FREE 72 Hour Kit List Printable and ideas

FREE 72 Hour Kit List Printable and Ideas

72 Hour Emergency Kit

Make sure your family is prepared for disaster hits – here is a great 72 Hour Emergency Kit Checklist with a free printable!

With all of the disasters going on all across the world, preparedness has been on my mind.

Obviously, by the time disaster strikes, the time to prepare has ceased, so making sure your family is prepared for the worst is essential.

It’s easy to sit by and watch as homes are destroyed by fire, water, wind, earthquakes, or even by terrorism and think that it won’t happen to you.

But it can – and at some point in your life, you very well may encounter a time where you need to rely on emergency supplies.

My church focuses a lot on personal preparedness – especially for disasters – and recommend having at least three months of food supply on hand. It is also recommended to have a 72 hour kit for each person in your household.

Today, I am going to focus on the latter – 72 hour emergency kits.

While you could very well need more than 72 hours of supplies if something were to happen, often, help is deployed after that point. Having these kits can really give you piece of mind and help in a dire situation.

You can make your own kit or buy a premade one. I personally like the idea of making your own, as you can more easily customize it to your personal preferences. However, if you don’t want to go through the hassle, a premade one is a great idea. You can buy many of them on Amazon. Here are a few premade 72 hour kits to consider:

So, here is my list of what you should have in your 72 hour emergency kit. You can build these up over time as you find things on sale. I would focus on the most important things first, such as food and water.

Keep in mind that you want to make sure these kits are easily transportable – if you have to evacuate, you will need to be able to access them easily – if they are really big, you may not be able to fit everyone’s in your car in a hurry.

With some of these things, you can consider just having the item in one person’s bag, rather than everyone’s. I have included a list at the end of larger items that you definitely only need one of.

You can get a FREE printable version of this list by signing up below or clicking here.

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First off, you will want a good, solid backpack or container to put your items in. Ideally, you’ll fit everything you need into this backpack (though if you have some of the larger items listed at the end, you may need to store those separately).



72 Hour Kit Checklist



Food – Three day supply. Focus on non-perishable goods that require little to no preparation such as:

Water – 3 gallons per person for drinking, 2 gallons for sanitation (bathing, bathroom, etc).

Water Filtration Straws

Insulated Water Bottle

Camping Dining Set

If you have children who take formula, make sure you have a can of formula in their kit


Portable Cell Phone Chargera solar powered one is even better.

Radio (battery or crank)

Pocket Knife

Nylon Rope

Plastic sheet or tarp

Duct Tape

Manual Can Opener


Sewing Kit


Generic medications (Tylenol, Advil, dramamine, etc.)

Three day supply of prescription medications

First Aid Kit

Card Games

Soap (bar of soap, hand soap)

Hand sanitizer 

Feminine Supplies (cloth pads are something to consider, as well as something like a menstrual cup).

If you have children in diapers, have a three day supply of diapers and wipes. You may want to consider having cloth diapers in your supply kit.

Prepaid Phone Card

Wipes (Clorox wipes, baby wipes, etc.).


Bug Repellant 

Grove Collaborative is a great place to buy discounted personal items like the ones mentioned above (as well as cleaning supplies, reusable products, etc.)


Clean clothes and underwear – change out depending on size and season. Three day preferred, one day minimum

Poncho and/or rain jacket

Cloth sheet

Sleeping bag

Nitrile Rubber Gloves

Dust Masks


Waterproof matches

Long burning candles

Flashlights (battery or crank operated)

Rechargeable batteries

Personal Documents

Insurance information

Copies of drivers licenses, passports, marriage license, etc.

Vaccine Records



These are items that not everyone has to have in their kit, but they will be helpful to have.

Camp Stove

Portable Pot and Pans

Portable Toilet (one that flushes is even better!)

Survival Tube Tent

Folding Shovel

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