The One Item You Should Never Leave Home Without

I am participating in an Ambassador program on behalf of Influence Central and hosted by the makers of Bayer Aspirin  . I have received compensation to thank me for my participation. All opinions expressed are my own. 

When you leave your house each day there are probably a few things you always remember to take with you.

It might be your phone, keys, wallet, and sunglasses or if you’re like me- lip gloss.

But there is one thing that you should add to that list that can help save a life.

And that is Bayer Aspirin.

Every 42 seconds in the U.S there is a heart attack. That is a huge number of people suffering every day.  But by taking aspirin during a suspected heart attack it can help save a life.

Heart attacks run in my family. My grandpa had several heart attacks starting in his 40’s. I have had people I am close to lose loved ones because of heart attacks. Because of how sudden they come on often times you don’t even get to say good bye.

Because I am passionate about this I am excited to share that Bayer Aspirin has developed something called The Hero Smith campaign. What it does is help address the issue of heart attacks in the U.S. while helping people realize the life-saving benefits of aspirin.


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Chewing aspirin during a suspected heart attack could help save someone’s life. Which is wonderful but what happens when there isn’t aspirin around? Bayer Aspirin wants to turn every person into potential heroes.

I wouldn’t mind being a hero for someone else!

Which is I have made it a point to carry Bayer Aspirin in my purse whenever I leave the house. Carrying Bayer Aspirin in my bag is just a small thing that I can do to make a big difference in my life or the lives of those around me.

In order to know when someone might be having a heart attack it is important to understand what the signs are.

Bayer has created this graphic to help educate people on the symptoms.


I even took the pledge on The Hero Smith website and you can too by clicking over and finding out more information.

Be sure to share this valuable information with your friends and family. Encourage them to take the pledge and watch the video on their website. Together we can help save lives.
In the event of a suspected heart attack, immediately call 9-1-1 and chew or crush and swallow aspirin as directed by a doctor. 



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