Toddler Chore Chart Wheel and Ideas for Toddler Chores

Looking for some easy, toddler appropriate chores? Be sure to check out this post with easy ways to teach them to be responsible for themselves and things around them. You can also print off a cute toddler chore wheel which can be customized with your child’s name!

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Growing up, I would always dread Saturdays, because I knew that I would have to do lots and lots of chores. My dad would always write on our white board what chores everyone had, and if we didn’t do them, we got in trouble. Sometimes I would try and erase one (or two) of the chores my dad put for me, hoping he wouldn’t notice. He always did.

As most children probably say at one point or another, I swore that I would never, ever make my kids do chores. I wouldn’t be “mean” like my parents were. Well, the tables have turned, and now that I have my own kid, I understand why my dad and mom wanted us to do chores. I actually started to understand it when I went to college and discovered that some people I met had never done a chore a day in their life. I’m the first to admit that I’m not the tidiest person, and I really don’t enjoy cleaning, however, I know how to clean. Not only did I learn to clean by doing chores, but I learned discipline and respect.

Jack is only two and a half, but I think he’s old enough to start doing simple chores around the house. He actually loves helping me out, so I figure it’s a great time to take advantage of that. I’ve seen a lot of really cute daily chore charts out there, and I thought it would be fun to make a chore chart wheel!

I thought putting simple pictures was easier than words (since most toddlers don’t know how to read!) Jack really enjoys spinning the wheel and seeing which picture shows up.

toddler-chore-chart (12 of 13)


You can find the free printable and directions at the end of the post!

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Ideas for Toddler Chores

As I’ve already mentioned, I’ve just been coming up with simple chore ideas for Jack. Obviously, having him unload the dishwasher probably wouldn’t go over too well. I brainstormed for awhile different chores or jobs I could have him do, so I thought I’d share this list of age appropriate chores for toddlers:

Make Bed (with the help of parent, depending on age of child)

Brush Teeth

Pick up Toys

Help Put Clothes Away

Sweep, or hold dust pan for parent

Fold wash cloths


Fill pet’s food dish

Wipe up messes

Put books on shelf

Pick up toys in the backyard

Smile (this is a “chore” my mom always put on my list when I was much younger!)

Tips for Helping Toddlers do Chores

  • Do chores with them — your toddler needs to learn how to do chores, and the best way to do that is to have them do them with you. My friend, Katelyn, wrote a post awhile back about why she does chores while her children are awake, and I think that’s a great way to get your child used to chores.
  • Be patient — toddlers don’t have the same abilities as someone five years older. If they don’t necessarily know how to do something, just take the time to teach them. It’s important to know they can’t do everything at their young age!
  • Have fun! If you look miserable doing chores around your house, your kids will probably emulate that behavior. However, if you turn on some music, dance around, and have fun, they might find more joy in the tasks!

toddler-chore-chart (4 of 13)

  • Have a chore chart — you can use the free printable I’ve created and make one of your own, or you could make a daily chore chart. I think it’s a great visual aid for toddlers.
  • Show appreciation for what they do.

toddler-chore-chart (5 of 13)

  • Don’t expect perfection – if you are really picky about how something is done, just do it yourself until your kiddo is old enough.
  • Be consistent. Children are creatures of habit. The more consistent you are, the more used to doing chores they will get.
  • Be careful with cleaning supplies. Toddlers don’t know that a liquid cleaning supply might be dangerous, so be sure to handle all the cleaning supplies!

toddler-chore-chart (1 of 13)

Toddler Chore Chart Wheel Instructions


Download these two images.

Upload the file for the front (that says Mommy’s Little Helper) to PicMonkey. You can do this using a free account. Add text right next to “Daily Chore Chart For:” with your child’s name.

Print both files off onto cardstock.

Cut the files out into circles.

Place a brad through the center of the top one, and then through the bottom, and secure.

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  • Great list! I already am putting my son to work at 19 months! :) Because, as you know, I'm a fan of doing chores with the kids. But, he also really likes to help, and will do things all by himself without me asking! He'll actually grab a towel and clean up some milk he spilled on the floor or table! It's so cute! And he loves the broom and dust pan, and helping his sisters unload the dishwasher. A simple thing for toddlers to do too is like put their shoes away too.

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