22+ Easter Basket Ideas for Babies and Toddlers

Easter Basket Ideas for Babies

Holidays are so much fun, especially when you have children. My favorite childhood memories involve holidays, and the simple, yet significant, things my parents did to make them special.
Last year, Easter was the first major holiday we got to spend with Jack. Granted, he was only a month old, so I’m sure he was just kind of confused about what we were doing, but it was still fun. Since he was so small, we obviously couldn’t give him chocolate or other sweet treats, so we filled his basket with just a few useful items that we had to buy anyways. We did buy chocolate and hide them in eggs, but we ate those!
Easter Basket Ideas for Babies

This year, I think Jack might enjoy Easter a little bit more, even though he still can’t quite understand why we celebrate Easter. I still think he’s too young to get sweets in his basket (and he can’t have them anyway) so I’ve tried to brainstorm some easy and inexpensive ideas for things we can put in his Easter basket.

Obviously, Easter isn’t just about egg hunts and Easter baskets, but I still think it’s fun to do. Here are some of ideas I have come up with for what to fill a baby or toddler’s Easter basket. I’ve added more ideas, so there’s more than the original 22 promised in the title. Hopefully no one cares too much!

Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

1. Bubbles

I think babies and toddlers alike can enjoy bubbles. When Jack was just a few months old, we started blowing bubbles with him and he was fascinated by them. Now, he loves trying to pop them. The dollar tree tends to have three-packs for sale, but most stores sell them relatively inexpensive. (We love these bubbles, though these glove-a-bubbles intrigue me!)

2. Pacifiers

If you have a Binky-Baby, take this as an opportunity to give them more pacifiers.  Jack has seriously been obsessed with his Wubbanub binky since he was born, and it would be fun to get a bunny or duck one for Easter!

3. Pacifier Holders

This is an item that Jack got in his first Easter basket. We were so tired of losing his pacifiers when they fell out of his mouth (who knew a pacifier could fall so fast?!) so this was a definite must for his basket. Here is a nice and simple one!

4. Headbands

How adorable are these turban knotted headbands? Of course, any headbands would do! But I think these are extra cute.

5. Easter outfit

If you are going to buy a new Easter outfit, why not make it part of the basket? I think Target has some of the cutest outfits this time of the year. That’s where we’ve gotten both of Jack’s Easter outfits!
I’m a big fan of Carter’s though. They always have the cutest outfits!

6. Fun Bites

It’s a tool to make perfect bite size pieces of food for your kiddo. You can get ones in different shapes. I’ve heard rave reviews about this, and I think it’s genius!

7. Finger Crayons

My sister, Kristalyn, suggested these. For a toddler that is just starting to scribble and color, these are such a fun idea! So long as your little one doesn’t like to eat crayons (as we discovered Jack does.)

8. Sippy Cups

Target has the CUTEST themed sippy cups with straws. We got Jack a Santa Claus one for Christmas, and it’s his favorite cup (mainly because of the straw.) They currently have duck and bunny ones, and you better believe we got one for his basket. This Easter-themed sippy cup is kind of fun.

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However, if you don’t care if the cup is easter themed, I always recommend Miracle 360. They are the best.

9. Cars

Jack is really starting to love playing with cars (he even makes a vroom sound) and these would fit perfectly in a basket. We really like these stacking cars from Melissa and Doug. These ones look perfect for toddlers as well.

10. Quiet Books

We have a few quiet books for Church. They keep Jack’s attention pretty well, which is nice. There are tons of tutorials on Pinterest to make your own, or you can find some on Amazon or Etsy. My friend, Kristina, sells some super cute quiet books on Etsy — be sure to check them out.  I also love this one. Jack’s favorite is a photo book I made of all our family members (tutorial at this link).

11. Book About Easter

Here are a few cute Easter board books that I found on Amazon that I’m sure babies and toddlers would love. 10 Easter Egg Hunters, Here Comes the Easter Bunny! Bright Baby Touch and Feel Easter.

We’ve recently become kind of obsessed with My Busy Books. They are large, board books, that come with little figurines. Jack has the ones for Thomas the Train and Cars, and we recently bought my niece the one for Doc McStuffins. There are tons of different themes

You can grab a free 60 day trial of Scribd, which gives you unlimited access to eBooks, audiobooks, and newspapers. HOWEVER, the best part is that you also get a free subscription to FarFaria, which gives you access to thousands of children’s books for free – and they have a nice collection of Easter books right now!

12. Other Board Books

Don’t feel like everything has to be Easter themed. Any board book would be a fun addition to an Easter basket. I often see cute ones on sale at Target and Walmart, or even a thrift store.

13. Bibs

Bibs are always a good option! These bandana bibs seem to be all the rage lately! These bunny bibs are too cute.

