Best Dollar Store Products to Use for Cricut Projects

Dollar Tree Cricut Producs

Best Dollar Store Products to Use for Cricut Projects

So, it’s no secret that I love Cricut and the Dollar Tree.


Well, right. So it was really only a matter of time before I combined my love for both great brands in one post.

I run a Cricut Support Group on Facebook, and I am always seeing people ask where to get different products to use with their Cricut machine.

While I always recommend buying the actual vinyl, accessories, blades, etc. directly from Cricut themselves, when it comes to products that you can use to make Cricut creations….there are a lot of great options.

So today I thought I’d focus on products that you can buy at the Dollar Tree that will work beautifully for different projects. You can shop at the Dollar Tree online if you need to buy anything in bulk (or if you can’t find all of these things in store!).

DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND: Here are over 80 Dollar Tree Cricut Project ideas! Many of them use products listed below. Enjoy!

If you are new to Cricut, make sure you check out our Cricut for Beginners course – it’s just $9.99!

Felt Pennants – These would be great for creating custom signs for bedrooms, dorms, etc. You can cut out letters, shapes, etc., using your Cricut machine. I actually didn’t see these online, but they were are the end of the toy aisle at the store we went to.

 Favor Boxes – Perfect for weddings and parties. I think it would be fun to use the writing feature to customize these! They have all sorts of colors and styles online.

Plastic Tubs – The Dollar Tree has all sorts of plastic tubs and trays. This one was really cute!

 Flip Flops – There are all sorts of fun projects you could do with these!

 Foam! I loved all the fun options. I also did not find these online, and today was the first day I had seen them in store.

Tote Bags – They have these in all colors and sizes.

Not all markers and pens work the Cricut machine, but I do believe the Dollar Store has a few options that would work.

Picture Frames

Glassware of all kinds – vases, wine glasses, canning jars, storage jars…the sky is the limit!

Tumblers, Coffee Mugs, Water Bottles, etc. So many options. I know that this is a very popular item for Cricut projects, so you definitely should check out the Dollar Tree selection.

Hand held mirrors

Hats – I don’t see these available online.

Soap Dispensers and Trays

Canvas Baskets

Mugs and other cups – this link has some of those fun mason jar drinking glasses!

Large plastic cups (personalize them for a family reunion!) – scroll down on that link to see these

Mini water jugs –  I don’t see these available online.


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  • What Dollar Tree do you go to. I have never been in one that the shelves are stocked like you show. They are usually pretty empty. I live in a suburb of Cleveland, OH
    • I go to one in Littleton, Colorado. Most of the ones around here are pretty good. I went to one in South Carolina, and it was the biggest one ever! I'm sorry yours leaves something to be desired. That's disappointed!
    • At the beginning of the school year I get the pencil bags and put the school logo on them in vinyl.
  • I found mesh bags over the summer at Dollar Tree that made perfect beach bags to add monogramming. I didn't have enough and the stores sold out quick. I didn't see the identical bags online but I contacted the 800 # and the lady was able to find, order, and shop a box to me!
  • I found mesh bags over the summer at Dollar Tree that made perfect beach bags to add monogramming. I didn't have enough and the stores sold out quick. I didn't see the identical bags online but I contacted the 800 # and the lady was able to find, order, and ship a box to me!
  • If u are a crafter.. use your imagination!!??? Possibilities are endless!! I use clear glass... and etching cream to put names.. designs... etc. the secret to a successful etch is getting your designed positioned where you want it... getting all loose edges smoothed down and then use a blow dryer over the design with hot air on lower speed... run it over the vinyl a couple times.. but not to close... check again to make sure all edges are down tight..and the use the cream as directed... I started out with something simple .. so if it messed up I wasn’t losing a lot... results are amazing...
  • I love the Dollar Tree and Target dollar spot! I have made so many things for my apartment, my classroom, and tons of gifts with things bought there. The glass bowls can be personalized with vinyl to store stuff or for specific holidays to hold candy or other stuff. Various signs can be made such as a family tree or a cute saying and then framed. Don't like the plain black or white, spray paint! I agree, let your imagination flow and think outside the box. Pinterest is a great place for inspiration. I also keep an open mind when I am out shopping or looking through magazines. There is always a way to make something to your taste, style, and within your budget.
  • Crafters!!! How about we thank Katie for taking the time she did to make this post instead! If you need ideas, that is what Google and Pinterest are for! I assure you, I have no imagination either and am brand new to Cricut, BUT have spent hours upon hours getting lost on Pinterest with all the amazing ideas others have had! So, with that being said...... THANK YOU Katie for your thoughts and taking the time to share!
    • Thank you Amy, I appreciate your kind thoughts. I'm just doing the best I can! I definitely will try and do some Dollar store projects in the future!
  • The cake carrier and the muffin carriers cute. I did both of them with designs and names on them
  • The canvas cosmetic bags from this winter were really cute by adding glittery names to them. I also did personalized cutting boards when they had the clear glass cutting boards. and when they have the t-shirts they make great gifts too. I would have posted pictures if I could figure out how to attach them.
  • Thank you for all you've done to get our own creative juices flowing. I have no skills at crafting at all, but with the dollar store items you listed really got this ole great grandmother going. Thanks again Vicki Roberts
  • We are new to the Cricut. Actually my daughter is doing. Some of the things she has done, saying on a T-shirt,vinyl on music case case,coffee cup,cursive,address on trash cans, Labels for storage totes.Personalize x box game holders for the kids. That is just a few creative things she has come up with. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Barbara
  • I just wanted to say thank you for giving us your time. Now days life is so busy and I know it’s not easy to juggle everything all the time. Just wanted you to know that you ARE appreciated!!
  • Recently I bought large cups with lids from the dollar store and decorated them for my granddaughters 16th Birthday party as favors for her guests.
  • Nice but this should really be updated. You need to remove the part about pens or makers that would work with the Cricut. I have the Cricut Explore Air 2 not sure if you have one or not but anyway. I’ve bought just about every pen, marker, and crayon from dollar tree for years and there isn’t any that would fit the Cricut just right. I know you said “it might work” in your post but it’s just pointless for it to be there. You might have readers go out of there way to look....which wouldn’t be fair to anyone. TRUST ME there isn’t any marker or pen there that would work with the cricut!
    • I included that because I've had others say they do work :) Thanks for your input! I regularly update this though - so perhaps take what you can use and ignore the rest :) There seems to be no pleasing anyone these days. Have a good day!
  • It would help us beginners to see at least a few photos of what the project looks like after using the Cricut. Interested, but really unfamiliar with just what it does! Thanks
    • There is a great post I link to in here with TONS of project ideas. I'm sorry I couldn't create a project for every item listed here, but I simply don't have enough time. This post is simply to help push the creative juices :) If there's a product that intrigues you, I encourage you to search the item name and cricut to see what comes up. Hopefully the other post can help you!

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