The Secret to Baking with Blueberries


Awhile back, I shared a recipe for blueberry biscuits. They were so good, but I think no one really visits the recipe, because they look like this:


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They were quite tasty, but I think the blue-ness was a bit of turn off.

I remember sharing them on Facebook, and a friend of mine gave me a few tips for making it so the blue of the blueberry didn’t bleed through. I actually hadn’t baked with blueberries again until a few weeks ago, when Jack requested a lemon blueberry cake for his birthday.

jack-and-enchiladas (1 of 12)

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I wanted the cake to be beautiful, so I searched back for the tips. And, they worked!

If you are finding yourself with blue or purple dyed blueberry baked goods, this is the post for you.

To keep blueberries from turning your dough an attractive shade of blue, you just need some flour!

If you are using fresh blueberries, just roll the blueberries in flour before folding them (gently) into the dough.

However, if you are using frozen blueberries, there’s a little bit more work (though it’s not much – I promise.)

First, put the frozen blueberries into a strainer.

jack-and-enchiladas (2 of 12)

Rinse the blueberries until the water runs mostly clear.

jack-and-enchiladas (3 of 12)

jack-and-enchiladas (4 of 12)

Then douse them in flour:

jack-and-enchiladas (5 of 12)

And fold into your product!

jack-and-enchiladas (6 of 12)

So simple! You probably are washing away some of the nutrients from the berries by washing rinsing them off, but I still felt there was a lot of flavor left in them, and the cake looked beautiful (with no weird blue color.)



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