10 Benefits of Drinking Water

Posted on Jul 10th, 2014

Are you drinking enough water? After reading this post about 10 benefits of drinking water, you might be convinced to drink just a little more! This…

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10 Lessons Learned During My First Summer Gardening

Posted on Mar 5th, 2016

Katie and I grew our first decent garden last summer. We've attempted a few plants in the past, but they mostly failed. With a new house and a new…

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10 Tips For Vacationing With a Baby

Posted on Apr 15th, 2013

Top 10 Tips for Vacationing with a Baby Some people think that having a baby is the "kiss of death" when it comes to traveling. I beg to differ.…

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10 Ways to Encourage Healthy Eating in Childdren

Posted on Feb 1st, 2016

Chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, grilled cheese — who doesn’t love these foods? A favorite among toddlers and kids, these are foods that I offer…

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11 of the Best Ways to Lose Weight While Breastfeeding

Posted on Oct 1st, 2017

Struggling to with how to lose weight while breastfeeding? You are not alone! Here are 11 of the best ways to lose weight while breastfeeding without…

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11 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Posted on Apr 7th, 2014

Here are 11 ways to have a happy and healthy pregnancy, including what foods to eat, information on prenatal vitamins, and more.  Disclosure:…

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12 Tips for Baby and Toddler Dental Health

Posted on Mar 17th, 2014

When I first started going to the dentist as a young child, my mom took me to their family doctor. I mean, why not? None of the other kids really had…

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23 Snacks That You Won’t Regret Eating

Posted on Mar 16th, 2016

I'm a big snacker. I love having a bowl of popcorn at night as I unwind from the day and watch some Grey's Anatomy or Parenthood. When I walk…

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30 Day Gluten Free Meal Plan

Posted on Oct 13th, 2013

30 day gluten free meal plan - 30 days of gluten free dinners, breakfasts, and desserts! For full weekly meal plans (that change each week/month!),…

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4 Healthy Eating Tips

Posted on Jun 8th, 2017

Have you ever heard someone say they were so busy during the day they forgot to eat lunch? Chances are you have either heard someone say it- or…

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4 Tips to Help You Feel Your Best During the Winter

Posted on Oct 17th, 2016

As a busy mom and wife I find myself trying to do anything I can to feel my very best during the winter and cold season. I can't afford to take a…

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6 Reasons to Never Skip Breakfast & 24+ Quick Breakfast Ideas

Posted on Jan 22nd, 2016

Have you ever heard that you should never skip breakfast? Well, if you haven't, you're about to. You should never skip breakfast. It is worth…

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6 Ways To Beat School Break Boredom

Posted on Nov 13th, 2017

This post was sponsored by Boys & Girls Clubs of America as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in…

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60+ Guilt Free Dessert Recipes

Posted on May 25th, 2014

A healthy lifestyle needs to have room for dessert! Here are 60+ guilt free dessert recipes that will satisfy your sweet tooth but not sabotage your…

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7 Tips for Keeping Your Mind and Memory Sharp

Posted on Apr 23rd, 2014

Until recently, Alzheimer's disease was thought to be the 6th leading cause of death in the United States. However, a new study suggests that it…

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7 Tips for People Who Hate Exercising

Posted on Oct 12th, 2016

Not a fan of exercising? Here are 7 tips for people who hate exercising. It might make it a little easier! This post brought to you by Famous…

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7 Tips To Keep Your Kids Healthy This Summer

Posted on May 29th, 2017

By the time summer hits I am so ready for my kids to be out of school and look forward to the fun days ahead. This post was sponsored by Align as…

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A Story of Metastatic Breast Cancer

Posted on Oct 25th, 2013

This month Katie has shared her family’s breast cancer story to help spread breast cancer awareness and has graciously offered to allow me to share…

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Aaptiv Review (2018) – The Best Exercise App for Beginners AND Pros!

