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My Favorite Survey Sites


Right before I graduated from high school, I remember signing up for a dozen survey sites. With each of those signups, I was often bombarded with tons of emails containing links to surveys. And guess what? I never qualified.

I realize now that partly may have been because I was 17, and most market research studies are looking for an older demographic. However, I was so discouraged, I gave it up for a few years. I figured it wasn’t worth my time to go through five or ten minutes of a survey, only to be told I didn’t qualify.

Well, last year, I remember reading a post my favorite deals website, Freebies2Deals. The post was about her favorite survey sites. And how people were actually making money doing it. And not just making money, but getting free products. I couldn’t believe it. But after reading the post, and doing some research on some of the companies she posted about, I decided to give it another shot.

And I’m so glad I did. At times I have made up to $500 dollars (mostly in gift cards) in a month, and I’ve received so many products! We’ve gotten a huge container of Tide Pods, Bath and Body Works  hand soaps, baby wipes, frozen meals, toilet paper, and more. And it’s so easy to do. At night, when we are just watching TV, I pull open my favorite survey sites, and see if there is any

Here are my favorite, legitimate survey websites. I definitely recommend signing up for the first two, because that is where I make my most money and get the most free products, but if you have some extra time, the other ones aren’t too bad either. These are all free survey websites as well — no catch!

My Favorites

Insurance Survey – Mattel Moms

Are you involved in the insurance-making decisions for your household? If so, you should definitely apply to see if you would qualify to be part of a community where you would answer survey questions in exchange for Amazon gift cards. It’s a great way to make a little extra money for expressing your opinion!

– Both Forrest and I have signed up for this one, and have made a decent amount of money recently. I really like this one because I almost always qualify for the survey, and they are usually pretty interesting. I’ve gotten a few full-sized products from MySurvey as well, which is cool. They also send a ton of surveys, which is awesome, because if you don’t qualify for one, there’s usually another one ready to go. MySurvey has excellent customer service, which is nice, because quite often the surveys end up having an error at the end, and I don’t get credited my points. I just send them an email, and those points are usually deposited in a few days. Sometimes you might get selected for a special survey, where you get cash in the mail along with a product.

Points accumulate rather quickly. I usually save mine up for Amazon gift cards, but they have tons of different options. There are gift cards for restaurants, DVDs, games, or even just the option to be paid via PayPal. The minimum cash out is usually around 1,000 points, but it’s 1,100 for an Amazon gift card. It really just depends on what you want.

It does take awhile for points to be redeemed though, so don’t think you are going to get the gift card immediately. I think it usually takes about 2-3 weeks, so plan ahead!

Ipsos I-say

– This is the first site I signed up with at the beginning of last year, so it has a special place in my heart. It used to be called Global Opinion Panels, but recently merged with I-say, which I also was a member of. The surveys are usually between 10 and 20 minutes long, and I feel like it is really easy to rack up points quickly. There are a lot of things that points can be traded in for, and I believe that 1,000 points will get you an Amazon gift card.

This is the site where I’ve gotten the most free products. I’ve also participated in several studies where, along with a product or a study I have to fill out at my house, I’m sent money as well. Like recently, I was sent a product to review, along with a 10 dollar bill, and as soon as I’m done, I’ll get another 25 dollars. So beyond getting points for surveys, you also can earn some cash.

There are usually quite a few surveys available, and I usually do qualify. It’s nice though, because even if you don’t qualify, you get 5 points. Which isn’t a lot, but it can add up. They also have the “poll predictor” at the end of each survey, where you can get a certain amount of sweeps entries for guessing the correct answer. I-say also has a loyalty program, where you get extra points for filling out a certain number of surveys

– Most of the surveys on here are worth 1 dollar, though I have gotten a few worth more. I have a love-hate relationship with SurveySavvy though. Sometimes I really feel like I”m going to qualify for a survey, and then after I’ve been asked a ton of questions, I get kicked out. However, the surveys really don’t take a lot of time, and when you do qualify, it’s worth it. I like that they have something to download to your desktop where you can take the surveys as well. They also have a good referral program.


– I haven’t made a ton of money with this one yet, but I have gotten some free products, so it’s one that I feel is worthwhile. They don’t send tons of surveys, but when they do, I usually qualify, unless they quota is already full by the time I get to it. They have a great referral program, and most surveys are worth 1-5 dollars. I think the minimum cash out is 5 dollars, and that can be accumulated rather quickly.


is not your typical survey site, they want to change the healthcare industry. They are looking for people battling chronic conditions to tell them about all of their healthcare experiences, from going to the doctor’s office to picking up your prescription to actually taking your medication. YourCareMoments wants to know about all of it!

