FREE 2018-2019 First Day of School Printable Signs (For Preschool-12th Grade!)

Commemorate the first and last day of school – and see how much your child has grown – with these free printable first and last day of school signs. There is a custom one for every grade from preschool til 12th grade!

Jack starts Kindergarten in less than a month.

Whatttt? Wasn’t I just holding him for the first time in the hospital?!

To say I’m dreading that first day is an understatement, but my sweet little boy is getting so excited…so I’m trying to encourage that too (while crying in my closet when he goes to sleep ;-).

I always love first and last day of school pictures – it’s always so crazy to me how much a child can grow in just one year!

I used a chalkboard for Jack for preschool, but after someone asked if Jack wrote the words for the last day (which was a big, fat no. I just have handwriting like a first grader ;-), I decided to go the printable route this year.

And since I’m such an overachiever, I decided to make one for every great from Preschool through 12th grade…as well as last day of school printables.


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Here are a few examples of the ones you will receive. Remember, there is a first and last day page for each grade!


To print, you just need to tell your printer which page to print so you don’t print them all at the same time 🙂 You can print it on heavy paper or put it in a picture frame!

I added a spot at the bottom where you or your child can write that they want to be when they grow up at that time in life. I just love seeing how these change over the years!

In order to get these printables, all you have to do is sign up below, and it will be sent straight to your email!

FREE First and Last Day of School Printables!

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