Posted on Feb 27th, 2018

Is Aaptiv worth using? A few months ago, I discovered an app called "Aaptiv" and decided to try out the 30 day free trial. I've used a lot of…

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All You Need to Know About Prenatal Vitamins

Posted on May 28th, 2013

If you are pregnant, or want to be come pregnant, you're probably drowning in information overload. However, there is one topic you really shouldn't…

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Best Free Online Exercise Resources

Posted on Jul 14th, 2014

No gym? No problem! There are the best free online exercise resources! Even though we currently have a membership to the rec center in our area,…

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Best Lactose Free Products

Posted on Apr 17th, 2013

Since we've gone dairy/lactose free, we've had fun trying to find the best dairy alternatives. I love all things creamy and delicious, so I had to…

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Better-Than-Pasta Roni Recipe

Posted on Sep 3rd, 2013

A healthy alternative to (and better than version) Pasta Roni, featuring spaghetti squash and parmesan cheese.    I always loved Pasta…

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Black Bean Brownies

Posted on Oct 27th, 2013

I needed one more guest poster this weekend, and Linda was kind of to write this fun post on black bean brownies. Yum!) The one dessert that…

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Breast Cancer Risk Factors and Lactation Cookie Recipe

Posted on Oct 19th, 2015

Information on the importance of knowing your risk of breast cancer, as well as easy lactation cookies created to boost breastmilk supply This is a…

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Canning Party Ideas and Free Canning Label Printable

Posted on Aug 1st, 2015

Here are a few canning party ideas for fun afternoon or evening of canning, as well as a free canning label printable! Canning is one of those…

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Chipotle Pistachio Crusted Tilapia (WW Points Plus Recipe)

Posted on Feb 5th, 2014

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Pistachio Health Institute. In the spirit of Valentine's Day, I thought it would be fitting…

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Clean Pita Bread with Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Posted on Apr 12th, 2014

Looking for a healthy and delicious snack? This whole wheat clean pita bread, paired with roasted red pepper hummus, is a winning…

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Creamy and Healthy Chicken Enchiladas (lactose free options)

Posted on Jan 14th, 2014

Creamy, healthy chicken enchiladas filled with rotisserie chicken, fresh spinach leaves, coconut milk, and green chile enchilada sauce. All the…

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Dark Chocolate Amaranth Cookies (with gluten free options)

Posted on Apr 19th, 2014

These whole grain, dark chocolate amaranth cookies have a fudge-like texture, and are filled with sweet, dried cherries, dark chocolate chunks, and…

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Dear Parents: Please Keep Your Sick Child Home

Posted on Nov 5th, 2016

Earlier this year, we went to my grandmother's funeral. When we left, no one was sick. When we arrived? All of us were. I did my best to…

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Easy Brown Bag Popcorn

Posted on Jan 18th, 2014

Brown Bag Popcorn is a much tastier and healthier alternative to store bought microwave popcorn. Perfect when topped with coconut oil, butter, or…

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Eight Awesome Online Fitness Challenges

Posted on Jan 1st, 2015

Looking for a little extra motivation to get healthier this year? Here are eight awesome and effective online fitness challenges to help kick your…

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Eight Tips for Finding A Good Pediatrician

Posted on Feb 18th, 2013

Before Jack was born, I didn't put one ounce of thought into his pediatrician. For some reason, I was under the impression that there was just one…

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Encouraging Healthy Habits With Children with ibitz and Best Buy

Posted on May 14th, 2014

Leading a healthy lifestyle begins as a child. Here are some tips for encouraging healthy habits with children, that may, in turn, help you lead a…

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Essential Oils Make Me Sick (Literally)

Posted on Apr 17th, 2014

Some of you know that I have some chronic health problems that can make life, to put it frankly, quite miserable at times. All the blood draws,…

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EverlyWell Review + Coupon Code

Posted on Jan 8th, 2018

Could your symptoms indicate a food sensitivity? Here is everything you wanted to now about food sensivities, as well as how to use the EveryWell…

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Exercise and Breastfeeding 101: What You Should Know (Plus Workouts!)

Posted on Apr 20th, 2018

Can mothers exercise and breastfeed successfully? Yes! Learn everything you should know about losing that baby weight while maintaining your supply -…

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Exercise for Beginners: 12 Must-Know Tips to Get Moving

Posted on Apr 10th, 2018

Regular exercise can increase happiness and satisfaction in your life - but it can be intimidating! Exercise for beginners can be difficult to…

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Fighting Back Against Cancer—Five Things Not to Ignore

Posted on Feb 29th, 2016

It had been three days since my biopsy. If there was cancer they said they’d call by the end of the week. It was Friday afternoon at 4:30, and no…

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Five Essential Nutrients for Pregnancy (And Where to Get Them)

