Disneyland’s Digital Fast Pass System: What You Need to Know

Disneyland’s Digital Fast Pass System: What You Need to Know

You guys, I am SO excited!

Disneyland has now implemented a new digital Fast Pass system – and it is awesome.

We are going to Disneyland in October, so this couldn’t have started at a better time.

Our friends at Get Away Today just did a great Facebook Live event answering questions and detailing the new system, which you can watch here:

However, I thought I’d share some of the basics with all of you, just in case you don’t want to watch the video!

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Is it the MaxPass System or similar to the Disney World FastPass+ system?

It is different from the MaxPass system which is starting soon and costs an additional $10. It is optional – you don’t have to use it to use the new digital system. You can learn more about the MaxPass here. The MaxPass will be really neat once it’s released – it works with your Disneyland app!

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It is a good sign that this has been released, because it’s a precursor for the MaxPass System, which I’m really hoping is in place by October!

It is not the same as the Disney World FastPass+ system either – it’s completely different system and works totally different.

Collect the FastPass in the same manner – the ticket is not your ticket. It is a reminder, but it in embedded within your ticket. Whatever ticket you are using it is there.

Does it Cost Money?

Nope! It’s free with your ticket.

How Does it Work?

It works very similarly to how things worked before. You still go to the FastPass Distribution center to get your FastPass tickets.

However, instead of turning in your FastPass ticket at your designated time, all you have to do is scan your ticket to get into the ride.

So, basically, your FastPass is connected with your ticket digtially. You no longer have to keep track of the different FastPass tickets (and worry about losing them. That’s the worst!!), and since only the person with a ticket can use the FastPass, it should hopefully help with the flow of things.

You can still get a Rider Swap pass as well with this new system, which is always nice.

You can use your FastPass five minutes before your time or 15 minutes after, but beyond that, there isn’t a ton of flexibility of when you can use the FastPass. It will disappear after your time is over!

So there you have it! It’s pretty simple, but I think it will make things a little bit easier. I am really looking forward to the MaxPass being released, but for now, this will make things run a little more smoothly on those FastPass rides.

Here are some great Disneyland MaxPass tips that will make this even easier to use!


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