The Best Things to Buy at the Dollar Tree (and the Worst)

Curious about the best things to buy at the Dollar Tree? Wondering what Dollar Tree products to avoid? Here are 45+ Dollar tree items that our family LOVES (as well as a few things we’ve found to be duds).

What to Buy at the Dollar Tree

Best Things to Buy at the Dollar Tree

I can’t go more than a few weeks without writing another post about the Dollar Tree – I’m a little obsessed!

But, it seems like I’m in good company, because so many of YOU seem to be just as big of fans.

One of the hard things about the Dollar Tree is knowing what products are actually a good find, and while products, are, well, worth a dollar (or less).

I will say that I’m a little more hesitant to buy off brands from the Dollar Tree – but fortunately, they carry MANY brand name products for great prices (make sure to read my secrets to shopping at the Dollar Tree for more insider tips).

So, I thought I’d share a few of the times that either I LOVE, or that I’ve been told is amazing. I recently did a survey on Facebook about this very topic, so I’m excited to share these with you (as well as a few items that I’ve found to be junk!).

Make sure to let me know what I may have missed!

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What to Buy at the Dollar Tree

1) Bubbles 

We bought our boys some of these for Christmas, and I am AMAZED at how good they are. I’m sure there are different kinds of bubbles there, but these were the Spiderman ones (it says Powered by Miracle Bubble). I believe it’s these licensed character bubbles. Bubbles for days!

2) Greeting Cards

This is one of the #1 things people recommended from the Dollar Tree, and I have to agree. Greeting cards are other stores are getting more and more expensive – it is crazy. There are some really weird ones at the Dollar Tree, but you can find a lot of really nice ones, too.

3) Socks

I especially love the fuzzy socks!

4) Sharpies

5) Floss Picks

6) Pregnancy Tests

I have actually heard that a lot of doctor’s offices get pregnancy tests from the Dollar Tree. It may not write out the words “pregnant” for you, but it gets the job done. You can start saving for baby by buying these!

7) Bag Clips

My mom loves these little metal bag clips that you can buy at the Dollar Tree. Perfect for chips!

8) Bows for Gifts

My mom said that she sometimes has a hard time finding these, but when they are in stock, you should stock up!

9) Soaps

The Dollar Tree has lots of kinds of soap – liquid hand soap, bars of soap, dish soap…it’s all great!

10) Foam board

Now, most of you probably have no use for foam board, but it’s rather popular for bloggers. While it’s several dollars at most other stores, you can get white and black (sometimes) for just $1.

11) Parchment Paper

12) Wrapping Paper

The rolls aren’t that huge, but they have some cute prints. I found that one roll wrapped about 4-5 medium sized presents this Christmas.

13) Balloons

The helium balloons are hard to beat. However, one of the Dollar Trees near our old house hardly had ANY in stock. I’ve found that most normally do, but I would call ahead if you are looking for something super specific.

14) Glow Sticks

We love glow sticks at the Dollar Tree! They have so many different kinds – necklaces, bracelets, wands, glasses….my boys love these.

15) Vases

One reader said that she got a great deal on vases for a wedding. I recently looked at the vases at the Dollar Tree, and they seem to be pretty good quality!

16) Carpet Cleaner/Deodorizer

17) Q-Tips

18) Craft Supplies (pom poms, glitter, etc.). 

19) Tissue Paper

20) Poster Board

21) Toothbrushes

22) Toothpaste

While I had several people recommend this, one person said she heard it wasn’t very good. I think if you stick to the name brands that are sold, you should be okay though!

23) Netty Pot

24) Scotch Tape

Two packs for one dollar – we loved these at Christmas time!

25) Toilet Bowl Cleaner

26) Disinfectant Wipes

27) Saran Wrap

28) Gift Bags

My mom said she wasn’t a big fan of the BIG gift bags. However, I like most of the gift bags I’ve gotten there. I think the baby shower ones are especially cute.

29) Packs of Thank you cards

30) Activity and Coloring Books for Kids

31) Aluminum Pans

These are great for freezer meals, taking dinner to other people, etc.

32) Picture Frames

They are pretty cheap, but this is where we buy most of our frames! Picture frames can be so expensive! They have a wide variety, as well.

33) Candy for Movies

You know those boxes of candy they sometimes sell at the movie theater for like $5? Just stop by the Dollar Tree first and pick up a few boxes for $1 a box. Much better deal!

34) Candy Bars

When I was talking to my mom, I mentioned that I didn’t think candy bars were very good deals here. She said, “Are you serious? Candy bars are often more than $1 nowadays.” I guess I don’t buy a lot of candy bars! But they do have a large variety of full-size candy bars (as well as the little strips of miniature ones).

