DIY Snow Globe Tutorial

This beautiful DIY Snow Globe tutorial is easy to follow and a fun activity for children! DIY Snow Globe Mason jars are great Christmas gifts and decor. 


When I was growing up, and I had a little snow globe collection.

There weren’t a ton in it, but I loved each and every one of them. I think I still have most of them stored away somewhere, but every time I see one at the store, I can’t help but shake it and turn the music on (yes, I’m that annoying person who turns on things that make noise at the store).

I still enjoy them to this day, so I thought it would be fun to make a homemade snow globe! I figured it wouldn’t be too difficult.

I saw some different tutorials on Pinterest, though most of them said to use glycerin or baby oil. I tried this method, and I found that the glitter and buffalo snow that I used clumped together and just didn’t look very good.

So I tried water, which worked fine, but in the end, I felt like the best results came from using distilled water.

I used these quilted mason jars from Paper Mart that they sent me, which worked pretty well. I think they were a pretty good size, and they are pretty! Though you may want to consider using mason jars without a pattern so you can see things better. Paper Mart has so many great options for crafts like this.


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Jack and I really loved making these together. He is constantly begging me to do another one! We found some cute little trees at Jo-Ann Fabric, and they worked out well. However, you can really use anything you want. The sky is the limit!


We chose to use buffalo snow, which we also found at Jo-Ann. I felt it made it feel like there was actually snow in it. However, we also added some glitter powder – just for fun!

Make sure to check out this great free Book for more holiday craft ideas!



Glass Jars (we used these quilted mason jars)
Buffalo Snow
Glitter (optional)
Distilled Water
Waterproof glue (like Gorilla Glue Super Glue)
Mini Figurines (I used these little frosted evergreen trees I bought at Jo-Ann’s).


Step One: 


Remove lid from the jar. Pop out the middle and glue around the rim with super glue, and then press the middle firmly back in place. Set aside to dry.

Step Two:


After the lid is dry, glue figurines to the lid and let dry.

Step Three:  


Add about 1-2 Tablespoons of buffalo snow into the bottom of the jar, as well as glitter if desired.

Step Four:


Fill jar to the very top – leaving 1/2 inch space.

Step Five:

Securely screw the lid back onto the jar until it won’t turn any further.

Step Six:


Shake and enjoy!

Easy DIY Snow Globe tutorial. These snow globe mason jars are perfect for Christmas decor and DIY Christmas gifts. This is a great craft for kids.


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