Bead American Flag Tutorial – Free Pony Bead Pattern

With the 4th of July coming and summer boredom starting to show up, I thought it would be fun to come up with a little patriotic craft that the kids can do. I am constantly trying to find ways to keep them off the Wii and away from watching movies. I thought up this little beaded flag as a solution. I gave my 9 year old daughter the pattern, and she was able to do it no problem. It is just a cheap and easy craft that will keep those little fingers and minds busy.

You will need:

70 White Pony Beads
50 Red Pony Beads
12 Blue Pony Beads
(You can get a pack of red, white and blue beads here.)
Red, white, or blue plastic string (find some here)
Keychain Hook

Patriotic Kids Craft- Beaded Flag Tutorial

Here is the bead pattern for the flag: R = Red B = Blue W = White.

Beaded Keychain Patterns
First, cut your string about 6 ft, and tie your keychain hook right into the middle of the string

Now bead both strings with the first 2 lines of the pattern (shown in picture above).

Next, take the first string and string it backwards through the second string of beads. So your first row of beads will have one string through it, but your second will have 2 strings through it. Then pull tight

Now, string the 3rd row of beads onto the string.

Take the other string and thread it back through the opposite way of the last string and pull tight. For the rest of the flag simply follow this step for each of the next 9 rows in the craft.

Now, just knot each end off and cut the string. Make sure the knots are big enough that they won’t pull through the beads. Your kids will have such a fun time making the flag. It’s a great project for improving hand eye coordination as well as a good way to practice following instructions.

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