Easy Burlap Fourth of July Wreath {{Five Minutes}}

**Five Minute Wreath** This burlap Fourth of July wreath is so easy and is so cute! Even the least crafty person will be able to make it. Perfect for Fourth of July, Memorial Day, etc.


No matter the holiday, I love having at least some kind of decoration around the house. When I was at the store yesterday, I saw a little display of Fourth of July-themed burlap ribbon and some red, white, and blue flowers. I instantly thought it would be fun to make an easy burlap Fourth of July wreath. I walked around the store until I found a foam wreath that I thought would work well (I think it’s a floral wreath), and I went on my way. Of course, I had forgotten at that moment that we can’t really hang wreaths on our door…but now I have a cute wreath for our next apartment.

This wreath literally took about five minutes to make (after the hot glue gun warmed up) and really was so easy. I almost want to make a wreath like this for every holiday and season of the year. You know, once I have a door that a wreath can go on. Either way, this is a really simple craft that you could make tomorrow for the upcoming Fourth of July holiday and have for years to come. If you make it, be sure to come back and let me know. I’d love to see a picture!


1 Foam Wreath (about 12″, 3.97 at Walmart)
1 roll of Burlap Ribbon, 3″ wide (I got the blue and red chevron pattern at Walmart and saw very similar ones at Joann’s.)
Three flowers – red, white, and blue
Hot Glue Gun


1. Wrap the beginning of the ribbon underneath the wreath.


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2. Place two lines of hot glue on the wreath right where the end of the ribbon will lay.


3. Immediately press the burlap down firmly on the glue until it’s secure.


4. Tightly wind the ribbon around the wreath, making sure there are no lumps or loose areas. Fourth-of-July-Wreath-5 Fourth-of-July-Wreath-6

5. Leaving a four-inch space between the beginning of the ribbon (so you’ll want to have four inches of foam between the beginning and end of the ribbon), put another row of hot glue and secure the ribbon in place. Make sure this is on the back side of the wreath.


6. Using wire cutters, cut the flowers you are going to use on the wreath, leaving about 2″ of stem.


7. Push the stem directly into the wreath and arrange flowers however you want!





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