Easy Tulle Halloween Wreath

An easy tulle Halloween wreath tutorial

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. Maybe it’s because I love sweet treats, or I think dressing is a a blast, or maybe just because I love fall…but it’s definitely one of my favorite times of year. My mom always called me her Halloween baby, because she went into labor with me on Halloween (though I wasn’t born until November 2nd). Maybe she’s right!

I would always bug my dad to get down the Halloween decorations in September, but he never would! So, now that I’m in charge of decorations for my house, I start bringing them out a little earlier. Forrest isn’t a huge fan of doing that, but I figure if I just put them up slowly, one at a time, he won’t notice too much!

One of the first decorations I wanted to put up was a wreath. I think having a wreath on your door just makes your home seem so much more inviting and fun. Wreaths can be expensive though, so I think it’s fun to make them. I loved making this burlap Fourth of July wreath this past summer, so I was excited to try my hand at making a Halloween one.

I headed over to Joann’s, without much inspiration for the wreath in my mind, and just walked around until I found some things I thought would make a fun wreath. I bought two rolls of tulle, a metal wreath, and then I went next door to buy some fun spiders from The Dollar Tree. Jack LOVED the spiders, and he was so excited to put them on the wreath with me.


1 roll of purple tulle (6″ x 25 yards)

1 roll of orange tulle (6″ x 25 yards)

1 12″ Wire wreath

Package of spiders (you can really use whatever you want — just anything spooky!)

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Hot Glue Gun and Glue

Materials for Halloween Tulle Wreath


Step One

Purple Tulle


Cut about 12″ long strips of each color of the tulle. I didn’t use all of the tulle from each tube but probably about 3/4 of it. Cutting the tulle ahead of time makes the process go a lot faster.

Step Two:

How to tie tulle on a wreath


Place the first piece of tulle at the bottom of the wreath, making sure both tails are even with each other. Tie a double knot and then push the knot toward the outer edge of the wreath.

Step Three:

Tulle wreath


Repeat the entire way around the wreath, alternating colors.

Step Five:

Easy Halloween Tulle Wreath

easy-halloween-wreath (6 of 11)


As you can see, the tulle looks a little bit long. I waited until the end to do any trimming, simply because I wanted everything to be even. Just take a minute or so to trim it to the length you like best.

Step Six:

Spider Wreath


Using a hot glue gun, firmly place your spiders randomly on the wreath. Make sure to use a lot of glue and let it dry completely.

Step Seven:

easy-halloween-wreath (9 of 11)


Hang it up! We finally bought a wreath hook so we could actually use the wreaths I make.


Oh, and a big shout out to my little man, Jack, for helping with this project! He pushed the spiders on, and held the door open while I took pictures.

easy-halloween-wreath (10 of 11)


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