The Best Pizza in Provo – Fat Daddy’s Pizza Review


If are you looking for the best pizza in Provo, there’s a new place in town that certainly fits that description – Fat Daddy’s Pizzeria

We love pizza in our house. We eat it on a regular basis, and we love trying out new places. Sadly, we haven’t found a pizzeria that we love nearby in Colorado yet.

So when I saw that Chef Chad (owner of Oregano Italian Kitchen in Provo) started posting about the opening of “Fat Daddy’s Pizzeria”…well, I was pretty excited. I’ve known Chad for awhile now, and I know that any food he makes is going to be good.


We went to Provo this last week, and he invited us to stop by and check it out. It hadn’t had it’s grand opening yet, but there were still a good number of people inside.

We had a classic cheese pizza as well as the chicken cordon bleu pizza, with a side of smoked bacon cheese sticks.

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And yes, it was every bit as decadent as it sounds.

Fat Daddy’s is different from a lot of the other pizza joints in the area for a few reasons. First off, it is a true pizzeria. While you can order full-sized pizzas, they have a bunch of slices that are ready to be put back into the oven. There aren’t really any other “by the slice” places in Provo that work like this, and I think it’s awesome. They have a $5 special – two slices of cheese pizza and a soda, which I think is great for lunch. 

The ambiance of the restaurant feels so authentic. There’s original exposed brick, you can watch the pizza being made, and it is just a fun place to be.

The pizza is definitely New York Style. If you aren’t a fan of thin crust like me, you might be a little hesitant to try it. But I assure you…it’s worth trying. When I mentioned this to Chad, he said, “If you don’t like thin crust pizza, it’s because you haven’t had it the right way.”

And after eating several slices, I must say that I agree. It was thin…but not crunchy like a cracker. It wasn’t so thin that it felt soggy. It was just good pizza, with good toppings. We tend to fill a little icky after eating pizza, but that wasn’t the case here. The fact that everything is homemade definitely helps.


Everything at Fat Daddy’s is homemade – the crust, the sauce, and the ingredients. All the vegetables are cooked/sauteed before they are put on the pizza. The philosophy is that the food is simple and homemade. You don’t have to have a million ingredients to make something good. The pizza is also made in a stone oven, which makes a difference as well.


The menu isn’t large, which I appreciated. I hate when restaurants have huge menus, and I feel like when the menu is smaller, the restaurant can focus on making their menu the best…rather than having pages of mediocre food.

While the prices may be a little high for some college students, it is certainly worth the price. Full pizzas are between about $20 and $25, and I think full pizza can easily feed 3-4 people (more or less depending on who you are)!

Something that I thought was cool was when Chad told us that when it comes to this kind of pizza, you have to be able to fold it and not have it droop down. If it does, and the toppings slide off, it’s really not made correctly. With New York style pizza, it’s meant to be eaten folded (kind of like a sandwich)!


I really loved the chicken cordon bleu pizza. It’s just so good. The bacon is crisp, the chicken is juicy, and it just works. The toppings don’t fall off, and it’s very satisfying.


Forrest actually went earlier in the week and had the lasagna pizza. Him and our brother-in-law, Corey, really loved it. I don’t like ricotta, so since I wasn’t there, Forrest took the opportunity to get something we wouldn’t normally get. It had a bolognese sauce (which Forrest loves). Forrest did say that he recommends letting it cool for a minute, and then eat it before it gets too cool, because it did get a little bit liquidy at that point. However, if you eat it during the “sweet spot” it’s amazing and delicious.


With the other pizzas we tried, there was no excess liquid, regardless of how long it was out. I did have a slice of pepperoni that was a little greasier that I liked, but it was still good…and the pizzas we had the second time weren’t like that at all.

So, overally, I definitely think Fat Daddy’s is a force to be reckoned with. I love what Chad is doing with the food world in Utah County, and after trying a third restaurant of his, I can confidently say you’ll be happy with just about anything you buy there. I also love how involved his family is – his wife and a few of his children were there the whole time, which I thought it was great.. They are a good family, and I love supporting small family businesses.

Definitely check it out – it’s on the corner of Freedom and Center street in Provo (22 S Freedom Blvd), right behind to Joe Veras (Oregano is close by, too. I hear they have a Nutella creme brûlée about to hit the menu. YUM).


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