Candy Corn Burlap Garland Tutorial

Hey everyone, it’s Amber.  I have a simple Halloween craft for you this month.  Something about burlap seems so fall to me.  I am not sure what it is, because it certainly doesn’t seem cozy.  But cozy or not, burlap is a great material for fall crafts.  And since it is October, I knew that I wanted to share this cute candy corn burlap garland tutorial with all of you.

Candy Corn Burlap Garland Tutorial #halloween

It is a super quick and simple craft.  Anyone can do it.  If you can cut out triangles and use a glue gun then this craft is for you.

Craft Paint – Orange, Yellow, and White
Stencil Brush
Jute Twine
Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue Sticks
News Paper
Scrap Paper
Wax Paper

Cut triangles out of burlap.  I cut mine out 4.5 inches tall and 4.5 inches wide, but you can do whatever size you choose.

Candy Corn Burlap Garland Tutorial #halloween

Next lay out your triangle on some old news paper.  You are going to take the scrap paper, I used a piece of card stock, and lay it on the first triangle so that only the point is showing.  This will help you get a crisp line as you stencil.  I actually did a little less than a third because I made the orange section a little bit bigger than the other colors to account for folding it over the twine.

I started with white and worked my way up to orange.  So dab some white paint on your brush and in an up and down tapping motion apply the paint to the burlap. Repeat for all triangles.

Once the white has dried move on to the yellow.  Place the scrap paper across the top of the white and with the yellow paint create a nice clean line.  I did overlap my colors a smidge bit to make sure that I had no burlap showing through the paint.  Then move the scrap paper to cover the top third of the triangle so that you can get a nice crisp line at the top of your yellow section as well.  Repeat for all triangles.

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When the yellow is dry use the scrap paper to create a clean orange line at the top of the yellow section.  Paint the remainder of the triangle orange.  Apply the orange paint the the rest of the triangles.

Candy Corn Burlap Garland Tutorial #halloween

Once the paint is all dry it’s time to assemble the garland.  I pre folded the top part (the orange section) of the triangles to make it a little easier to sandwich the jute twine inside.  My folds were about half an inch.  You will want to be sure to leave enough twine on the ends to be able to hang your garland where you would like.  Put the jute twine into the folded crease of the burlap.  Squirt some hot glue along just below the twine and close the burlap down over the twine.  This is where I use a little piece of wax paper to keep the hot glue from sticking to my fingers.  The wax paper doesn’t lessen the heat of the glue but at least its not all over my skin.

Space your triangles evenly as you glue them to the twine.  Once they are all glued you will want to go back and cut off the little flaps.

Candy Corn Burlap Garland Tutorial #halloween

And just like that you’re done!  See?  Easy.  Now head the craft store, gather your supplies, and make one of your own to enjoy the rest of the month.  For more craft ideas head over to my blog, rick•a•bam•boo.

Candy Corn Burlap Garland Tutorial #halloween


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