Posted on Dec 2nd, 2015

During pregnancy, it's more important than ever to make sure you have a balanced, healthy diet. You need to make sure your diet includes these five…

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Get Medical Attention Fast with Walgreens Healthcare Clinics

Posted on Aug 26th, 2013

I am truly not a patient person. It's something I am always working to be better at. But when it comes to health, if something comes up and one of us…

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Grandma’s Easy Egg Noodle Recipe

Posted on Apr 1st, 2014

I've shared a few family recipes here on Clarks Condensed (remember my great-grandma's chocolate cake?), and it has always seemed to be rather…

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Healthgrades App Review

Posted on Oct 12th, 2013

Disclosure: I participated in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Healthgrades. I received a promotional item as a thank you for…

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Healthy Baking and Cooking Substitutes

Posted on Sep 11th, 2013

  Making lifestyle changes can be hard, especially when it comes to food. Here is a quick reference guide for healthy baking and cooking…

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Healthy Breakfast Burritos

Posted on Mar 8th, 2014

Perfect for those busy mornings, these healthy breakfast burritos are super tasty and full of ingredients that will give your morning a jump start,…

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Heart Rate Monitor or Activity Tracker — Which One Is Right For YOU?

Posted on May 8th, 2014

Wearable trackers are all the rage right now -- and for good reason. They can completely transform your health and exercise routines. However, is a…

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Heartburn During Pregnancy: Relief, Remedies and Causes

Posted on Jun 1st, 2015

Sometimes I (semi) joke about how I definitely experience all the unpleasant side effects of pregnancy. It's all worth it, but it definitely makes…

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Herbed Turkey Meatball Subs

Posted on Oct 8th, 2013

Let's talk about spices for a minute. I'm the type of person who uses my spices until they are gone. Whether that's 6-months, 1 year, or 5 years,…

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Honey Lime Mango Salsa (And How to Cut a Mango)

Posted on May 27th, 2014

This mango salsa is the perfect combination of sweet and spicy, and it's delicious flavor is enhanced by a honey lime juice. It's perfect for chips,…

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How Accurate is the FitBit Charge?

Posted on Apr 12th, 2016

Well, after seeing how much you all seemed to enjoy my Ultimate FitBit Guide, I thought I'd share a little experiment I did recently with my FitBit…

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How Much Water Do You Need While Exercising?

Posted on Apr 13th, 2017

I was compensated by World Vision for my time in writing this post. All opinions are my own. As I shared in March, Forrest and I are preparing for…

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How to Clean Throw Up Out of Carpet Naturally (Including the Smell!)

Posted on Sep 13th, 2017

As a parent you deal with a lot of bodily functions when it comes to your kids. I am at the point where it doesn't really phase me anymore when…

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How To Help Manage Seasonal Allergies in Children

Posted on May 18th, 2017

I am participating in Influence Central’s Ambassador program on behalf of Claritin®. This program is paid for by the Makers of Claritin® and I…

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How to Keep Your Family Healthy With Kids in School

Posted on Nov 10th, 2017

Preventing Illness This Winter Thank you to iHerb for sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% my own.  As I walked into the room, I was…

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How to Prevent Cavities in Kids

Posted on Nov 26th, 2017

Preventing Cavities in Children Ah, dental work. Not only is it miserable for the person having it done, but it is expensive! Jack has,…

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How To Teach Your Kids To Recycle

Posted on Jun 12th, 2018

Raise your hand if you love to recycle! If you could see me, I'm not only raising my hand- I'm waving it high and proud. Maybe that's a little…

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How To Use a Blender as a Grain Mill

Posted on May 4th, 2014

Are you wanting to grind your own flour, but don't have a grain mill? No need to can use a blender! Here's some quick tips on how to use…

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Introducing Peanuts to Infants: What You Should Know

Posted on Dec 10th, 2016

Nervous about introducing peanuts to infants? You aren't alone. Knowledge is power, and this post may help you feel a little more at ease about…

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Is Coconut Oil Worth the Hype?

