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Four Nearly Mess Free Art Mediums for Kids

I've learned from experience that it isn't easy to keep a child engaged intellectually and entertained very long. The best activities are ones that can be cleaned up easily and done repeatedly.¬†When Jack was younger we used blocks, simple puzzles, and Legos to help keep Jack entertained. Another thing that Jack has almost always liked is to color. He is not very good at forming shapes, but he is actually getting better. Practice makes perfect! Oh, plus, he is getting strangely good at Temple Run. He can run jump, slide, and turn. However, … [Read More...]

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Secrets for Shopping at Jo-Ann’s

There's a few stores that I frequent on a regular basis. One of those is Jo-Ann Fabric. I feel like there's always something I need to get there, and I typically end up leaving with more than I went in for. It's just one of those places that you can't escape with just one thing! Around where we live, Jo-Ann's is pretty close to several other … [Read More...]


Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

Recently, my mom started an Instagram account called LunchBoxQuotes. She started it as a way to share a tradition of putting notes in her children's lunchboxes during all their years in school and to share some quotes or thoughts she finds inspiring. The first one she put up was one from Joseph B. Wirthlin: Kindness is the essence of … [Read More...]


50+ Easy Recipes for College Students

College can be rough when it comes to eating. I've heard countless stories of people who lived off of cream of wheat for weeks at a time, or hot dogs and macaroni and cheese. Not exactly healthy, right? I was fortunate enough to always have enough money for rent and food, and I loved to cook and bake, so I made it a priority to make good food (past … [Read More...]


22+ Easter Basket Ideas for Babies and Toddlers

Holidays are so much fun, especially when you have children. My favorite childhood memories involve holidays, and the simple, yet significant, things my parents did to make them special. Last year, Easter was the first major holiday we got to spend with Jack. Granted, he was only a month old, so I'm sure he was just kind of confused about what … [Read More...]

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Easy Meat Lasagna Recipe

If there's one type of food I never get tired of, it's Italian. Unfortunately, Italian is not one of my mom's favorites, so we didn't have it as often as I would have liked. But, there is one dish she made a lot, and it's always a hit. That's right, lasagna. I know, I know. EVERYONE has a lasagna recipe. But there's something different about … [Read More...]