14. Small Stuffed Animal

15. Bath Toys

We picked up these cute, stackable boats in Target’s (yes, I’m obsessed with Target) dollar section. You could also get bath crayons (also available at the Dollar Tree,) which makes for easy and fun bath time fun. Rubber duckies are also a fun choice. One of Jack’s favorite toys is a mini duck he got when his blood was drawn (Amazon has tons of these, in just about every theme you could think of.)

16. Cuddle and Color Bunny

17. Musical Toys

We love this Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes that I got on sale before Jack was born. He’s responded to it since he was a few weeks old, and still thinks it is a lot of fun.

18. CD With Lullabies

19. Toddler Cutlery

I’m all about killing two birds with one stone. If you need something for your child, why not make it a part of their Easter basket? Jack loves his just to play with!

20. Snack Catchers

Once Jack started wanting to get his own snacks out of the containers they came in, we decided to get one of these. It’s much easier for him to get his treats out.

21. Oball

Jack has a few of these, and they are so fun. Babies will love them because they can easily hold them, and toddlers can throw them easily because they are so lightweight. We love the Oball Rattle the best. Other lightweight balls are a good idea as well.

22. New Pajamas

It’s hopefully starting to look like spring where you live, and just about time to trade in the nice, warm footie pajamas for some more light weight ones.

23. No spill bubble tumbler

24. Little People Wheelies

25. Kidecals Labels

We received a set of labels with Jack’s name on them a few months ago, and he loves them! They are great for labeling backpacks, water bottles/sippy cups, lunch boxes…everything! They have a huge variety, and they guarantee their durability forever! They are water proof, which is awesome.

26. Weebles

27. Very Hungry Caterpillar Umbrella

28. Toddler Crayons

29. Thomas the Tank Engine Mini Figurines (Jack has these, and they are his favorite!)

30. Harmonica

31. Playdough (and maybe some playdough tools)

32. Finger puppets – family set and animal set

33. Washable Markers (or even better, Color Wonder Blank Sheets and Color wonder mini markers)

34. Fun Toothbrush – such as Doc McStuffins or Strawberry Shortcake. We love these infant toothbrushes!

35. Mini coloring books

36. Magic milk straws

37. Combs/Brush (or if your child has long hair, these mini wet hair brush are AMAZING!)

38. Water Colors

39. Mini Ducks

(Some of the sets are more expensive but come with a ton of cute ones – consider splitting with a friend or family member!)

40. Flashlight – Car’s Flashlight (better for older toddlers), Spin and learn Flashlight, Firefly Flashlight

41. Magnadoodle

42. Reusable Easter Stickers

43. Mini Etch a Sketch

44. Annie’s Fruit Snacks

45. Felt Food

46. Alternatives for Candy in Easter Eggs

If you are wanting to have an Easter Egg hunt, but don’t want to load your child up on sweets, there are a lot of other ideas. Because Jack loves puffs, that is what is going in his Easter eggs this year. I know he will be so excited to open the eggs up and find his favorite treat inside. Some other alternatives include:

What do you put in your baby or toddler’s Easter baskets? I’d love to hear more ideas!

Easter Basket Ideas for babies / easter basket ideas for toddlers


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  • I've got a potty training toddler right now and it occurred to me that any candy he gets this year can just become potty prizes. Last year the grandma's and aunties couldn't resist giving him some but this year he knows what chocolate is so we won't be able to hide it away. I'm okay with giving my kids candy, as long as it's regulated and in small amounts at a time.
  • I haven't done this and it would be for older kids but you could buy a puzzle and put some pieces in the eggs. Then you find them all and do the puzzle! Sounds like fun to me.
  • I love all of your ideas, my little guy will be 18 months this Easter and we all know candy isn't the best route. I am doing yogurt covered raisins and cheese balls. Literally his 2 favorite snacks in the whole world.
  • Just wanted to throw this out there, oball is awesome and now they have some new things in their line. Our son LOVES the new cars they have! They also have animal shaped rattles which I think will be in our son's basket this year as his toy item. Love the puff idea for the eggs!
    • Really?! I'll have to check out the cars. My son LOVES cars, so I bet he would love the oball version. And I'm so glad you found my link on Pinterest! Hopefully you'll stop by again :)
  • Don't even worry about filling plastic easter eggs, they make great scoops! My daughter had half of one in her pool over the summer, and then played with it on the porch
  • Wonderful suggestions! I just bought everything for baby girl's Easter basket today- one bath book, one board book, a set of nesting rubber duckies, a box of Annie's Organic Bunny shapes man 'n cheese (I couldn't resist, lol!), a little shovel so she can "help" me with the garden soon...

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