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An easy no churn ice cream - Graham Canyon Ice cream. Filled with graham cracker crumbs and honeycomb crunch candy!

No Churn Graham Canyon Ice Cream Recipe

Are you looking for a delicious graham cracker ice cream recipe (or just a yummy no churn ice cream recipe that will impress all your guests?!) This copy cat graham canyon ice cream recipe, based off of the delicious BYU Creamery's ice cream flavor, is so yummy. It's full of graham cracker, honeycomb candy, and vanilla ice cream. It's my favorite! We are also doing a fun giveaway for TWO ice cream makers!Graham Canyon Ice Cream Recipe: Graham Cracker Ice Cream Print Author: Katie Clark Serves: 1.5 quart Ingredients 1 … [Read More...]

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chocolate-honeycomb-candy-recipe (1 of 5)

Chocolate Honeycomb Candy Recipe

An easy and delicious chocolate honeycomb candy recipe – this is a traditional European candy that is perfect for a Christmas candy tin! It’s so easy to make, and it’s very delicious. Chocolate Honeycomb Candy Recipe Print Author: Katie Clark Serves: 30 pieces Ingredients 2 tablespoon water 3 tablespoon honey ½ cup brown sugar 3 […]


What Not To Say to a Pregnant Woman

I don’t know what it is about pregnant women that makes people think it’s appropriate to make whatever comments, ask whatever questions, and offer up whatever advice they want, whenever they want…but it seems to be very common! During both of my pregnancies, I haven’t gotten a ton of weird comments, but I know plenty […]


Patriotic Kids Craft- Bead American Flag Tutorial

With the 4th of July coming and summer boredom starting to show up, I thought it would be fun to come up with a little patriotic craft that the kids can do. I am constantly trying to find ways to keep them off the Wii and away from watching movies. I thought up this little […]

Rosemary roasted red potatoes

Rosemary Roasted Red Potatoes Recipe

Hi! Jordan here, and today I’m sharing a recipe I’m sure you’ll love.  Rosemary roasted red potatoes is one of my absolute favorite side dishes.  It’s easy, economical, and delicious! This recipe only has 4 ingredients – red potatoes, olive oil, salt, and rosemary. My mom has a really robust rosemary bush growing in her […]

Easy 4th of July Table Topper l The Princess & Her Cowboys

Easy 4th of July Table Topper

  One of the things I love about summer is the 4th of July. There is nothing like plenty of grilling, being outdoors and enjoying the amazing fireworks. I am lacking in my decor though and so I have been working on a few crafts to celebrate the holiday and this table topper was the […]

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50 Ways to Enjoy Pregnancy

Pregnancy can hold some of the best and worst times of your life - here are 50+ ways to enjoy pregnancy, even when it's hard.  While I definitely believe that every pregnancy is a miracle, and I'm very grateful that I've been able to be pregnant two times...it isn't always easy to enjoy. I often envy those who have easy pregnancies (like our … [Read More...]


The Ultimate List of Wedding Song Ideas

One of my favorite parts of planning our reception (arguably), was planning the songs that would be played at the reception. I have always loved music from the time I was little, and, a little known fact is, I love dancing! Now, that doesn't mean I'm any good at dancing (if you've ever gone to Zumba with me, you'd whole heartedly agree), but I … [Read More...]


DIY Toy or Lego Bag and Playmat

Do you have lots of toys or legos laying around? They sure can be a pain to pick up and put away. However, with this DIY Toy or Lego Bag and play mat, clean up is a lot easier. The bag cinches up into a great toy storage container, and it holds a lot of toys. This project is easy and is perfect for gifts! I always used to say we … [Read More...]


50+ Easy Recipes for College Students

College can be rough when it comes to eating. I've heard countless stories of people who lived off of cream of wheat for weeks at a time, or hot dogs and macaroni and cheese. Not exactly healthy, right? I was fortunate enough to always have enough money for rent and food, and I loved to cook and bake, so I made it a priority to make good food (past … [Read More...]