without any equipment, most of them are equipment dependent. The ones that aren’t are:

  • Yoga
  • Some of the strength
  • Outdoor

Overall, I LOVE this app. Since I’ve started using it, I’ve deleted or disabled my other exercise apps because none of them compare. I love being able to workout and actually feel/see a difference.

Don’t forget to grab your free 30 day trial here!

aaptiv / fitness app / exercise app / healthy app / easy exercise / exercise for beginners / beginning fitness / prenatal exercise #exercise #fitness

aaptiv / fitness app / exercise app / healthy app / easy exercise / exercise for beginners / beginning fitness / prenatal exercise #exercise #fitness


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