The Ultimate Guide to What to Expect During Pregnancy

What do you see in this picture?

Well, you know, besides a young woman who needs to brush her hair.

I see my 21-year-old self, newly pregnant. I was extremely sick, depressed, and not really sure how I felt about life.

Doesn’t sound super optimistic – I know. But this was the beginning of my journey to become a mother. It was also the beginning of a journey to me finding a passion for pregnancy and motherhood – and helping other mothers find it as well.

I started Clarks Condensed in 2013 with the simple goal to bring more joy and hope to the Internet. Much of my depression during pregnancy was fueled by negativity on the Internet about motherhood.

It killed me.

Pregnancy is hard. And motherhood is even harder. But what was missing from all those dialogues was this:

It is all worth it.

Over the past several years, I’ve shared an unfiltered view at my pregnancies, deliveries, triumphs, and trials with our audience. Of course, I’ve gotten some criticism, but it’s all been worth it each time I get a comment or email from someone telling me thank you for sharing a positive view.

So with that, I’m excited to share this page about what to expect during pregnancy. I don’t claim to be an expert – I’m certainly not a doctor, so this advice shouldn’t be taken as such. But I am a mother with a passion – and in my experience, that is all you need to help others.

Whether you are trying to get pregnant or days away from delivering, I hope you will find some helpful information on this page!


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