23 Snacks That You Won’t Regret Eating

23 Snacks You Won't Regret EatingI’m a big snacker.

I love having a bowl of popcorn at night as I unwind from the day and watch some Grey’s Anatomy or Parenthood.

When I walk past the kitchen, it’s hard not to grab a handful of chocolate chips (er, I mean, a banana.)

But sadly, snacking is definitely one of the culprits behind me having trouble losing weight. Especially at night time!

With that said, I don’t think I could (or even want to) give up snacking for good, so lately I’ve been trying to find some snack ideas that are fast but not totally empty calories! So, here are a few snacks I’ve come up with that I think taste good, and I don’t end up regretting eating them 20 minutes later.


These are sooo good, and they are a great alternative to chips or crackers filled with artificial ingredients, hydrogenated oils, etc. They are a new product available in the cracker aisle at Safeway, and there are some really tasty flavors. I recently got the Chickpea Garlic and Herb kind lately, and it was delicious! I’m a big fan of hummus, so it kind of reminded me of that. They are made with real chick peas!

snacks-that-make-you-feel-good (1 of 2)

They started with real ingredients (like wheat, potato, and rice), have no artificial colors or flavors, cholesterol, high frucstoe corn syrup, or partially hydrogenated oils. And they are baked!

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2) Clementines

I craved these with both my pregnancies….and I am realizing I actually crave them when I’m not pregnant. It’s a sad day when clementine oranges are not in season.

3) Yazzo Greek Yogurt Bars

One of my friend told me about these, and they are delicious. Only around 100 calories, and they are perfect when you just need something sweet.

4) Greek Yogurt Fruit and Nut Trail Mix 

We’ve gotten this a few times. You obviously have to eat it in moderation (nuts are great for you, but it’s easy to go overboard.) I don’t usually like trail mix, but this one is delicious!

5) Hummus with carrots or snap peas

6) Dark Chocolate frozen bananas

This is one of Forrest’s favorite treats. They are sold in the freezer section at most stores, and they are delicious.

7) Coconut oil popcorn

Okay, popcorn isn’t really that nutritious, but it’s great when you need something salty. I’m a big fan of coconut oil popcorn – as opposed to buttery or cheese popcorn!

8) Protein Power Balls

There are a lot of recipes for these on Pinterest, but I really like them. All you really need are some oats, peanut butter, chia seeds, and flax!

9) Frozen grapes (roll them in Kool-Aid powder before freezing for added flavor)

10) Apple with peanut butter and craisins

Or you could do this with a banana or celery. I have heard great things about PB2 Powder! The pomegranate infused craisins are my favorite.

11) Veggie Pirate’s Booty

12) Toast with Avocado spread on it

One of my favorites!

13) Salsa or Guacamole with something to dip (such as GOOD THiNs)

14) Cottage Cheese

15) Greek Yogurt with Fresh Berries

Greek yogurt can be a great source of protein, but you need to make sure the kind you get isn’t full of sugar!

16) Carrot sticks

This is what Jack suggested. haha.

17) Hard boiled egg mashed with pepper, salt, and garlic powder

Make sure you use our method for making hard boiled eggs!

18) Cauliflower wings

19) Dried fruits (cranberries, mango, coconut, etc.)

20) Sunflower seeds

21) Seaweed

Forrest and Jack love seaweed. I don’t think it tastes horrible!

22) Edamame (either dried or fresh)

23) Beef jerky

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