Posted on May 9th, 2013

I'm not a big bandwagon type of person. Either I find out about something first, or years after it starts to gain popularity I get into…

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Italian Vegetables and Pasta

Posted on Oct 12th, 2013

Continuing with Breast Cancer Awareness month, I'm excited to have my friend Kathleen guest posting today. I hope you'll enjoy her post as much as I…

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Light and Creamy Pumpkin Alfredo Sauce Recipe

Posted on Dec 10th, 2015

Every so often, I come up with a recipe that I want to shout from the rooftops of its delicious-ness. This creamy pumpkin alfredo is one of those. …

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Menstrual Cups: Everything I Wish I’d Known

Posted on Mar 10th, 2018

What are menstrual cups? What is the best menstrual cup? If you are curious about cups but aren't sure if it's right for you, this post might just…

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Midnight Snacks That Won’t Set You Back

Posted on Apr 13th, 2018

  This post was sponsored by Weight Watchers International, Inc. as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions…

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Mini Shredded Chicken Tacos

Posted on Jan 23rd, 2014

A quick and easy lunch, snack or appetizer -- mini shredded chicken tacos. Filled with shredded chicken, a blend of spices, and cheese, these will…

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Mint Chocolate and Coconut Fiber Bars

Posted on Dec 8th, 2013

Between 60 and 70 million people suffer from some type of digestive disorder. These vary from acid reflux, to gall stones, to irritable bowel…

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Motivating Yourself to Exercise

Posted on Feb 6th, 2015

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Sears. I received a promotional item to thank me for…

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Must-Know Tips for Exercise During Pregnancy

Posted on Oct 30th, 2015

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sports Authority for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. Sleep or exercise? Most pregnant…

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My Favorite Pregnancy Exercise Outfit

Posted on Jun 25th, 2015

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about the best online pregnancy workout videos, and how exercising during pregnancy is one of the only things that…

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My Mom’s Breast Cancer Story

Posted on Oct 28th, 2013

Today, I'm happy to share you with a guest post from my mom. As many of you know, she was diagnosed with breast cancer in August. I asked her to…

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MyFitU – A New Way To Exericse

Posted on Jun 6th, 2013

Disclosure: I was given a free year of MyFitU in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.  There are two times a year that I notice people…

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One Ingredient: Four Great Dairy Free Substitutes

Posted on Dec 16th, 2014

Need a dairy free substitute? Coconut milk to the rescue! Here are four ways to use coconut milk to make substitutes for heavy cream, sweetened…

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Personal Trainer Food Review: Great For Those Who Struggle with Dieting

Posted on Jun 16th, 2017

Personal Trainer Food Review: Great For Those Who Struggle with Dieting We were sent the 28 day program to test and give our honest opinion on. No…

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Probiotics for Infants: Everything You Need to Know

Posted on Jul 29th, 2017

Probiotics for Infants: Everything You Need to Know As parents, we are bombarded with so many decisions. This is often made worse by the…

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Quick Reference Guide to Milk Alternatives

Posted on Apr 10th, 2013

Check out this yummy, dairy free recipes: Cream of "Whatever" Soup Crazy for Coconut Cake When we found out that Jack was lactose intolerant, it…

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Realistic Tips for Losing Baby Weight

Posted on May 21st, 2014

You survived your pregnancy -- way to go! If you're hoping to lose that baby weight, be sure to read these realistic tips for losing baby…

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Sick or Asthma? When Your Child’s Cough Won’t Go Away.

Posted on Sep 12th, 2016

In  May of 2015, Jack got a cough. It just never went away. Despite him acting totally normal, he would cough throughout the day, and it was…

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Six Research-Based Reasons to Reduce Dairy Intake

Posted on May 20th, 2013

I recently met Breanne when she commented on this round-up of delicious and dairy free recipes, and she so kindly offered to do a guest post! I hope…

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Skinny Cinnamon Pumpkin Bread (And Why I Love MyFitnessPal)

Posted on Sep 25th, 2013

So, my weight loss Wednesdayweight loss Wednesday post didn't happen last week, because...I didn't have the Internet, and I didn't want to compose a…

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Sleeping When Sick: 5 Must-Know Tips

Posted on Mar 30th, 2016

You know those people that never get sick? Yeah, that's not us. I feel like all of us have the worst immune systems. I worked at a daycare for…

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Sour Cream Raisin Pie with Oatmeal Cookie Crust

Posted on Oct 26th, 2013

Hi! I am Deb and I blog over at Kneaded Creations. I am so glad to be able to be a guest for Katie today! Clarks Condensed is one of my favorite…

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Spicy Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burger

