How To Make the Perfect Hard Boiled Egg

The Perfect Hard Boiled Egg: This is a foolproof method for cooking hard boiled eggs that will leave you with an easily peal-able and delicious egg!

Our previous landlord was quite the character. He loved to talk. We always would joke that, when we went to go pay our rent, we needed to set aside about an hour because he would probably want to talk that long. He is a huge history buff and has had some rather interesting experiences in his life.

One thing about this landlord was that he was always trying to cook in bulk. He lives by himself, so he didn’t ever need to cook huge meals, so he would just do a lot of cooking at once to last him awhile. It wasn’t uncommon to see him cooking 50+ hamburgers in the middle of the winter on his grill outside.

Right before we moved, he felt it necessary to tell us how to cook the perfect hard boiled egg. He makes dozens of hard boiled eggs at the time, so he felt like he got it done to a perfect science. Although it was a little random, after trying it a few times, I have to admit, I think he was on to something. Because this method truly yields the perfect hard boiled egg. The shell comes off easily (one of my biggest annoyances with hard boiled eggs is when you have to pick it off, tiny piece by tiny piece), it had a delicious taste, and it was easily mashable.

How to make hard boiled eggs

Since Easter is coming up, I thought I’d bestow this infinite knowledge upon all of you (haha.) I know there’s tons of tutorials out there on the “art” of the hard-boiled egg, so hopefully you’ll find this one as equally (or even more) helpful! I also think that hard boiled eggs are just nice to have on hand for quick breakfasts or lunch. Be on the lookout for a delicious and easy egg salad recipe coming up soon.

1. Buy a dozen eggs

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Perfect-Hard-Boiled-Egg (2 of 31)

1. Fill a large pot about 1/2 way full with cold water.

Perfect-Hard-Boiled-Egg (1 of 31)

3. Place all the eggs into the cold water.

Perfect-Hard-Boiled-Egg (3 of 31)

4. Put the pot on the stove and bring to a roaring boil over high heat.

Perfect-Hard-Boiled-Egg (4 of 31)

5. Once it reaches the roaring boil, set the timer for 20 minutes. Lower the temperature, but make sure it keeps boiling slightly. Keep it at this temperature for the remaining time.

Perfect-Hard-Boiled-Egg (5 of 31)

6. When there is about 2 minutes left on the timer, fill a medium-sized bowl with very, very cold water.

7. As soon as the timer goes off, remove eggs from the pot and place them directly into the cold water (I recommend using a strainer spoon.)

Perfect-Hard-Boiled-Egg (8 of 31)


8. Let them cool, and viola, the perfect hard boiled egg!

Perfect-Hard-Boiled-Egg (13 of 31)


For easy storage, keep them in the container the eggs came in, and write on the box when you made them. Hard boiled eggs stay good for about 7 days past the boil date (if they have the shell on) and 5 days if they don’t have the shell on.

Perfect-Hard-Boiled-Egg (19 of 31)


Oh, and do you know how to tell if a hard boiled egg is cooked? Spin it! If it doesn’t wobble, it’s good to go!


Jack and I sure enjoyed eating one or two of these after they were done, and they tasted totally perfect.

Perfect-Hard-Boiled-Egg (18 of 31)


Need something to do with left over hard boiled eggs? Be sure to check out our round-up of ideas for using left over hard boiled eggs:

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  • I'm Katie's mom and I'd like to give a testimonial that this really does make perfect hard-boiled eggs! And just in time for Easter!
  • Step #4 : "Put the pot on the stove, and bring to a roaring water over high heat."Suggested correction:Put pot on the stove, and bring to a roaring BOIL over high heat.Thanks for sharing how you do this. I NEVER remember! I make them all the time but just can't seem to keep the "how to" to stick in my brain! I think the toddler, small dog, husband, and 2 jobs help with that! LOL. Thanks again!
    • Oh gosh!! Thanks for checking that :) I always have a hard time remembering things like this too -- so does my mom; she texts me all the time asking me, once again, how I boil my eggs!!
    • Haha! You are so right. After the thousands of people who have read this, you're the first to mention that. I hope no one put hard boiled eggs in ;-)
  • One tip on peeling hard boiled eggs. Since I am so impatient, I peel them when they are still warm. Bad idea. Wait until they are cooled and the peeling will come off pretty easily. Thanks for sharing this post about how to hard boil eggs. Because I will be making Deviled eggs for Easter.
    • That is a good tip! I've always thought that maybe it was easier when they are warm, but it's good to know it's the opposite!

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