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Moab Side X Side Review

Recently, I was invited to get a taste of an unforgettable experience in Moab.

I’m not really a car junkie, and I’ve never really gone off roading for fun. They always seemed like expensive time consuming hobbies to me.

However, Jack and I really enjoyed getting a taste of Sand Flats Recreation Area in Moab, Utah. I rode in a Side by Side from Moab Side X Side driven by Jason Minasian.

Jack was only four at the time, but with a helmet and the five point harness of the Side by Side I felt it would be safe for him to go. He loved it, even though I think he had a bit of a hard time getting his head high enough to see well. I really enjoyed it myself, and I definitely think it was more fun than a roller coaster. A roller coaster is the closest thing I can compare it to.


I learned a lot from talking to Jason about side by side’s and about Sand Flats Recreation Area.

He explained that Sand Flats Recreation Area is a Grand County Park, and not a Utah or National Park. Despite that, it is singular treasure in the world. There is no where else in the world you can do what you can do there.

You could drive all day with almost never going over the same trail. I saw some dirt bikes, and there are specific trails for mountain bikers. Some of the first things that you can drive on are the thin fins that is basically a thin ledge of rock with a cliff on both sides, so, obviously, really fun! There is even camping in the park if you want to go that route.

However, if you aren’t experienced with anything like this I would highly recommend a tour with Moab Side X Side. Jason was our tour guide, and that really seems like the most mundane description of him. He is super experienced with this high adventure driving, and I think he even mentioned that he was a stunt man for some movies when he lived in California.

He said that people even pay them to drive them around even if they have their own Side X Side, because they want an expert to show them how to drive the more dangerous parts. Jason is willing to give tours from an hour long to all day long. His Moab Side X Side offers tours, rentals, and repairs of Side by Sides/UTVs.

I learned that Side by Sides are awesome vehicles. We just cruised right on past all of the Jeeps and FJs. I tried to guess the route that we would take sometimes, and I was wrong a lot. We would go up and down things that I really didn’t expect the Side X Side to be capable of traversing. Side by Sides are even street legal in Utah, so we just had to park our minivan at the Side by Side shop, and we were driven to the park. It was very convenient.

If you’re as cheap as me, let me make the case for a tour like this.

Moab Side X Side lets you park just off of main street, you don’t have buy a vehicle yourself, you don’t have to worry about crashing or getting lost.

Plus, you can focus on the amazing scenery since you’re not driving. You can even go as a small group. Side X Sides can hold four to five people.

For me, the tour was unique and unforgettable.

I felt we nearly drove up and down walls. I used to have dreams of driving up hills that would get steeper and steeper until I started tumbling backwards to my death. Maybe everything seemed especially exciting for me, but I think I most people would really enjoy it.



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