35) Spices

36) Reading Glasses

This one kind of blew my mind. I had no idea you could buy glasses at the Dollar Tree. However, a lot of people recommended them, so I decided to check them out. And guess what? They seem to be great quality!

37) Dishes

I’ve bought a few different dishes from the Dollar Tree. Some of them break easily, but for the most part, I’ve been pretty pleased with them.

38) Ibuprofen and other medications

39) Stocking Stuffers/Goodie Bag Items

40) Holiday Products – check our posts on Dollar Tree Christmas and Dollar Tree Halloween ideas

41) Air Fresheners 

42) Solar Powered Decorations

Forrest and I LOVE these. They have them for almost all the holidays, and they are super cute. We look forward to getting them with each holiday. (I actually just saw they have solar powered garden lights. Super excited to try these out!).

43) Party Supplies

The Dollar Tree is definitely my go-to place for party supplies (they are great for baby showers, kid parties, as well as for getting table cloths, paper plates and plastic forks, etc.).

44) Artificial Flowers

45) Ribbon

46) Makeup

Hoping to organize your home more with some Dollar Tree products? Great idea – here are some of my favorite organization products there! While you are at it, make sure you check out “The Organized Home” – an amazing online organization course. It has changed the way I organize (and it doesn’t make you feel guilty if you fall short :). You can get 10% off using the code CLARKS – click here to signup.

I say this with a caveat – the brands you recognize are good. If you don’t recognize them…I would probably shy away.

Five Things to Avoid at the Dollar Tree

1) Toys

Okay, not all the toys at the Dollar Tree are bad. We like the little cars. However, for the most part, I find most of them to be just kind of junky. You just have to be careful (but in all honesty, it’s a dollar, and the kiddos might like it). Just don’t be too disappointed if something doesn’t work the way it should.

My mom bought some little toy phones at the Dollar Tree once. They work, but you can’t tell at all what they are saying. It kind of makes me laugh – one of them really sounds like it says “mama milk.”

2) Batteries

Just go to Costco instead and buy their batteries. Dollar Tree batteries really don’t last long.

3) Truffles

This was a suggestion from my mom – she said that she has bought many truffles there that have been smooshed or otherwise unappealing. We bought some at Christmas, and they certainly left something to be desired.

4) Plastic Kitchen Tools 

I like a lot of their kitchen supplies, but many of the plastic kitchen utensils do not stand the test of time!

5) Spray Bottles

This is another suggestion from my mom – she said they leak really easily.

6) Crayons

This is one I’ve heard from many people, and I agree. They just don’t color very well, and you can get better quality crayons for around the same price at Walmart or Target.

7) Cleaning Supplies with Nozzles

Once again, another suggestion from my mom. She said that these often stop working, and she doesn’t feel they are worth buying.

8) Electronics

Just say no to Dollar Store Electronics.

9) Tools and Knives

These are things worth investing in. They don’t last very long when you buy them from the Dollar Tree.

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  • We like to buy Garlic bread from the cooler section at Dollar Tree. I'm a teacher so I buy a lot of craft items and decorations for my classroom.
  • I buy all my cleaning supplies at Dollar Tree. The Awesom cleaners are absolutely the best cleaners for a buck!! Our dolllar tree resentfully started carrying frozen foods and refrigerated stuff, like bacon, single slice pies, breakfast sausage—when you live alone these are super saving items
  • I go to the Dollar Tree to get the beef and chicken broth in the 32 oz container. I can't tell the difference between that and the one you pay 2.89 for at Winn Dixie. just watch the expiration date on the top of the carton
  • The only thing a disagree on is that the tools are a bad buy. Right they don't hold up like good ones but you can make a great starter kit for kids and it's handy to have screwdrivers on every floor of the house. lol Or in the car door pocket. In a pinch they're fine and handy extras.
  • i use a degreaser i buy from the dollar tree. it is best stuff, but i make sure i buy the concentrated. works great, you gotta try it! oven cleaner is great for so many things and for a dollar works just as well as any other. i agree with the above mentioned things you have talked about, thank you very much!!!
  • Thank you so much honey for all the great information!! I know it must have taken a long time to gather that much useful info together. One thing I wanted to mention - there are many things in that store- from veggies to makeup - that have expiration dates. Be sure to check. I’ve been burned more than once. A week or two is one thing but 6 months is too long!!
  • My eye doctor told me that if my insurance didn't pay for reading glasses from his office I could get them from anywhere but dollar tree. He said they are defective and would hurt my eyes. Wal-Mart, dollar General etc are fine. By the way I am a 2-3 times a week dollar tree shopper.
  • You can actually get way more than a two tapes for a doller. You can find the dispensers and dispenser packs that have abort six or eight rolls or tape.
  • Love this post. The only disagreement tjat i have is about the socks, since Id had bought some and after the first washed they shrinked. Other than that I love pretty much everything. Course with some exception!!

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