The surveys last a few minutes (5 minutes tops) and payments range from $3 to $15 each. All payments are done via PayPal. Participants average $30/month from their surveys, but if you are a frequent visitor to the doctor’s office or the pharmacy, you can definitely make more.

Opinion Outpost

I saw this one on a few different blogs, and people seem to really like it. I signed up and have already earned quite a few points. If you don’t qualify for one survey, they always ask if you would like them to see if you qualify for another, and most of the time, I did. What most people seem to like about this one is that you can get points really quick, and in my short time doing it, I found that to be true. You only have to make $5 to cash out, which is awesome!


I have done several surveys with this company, and I’ve never had any problems!


This are some sites I have recently signed up for, and from doing some research, feel like they are worthwhile. However, since I haven’t been doing them long enough to see any money come in or take enough surveys, I can’t personally vouch for them. But, I think they are worth signing up for, and I’ll do an update later when I have a better idea.


This is a pretty cool idea. A webcam is required to participate, because the surveys are done via webcam. From what I read, you don’t get a ton of offers, but when you do, it’s worth it to complete. The payout is really great (as in, around 50 dollars per survey) and you get paid really quickly. As I was looking around the dashboard, it looks like you have to apply for certain surveys, and they let you know if you get accepted. There’s also an option to send a survey to a friend, if you think they will qualify. I’m excited to try it out, as I’ve done a few webcam surveys in the past and really enjoyed them. They also have the option of having them send you a text, email, Facebook message, or a Tweet on Twitter when you qualify for a study.


This one is really cool, especially if you like makeup. Basically, you are paid in makeup to take surveys or participate in panels. There are two different options, either participate in the studies at their base in New Jersey, or in their home study program. If you complete 5 surveys online, you will receive some kind of compensation, like a cosmetic or hair product, in the mail. You can also participate in at home studies, where you are given a product to try out and evaluate, and then you get to keep the product. From what I’ve read about this, people LOVE it, and the products are totally worth it. I read that it took awhile to get approved, but I was in less than 24 hours. You don’t always get chosen for all the surveys, but when you do, you are compensated greatly.

True Panel

This is another video survey site, and it is required to have some kind of recording device on your computer, phone, or tablet. When I signed up, I had answer some questions via my webcam, as well as record myself on my phone and upload that to the computer. It looks like there are some really cool rewards. If you don’t have a recording device, they will send you one to keep, but the payout will be lower. Some people have said that there are not a lot of opportunities, but when they do come, you are compensated well. I found the dashboard to be kind of confusing, and hard to figure out exactly where things were


  • Just pick two or three sites to focus on. When I first started doing surveys, I remember signing up for like 15. DON’T DO THIS! I just found that I got way too overwhelmed with all the emails I would get, and I ended up just deleting all of them. Instead of doing this, if you just sign up for a couple, you can really focus on getting those surveys done, and making some actual money.
  • If anywhere in the browser says OTX, be aware that these surveys are designed to disqualify you. After I discovered this, I started to notice more, and I almost never qualified. I haven’t ever seen this with MySurvey or I-say, but I have with some other sites I’ve used in the past.
  • Most sites will have some type of surveys to take about yourself when you sign up, or a profile to fill out. Be sure to do this. It really does help you get more surveys that you will qualify for, because they have already kind of pre-screened you. I found that I get tons of surveys about babies and children since I updated mine to say I had a baby.
  • In the beginning, try and answer all the surveys sent to you. What I’ve realized is that when I filled out more surveys in the beginning, or over time, they send me more. I think it shows them that you actually want to participate, and they want to reward you for that.
  • Don’t let it overwhelm you. Just have this be something that you wind down with, or do while you are watching TV. If you get stressed out about making sure you do every single survey right when you get it, it kind of takes the fun out of it!


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  1. says

    Love this! I’m currently signed up for one survey site, and I love it, so I’m excited to try a few of these! The one I’m signed up for it E-Poll, you should check it out :) It takes a little while to accumulate points, but they offer some cool gift cards so it might be worth a shot if you’re looking for any more!


    • Katie says

      I’ve never hear of e-poll, but I’ll definitely be checking it out! I hope you’ll find some success with these survey sites :)

  2. Chris says

    I know that truepanel DOES do surveys because i used to transcribe a lot of the. I signed up to take surveys with them a few months ago though and have never qualified one of them. In fact the one i got tonight i should have been perfect for since i had done EVERYTHING they asked about both personally AND professionally. Guess what. I didn’t qualify. Beginning to have my doubts about them. Wondering if anyone else has experienced this.

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