DIY Batman and Robin Costumes for Kids

Batman and Robin Costumes for Kids

Batman and Robin Costumes for Kids

Looking for Batman costume ideas? Perhaps your child wants to be Robin? Here is a tutorial on how to make adorable Batman and Robin Costumes for your child!

Ever since we saw the LEGO Batman movie earlier this year, Jack has wanted to be Batman for Halloween.

So, naturally, Oliver got the part as Batman’s sidekick, Robin.

I thought about buying their costumes, but I decided that I wanted to try and make them. Even though I knew I wouldn’t really be saving money by doing this…I just think it’s fun to make costumes, and it’s make them something that no one else will have.

Anyways, I’ve spent a weeks ordering different components for their costumes, running back and forth to Jo-Ann’s, the Dollar Tree, and even some second-hand clothing stores…and I finally have their costumes complete!

If you search “batman and robin”, you will be inundated with SO many different versions of this famous duo. For these costumes, Jack requested that they be based off of the LEGO Batman characters.

Forrest and I will be the Joker and Bat Girl…those tutorials are to come 🙂

DIY Batman and Robin Costumes

For these costumes, I spent a lot of time running to different stores, using different materials, and brainstorming the perfect components. In the end, this is what I used for each costume (I’ll go into more detail for each):

Batman Costume for Kids:

Batman Costume for Kids

  • I found a Batman cowl at Target for $3 – such a steal! I was going to purchase one from Oriental Trading before I saw the one at Target.
  • Black long sleeved shirt and pants from with the Batman symbol on the front. Seriously the BEST place for solids for kids. I got the stretchy fancy pants, but they have a variety of kinds in different prices.
  • Black cape with batman symbol
  • Black boots that we bought from Once Upon a Child. Black rain boots are a great option!
  • Utility belt made from items from Once Upon a Child, the Dollar Tree, and with our Cricut Maker.

Toddler Robin Costume (can be used for baby’s or kids, too!)

Toddler Robin Costume

Batman and Robin Symbols

There are a lot of ways you can make the Batman and Robin symbols. Because I have a Cricut Maker, I decided to use that!

First, I uploaded the symbols for Batman and Robin to Cricut Design Space. I just used ones I found in Google Images. For the Robin symbol, I just uploaded the R, and then I created an oval behind it.

I used black and yellow iron-on vinyl and my Cricut EasyPress. It made for a very smooth application to the shirts and the capes. I used this technique to layer heat transfer vinyl, and it went off without a hitch!

If you don’t have a Cricut machine, you can still use the Iron on vinyl. You will just need to cut out a template of the symbols, trace it, and then cut it out. There are also premade Batman iron ons and Robin iron ons as well.

Alternatively, you could use felt, though you will need to have some kind of adhesive to have the different elements stick together. I feel that vinyl looks a bit better.

DIY Batman Utility Belt (and Robin’s, too!)

I think the utility belt is the part of this costume that held me up the most. I kept going back and forth about how to make them, if I should just buy one from Party City, etc.

In the end, I bought two white belts from Once Upon a Child and a few other materials from the Dollar Tree.

For Batman’s Utility Belt, you will need:

I started by spray painting the belt and cell phone holders yellow. While those dried, I made a Batman symbol using my Cricut machine – it was very tiny, but it was the perfect size for the belt. Although the Batman utility belt doesn’t typically have the symbol on it, Jack wanted it on his.

Then I just put everything together with hot glue!

For Robin’s utility belt, I used:

Robin costume for toddlers

I spray painted the belt and curlers yellow. While they were drying, I made a circle out of felt with my Cricut machine, and I had it draw a black circle on the inside.

After the curlers were down drying, I cut off pieces that were just a touch longer than size of the belt. I glued the yellow felt circle in the center of the belt and then put two of each of the curler pieces on each side.

DIY Robin Mask

Robin mask and utility belt

As I mentioned above, I was able to find a Batman Cowl at Target. Fortunately, Robin just wears a mask, which was really easy to make.

I used this tutorial for 2 minute felt masks from Tastefully Frugal to make the masks. So easy! I did make another mask after these pictures because I felt like it was too big for Oliver’s face.

Instead of buying elastic, I used some elastic exercise hair bands from the Dollar Tree. I just snipped the back and cut it to size – and it worked perfectly. I used this method for my Bat Girl mask as well.

DIY Batman Cape and Robin Cape

DIY Batman Cape / DIY Robin Cape

For the capes, I used this tutorial. It worked really well, and I just put another vinyl symbol on the back that I created with my Cricut.

I used velcro for the ties around the neck, and they seem to be working quite well. I didn’t quite follow all the instructions (I didn’t use a plate to cut out the bottom, I eye balled the ties, etc.) and measurements and more just eye balled it…but both of the capes turned out great!

DIY Batman Costume / DIY Robin Costume / Robin Costume for Toddlers / Batman Costume for Kids / DIY Halloween


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