Posted on May 3rd, 2014

 A gluten free and vegan friendly black bean burger, kicked up a notch with roasted sweet potatoes and sriracha. Perfect for summer grilling, this…

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Sweet and Spicy Barbecue Sauce and 15 Spice Dry Rub

Posted on Dec 21st, 2013

  What's your favorite condiment? For me, it's barbecue sauce. I love barbecue sauce, and use it on pretty much everything. Sadly, so many…

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The Basics of Disc Golf

Posted on Jun 15th, 2013

Today has been a long day. It started with me almost being smashed in the head with an iPad by Jack, who was attempting to wake me up, and luckily…

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The Best Beauty Subscription Boxes

Posted on May 3rd, 2018

Do you love beauty  and discovering the latest trends and products on the market? Thank goodness for beauty box subscriptions because now you can…

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The Best Free Pregnancy Workout Videos

Posted on Mar 10th, 2018

Don't have time to the hit the gym? Here are some of the best free pregnancy workout videos to keep you active during your pregnancy! Most of them…

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The Best Snack Subscription Boxes

Posted on Feb 16th, 2018

Best Snack Box Subscriptions Snack subscription boxes are all the rage right now- and for good reason! For a monthly fee you get a fun box filled…

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The Best Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

Posted on Aug 7th, 2017

The Best Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling I love traveling with my family, and it's something we are able to do regularly throughout the…

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The One Item You Should Never Leave Home Without

Posted on Mar 17th, 2017

I am participating in an Ambassador program on behalf of Influence Central and hosted by the makers of Bayer Aspirin  . I have received compensation…

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The Only Way I’ve Been Able to Lose Weight

Posted on May 9th, 2016

  This post was sponsored by Weight Watchers Sweet Baked Goods as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received…

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The Secret to a Better Night’s Sleep

Posted on Jul 13th, 2016

Getting the right sleep can be very restorative and energizing, and getting poor sleep can feel like you are getting more sore than rested. Getting…

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The Secret to Stopping Viruses Before They Start (and Giveaway)

Posted on Jan 27th, 2017

Ah, Winter. Does anyone else automatically think cold and flu season? I feel like I dread this time of year because of that! However, most…

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The Ultimate FitBit Guide (and 21 Ways to Get More Steps)

Posted on Dec 28th, 2015

Just a few hours into Christmas morning, I got several requests to become "friends" with people on on my FitBit app. I've been using a FitBit for…

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Tips for a Happy, Healthy New Year

Posted on Jan 4th, 2014

2014 is officially here. Are you ready?! I just hope 2014 doesn't go as quickly as mama heart might not be able to handle my sweet little…

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Tips for Breast Cancer Prevention

Posted on Oct 1st, 2013

I often hear about different "awareness months" and while I think they are usually for a good cause, I've never paid much attention to them. However,…

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Tips for Managing Morning Sickness

Posted on Jan 13th, 2014

I vote that they rename morning sickness.It really gives people false expectations that once they get through the sickness in the morning, it won't…

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Tropical Green Smoothie and Chile Verde Scrambled Eggs

Posted on Jan 11th, 2014

Do you ever feel just totally unmotivated? That's how I'm feeling right now. Really, ever since the New Year started, I haven't wanted to do much of…

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Water Exercise During Pregnancy

Posted on Feb 23rd, 2015

I'm excited to have Kaitlin Gardner from An Apple Per Day guest posting for me today! Kaitlin has a wonderful blog, and when she asked if she could…

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What to Do When Your Child Won’t Drink Milk

Posted on Jun 8th, 2017

What To Do When Your Child Won't Drink Milk Thank you to Kitchen PLAY for partnering with us on this post.  When I was growing up we always…

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White Chocolate Chick Pea Cookies and Natural Probiotics for Good Health

Posted on Mar 9th, 2014

White Chocolate Cinnamon Chick Pea Cookies -- healthy and good for digestion, these cookies are just about as good as any other cookie recipe (or…

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Why You Should Take Your Kids to the Dentist

Posted on Feb 17th, 2017

Since they were born, both my daughters have gone to their well-check ups at their pediatrician regularly. I religiously set up their appointments…

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Yiva Naturals Women’s Daily Balance

Posted on Oct 7th, 2013

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Yiva Naturals and I was compensated for it. All opinions are my own.  So last year, I attended the Build…

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