22+ Unique Canning Ideas

One thing that I’ve really been wanting to do more of lately is canning. I think it’s such an awesome way to build up your food storage and save money. Whenever I think of canning, my mind typically goes straight to jams and jellies, which are the main things I’ve canned. However, there’s seriously a […]


Homework Tips From a {{Former}} Teacher

Hey y’all! I’m Christina from Christina, Plain and Simple. I’m so glad to be here at Clark’s Condensed guest posting for Katie. While I’m a blogger and virtual assistant now, in my former life, I was a teacher and at the beginning of every school year, parents would always ask about homework. Ah dreaded homework! Some […]

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Deep Dish Bacon and Potato Pizza {{Pizza Pie Cafe Copycat}}

This Bacon and Potato pizza is topped with a creamy ranch sauce, seasoned potato slices, crispy bacon, and a combination of cheddar and mozzarella cheese. Definitely a great choice for any pizza night! One of our favorite restaurants to go to is a place called Pizza Pie Cafe. They only have them in Utah and […]