Enjoy ALL of Your Favorite BBQ Foods Worry-Free with CharcoCaps

Summertime is great time to get outdoors, relax, and have fun while enjoying some good food. One easy way to round out a BBQ grillin‘ experience for me is to add some vegetables to the grill. Grilled onions are great, but grilling peppers get me a little worried. I usually use bell peppers, because I actually like to taste my food and not burn from the inside out. However. I always have a bit of hesitation with using bell peppers. Bell peppers, for me, is a problem food. Everyone has those certain foods that don’t seem like like them as much as that person likes to eat it. Bell Peppers can get my stomach rumbling and the gas churning. Before I know it I’m looking for stage left and some where to try to discreetly ‘open that pressure valve’ and return the gas levels to normal.

Unfortunately, everyone, I would be very surprised if it wasn’t everyone, has moments like this and certain problem foods they avoid. It seems like that in this day and age we should have figured out a quality solution to live our lives more comfortably and avoid embarrassment. Fortunately, some other brilliant person has finally done the work and we can reap the rewards.

The solution, CharcoCaps Anti-Gas Formula. It is an update version of a proven resource for absorbing unwanted things in our body. Charcoal has been used in hospitals for along time to absorb poisons, like alcohol. The CharcoCaps uses activated charcoal which is very different than your BBQ briquettes. So, don’t be weird and take a bite out of a charcoal briquettes thinking it is going to do the same thing as CharcoCaps Anti-Gas Formula. The activated charcoal is able to absorb the uncomfortable gases that arise when we eat our problem foods. You can use it once you start to feel symptoms and you don’t have to despair that you didn’t take anything before you ate because you thought that you might need some help with gas and bloating. I tried some the other day and I could feel it working rather quickly.

I watched a surprising fascinating television show once about how important carbon is in our lives. It is amazing what carbon is used for, and what it will be used for. I relatively sure that charcoal is basically carbon. Fortunately, CharcoCaps activated charcoal capsules are safe to use regularly if you are one of those people who need it regularly. You know who you are. Maybe, if you don’t try it for yourself try it for the person next to at your next BBQ when you tell yourself, “Maybe this time I’ll be okay, and it won’t give me gas?” Plus, imagine how you could update and revitalize your BBQ menu if you could have no fear about foods giving you embarrassing gas? What would you add to your BBQ menu?​ To me it seems like some of the healthiest foods can cause the most problems, so CharcoCaps can really help you eat healthier

You can CharcoCaps at Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and other places. They’re only about $10 for 36 capsules, you take two at a time, so if you need a lot you should be able to afford it. Plus, you can find out more online about CharcoCaps and you can learn more about how to win the CharcoCaps No Worries BBQ Giveaway and you can enter to win at CharcoCaps’ Facebook page, ! CharcoCaps is giving away 2 outdoor grills, grilling accessories, and a 36-pack of CharcoCaps to two randomly selected giveaway entrants. Who wouldn’t want a nice new, free outdoor grill! If you don’t play you can’t win!​

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This is a product-provided, sponsored conversation that contains affiliate links. I received a 36-count carton of CharcoCaps® Anti-Gas Formula dietary supplement. All opinions, text and experiences are my own.

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