Personal Trainer Food Review: Great For Those Who Struggle with Dieting

Personal Trainer Food Review: Great For Those Who Struggle with Dieting

We were sent the 28 day program to test and give our honest opinion on. No monetary compensation was given to write this post. 

The Personal Trainer Food Diet Program is a great way to jumpstart your way into weight loss. If followed  as directed it won’t be the typical lose weight fast, then gain it all back again diet that is so frustrating, not to mention unhealthy.

It is very easy to transition to a less restrictive but similar type diet after you are done.

You also don’t need to be hungry while on this diet because you are allowed to eat a lot of food. The downsides we found are that because you can eat a lot  you may not lose weight as quickly as you would like, and because you are not eating sugar you may have some cravings, especially at first.  

Here is how Personal Trainer Food works: 

Meals are provided, but also a list of foods you can eat as much of as you want–particularly meats and most vegetables.  You are also allowed up to six ounces of cheese per day and 3 ounces of nuts. You may eat an apple each day, but no other fruits. Breads, pastas, regular sodas, and yes, cookies, donuts, candy, and ice cream are not allowed. For a big family like ours who get together often and enjoy all kinds of breads and desserts, it did take some self-control to resist.


When I first asked my husband, Bruce, if he’d like to try the Personal Trainer Food diet plan for 28 days he said no. When I said all the food was free in exchange for writing an honest appraisal of the program, he changed his mind. And now he’s glad he did.

This has definitely been the motivation he needed to begin losing weight, and he has. 

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At the end of 28 days he had lost 10 pounds. Would he have liked to have lost twenty or thirty at that point? Of course! But the point is that  we have both  learned a healthier way of eating, one that we can continue on  our own. 

The plan also suggested walking 20 minutes a day. We weren’t as consistent in that as we should have been and are trying to be more committed to that now.

Personal Trainer Food has several different diet plans. The plan Bruce  used  included breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as one snack a day.  

For a smaller person or someone not used to snacking much this may have been a sufficient amount of food. For Bruce, it wasn’t, and to be honest he did feel hungry after eating the small meals provided. However, being able to eat as much additional meat and vegetables each day as he wanted helped. 

This does add to the cost of the program, which is already around $350-$400 a month for the food, so that is something to keep in mind.

Personal Trainer Food – What’s it Taste Like?

So what is the food like? Simple but  tasty for the most part. Each lunch and dinner consists of microwaving a bag of vegetables and a portion of meat. Breakfast includes an egg or omelette, and a portion of bacon, ham, or sausage.

There is a lot of variety in the meat portions. Some of his favorites were the meatballs (they come in both turkey and beef), buffalo ranch chicken sticks, seasoned chicken breast patties and Angus burgers.

They are seasoned well and cook in the microwave in only two minutes. The vegetables microwave in about one and a half minutes and include such choices as green zucchini, garden blend, oriental style and green beans.

They are unseasoned so you can add salt, pepper, and butter as you like. If you cook both the meat and vegetables together you will need to microwave them for at least three minutes to make sure they are piping hot.

Here are the meatballs and zucchini Bruce ate one night. Because you can add as many vegetables and as much butter and oil as you like, we added sautéed mushrooms. Doesn’t it look delicious?

Personal Trainer Food sent 28 snacks that included such things as sausage sticks, nuts, cheese sticks, and different flavored  green olives. I love olives of all kinds, but not these.  One of the beauties of this plan is that you can easily purchase your own snacks, following the Personal Trainer guidelines. If you like  green olives, just buy the brand and the kind you like. 

With Personal Trainer you can still eat salad dressings and sauces, as long as they contain two grams of sugar or less.

Most grocery stores sell these items, and while they are usually a little more expensive, we even found Blue Cheese dressing  (Bruce’s favorite) and an Asian dressing that tasted delicious on spinach salad.

The Personal Trainer Food plan included three bottles of sauces in the package they sent us–garlic butter, cinnamon explosion, and   Sriracha.  Bruce used the garlic butter a lot–the others? Not so much. 

Personal Trainer Food Coaches

There are no meetings to go to but you are assigned a personal coach that you can email with any time. Bruce did not want to attend any meetings, and in fact that probably would have been a deal breaker for him.

He emailed his coach only once, with a question about one of the products, and received a quick and helpful reply back.

I followed most of the guidelines of the diet plan, although far from perfectly.  Since I had to eat dinner as well, I tried to prepare food that Bruce could also eat most of the time and acted as his coach when his resolve was faltering. If he was still hungry after eating the provided dinners he would eat some of what I made.  It worked for us.

Personal Trainer Food Final Verdict

So what happens after you end this diet?

If you go back to eating like you normally did, you most likely will gain the weight back. That is the same with any diet.

Where this is helpful is that you are eating regular food all along and your body gets used to being without processed foods, breads, pastas and overloading on sweets. You can continue with the Personal Trainer food where it is all prepackaged and sent to you, and you will probably lose weight faster.

But we feel that being able to eat a sandwich now and then, and pasta, and of course birthday cake and an occasional cinnamon roll are part of what makes life delicious. So after the first 28 days we modified how we ate before with the diet guidelines in the Personal Trainer Food Program. We allow ourselves pasta, potatoes, bread only a couple of times a week. We have one day a week where we eat anything we want. What we have found is that we like losing weight and feeling healthier and so we are able to follow this revised diet version ourselves. 

So why purchase the prepackaged foods offered by Personal Trainer Food?

Couldn’t we just have done this on our own by following the guidelines that Personal Trainer introduced to us? Possibly. But the point is, we never had, and most likely would never have done it on our own. Personal Trainer Food reduced our reliance on sweets and carbohydrates and showed us that we could still enjoy eating a huge variety of foods. We are grateful for this lifestyle change and plan to continue it. 

For those who want to continue with the convenience of healthy, prepackaged meals delivered directly to your door, Personal Trainer Food is for you.  The food is shipped in a cooler with dry ice using FedEx home delivery. Their  handy shipping calculator lets you know when your food arrives plus you can change your delivery date to fit your schedule. Personal Trainer Food also delivers on Saturdays at no extra charge!

If you are interested in trying it out, be sure to check out their website for more information, meal options, and any current promotions they are having. Let us know if you have any questions!



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