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Forrest and I love trying out new restaurants. And during our five years in Provo, we’ve discovered that the Provo-Orem area is somewhat a Mecca for unique and delicious places to eat. Which was surprising to me — I don’t normally pin college towns as having tons of a great food. However, there really is a lot of yummy places, that I’ve honestly been missing since we’ve been in Colorado!

So today, I’m going to be sharing some of the best restaurants in Provo and Orem. I am doing this with lots of other bloggers, who are highlighting their favorite restaurants in their city. Here, I’ll be sharing some of my personal favorite restaurants that I feel deliver delicious food on a regular basis.  These are great for both adults and children alike.
Maria Bonita: We went to this Mexican restaurant in Orem after my brother and sister-in-law said it was really good. And, they weren’t lying. It has quickly become our go-to Mexican restaurant. Not only is the food superb (not to mention the portions are huge for a good price) but the service is great as well. Maria herself is always there, makes sure to visit with all the guests, and tell us how wonderful we are! The first few times we went, the service was super slow, but the past few times haven’t been too bad. We don’t mind though, because the atmosphere is very fun, and it was some of the most authentic Mexican food I’ve had since, well, I’ve been in Mexico! I would really recommend sharing, because the portions really are huge.


Black Sheep Cafe: This is a recently launched restaurant in Provo, and I tried it for the first time when a friend took me there for my birthday. I had no idea what to expect, and I was pleasantly surprised. The restaurant features contemporary southwestern and Native American food, and everything is made from scratch. You may remember that we reviewed Black Sheep Cafe several months ago, and everything we have eaten there is superb. If you are in Provo, this is the one restaurant you shouldn’t miss.

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Milagros: This is my second favorite Mexican restaurant. One day, I was searching around for an authentic Mexican restaurant, and all the reviews online said that this place was the real deal. And we were not disappointed. Milagros has the best salsa I’ve ever had, and they have a ton of different options. My personal favorite is the chimichunga. Milagros is located in Orem, and they have daily lunch deals, and you can also do carry-out if you are in a rush.

Fat Daddy’s Pizzeria: This is the best pizza you’ll find in Provo! Be sure to check out our review here.

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Oregano Italian Kitchen: Best Italian food in Utah County. I often crave this place!

Gloria’s Little Italy: This is one of the first restaurants I tried in Provo, back when I was a freshman at BYU. It was a big deal to me, because I never left campus (ah, the life of a student with no car!) I remember thinking it was the most delicious Italian food ever, and I craved it forever until I tried it again a few years later. It wasn’t quite as amazing as I remembered, but it was quite good. A little pricey, but I frequently see coupons for it.

India Palace: We love Indian food, and there are several places in the Provo and Orem that offer it. Our favorite place, however, is India Palace in downtown Provo. One of the best parts of this place is how full they keep your water — I’m not even kidding, you take one drink out of it, and they fill it right back up. I don’t know about you but that’s a big deal to us! Anyways, back to the food. They serve traditional Indian food, and the most amazing naan ever. We would go here more often, but it is a little pricey. However, the food is very high quality, and you definitely get what you pay for.

Brick Oven: If you live in Provo, you’ve probably been to Brick Oven. It’s right on the corner across from BYU Campus, and it’s definitely a hot spot for students. Their pizza is good, and I feel like eating here is a rite of a passage for living in the area! Not to mention you get free, unlimited root beer on Mondays. Forrest and I used to eat here every Monday evening after a 2.5 hour class we took together. The smell was too intoxicating as we walked to our cars, and with me being pregnant, and Forrest just getting hungry, we were starved. We always share a combo, that I think is around $9, which includes garlic bread, salad, and a decent sized pizza.

Awful Waffle: This restaurant started in a very modest location, where there was limited seating, and service was slow. That didn’t stop us from going, though, because it was super tasty. The owners have some great stories about how they started the restaurant, including carrying a real, Belgium waffle maker through Europe. Since they started, they have moved to a much more prominent location, right in the center of a new student housing complex. Service is much faster, and they’ve added a ton of items to their menu, including pizza! My favorite food there is the chicken pesto crepe. If you don’t mind being among lots of students, want to be able to write on the chalk walls and tables as you eat, and eat some delicious crepes, waffles, and pizza, I definitely recommend going here.

Communal: I have honestly never been to communal, but I’ve heard wonderful things about it, so I couldn’t do this post without mentioning it. Basically, you sit at a table with other guests (who you probably don’t know), get to know them while you eat, and dine on a gourmet meal. This is definitely on my Provo bucket list when we go back.  The food is fresh, and supposedly supposed to taste just like they got it straight from a farm!

These definitely don’t even come close to covering all the great restaurants in Provo, but these are a few of my favorite. If you’ve been to the area, do you have a favorite?




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