The Best Pizza in Denver for Families – Dion’s Pizza Review

Are you looking for high quality pizza for a great price in the Denver area? Check out our review on Dion’s Pizza, a new pizza chain that has recently made roots in Denver. 

Dion's Pizza Colorado

Dion’s Pizza Review

I’m pretty sure if I told Jack we were having pizza every night for the rest of his life, he’d be pretty thrilled.

The truth is, our family all loves pizza.

We love making homemade pizza, but we also love finding new and delicious pizza joints in our area.

I was excited when I heard that Dion’s Pizza had opened a few locations near our home. It was originally started in New Mexico, and I was excited to hear that they decided to expand a bit North. My friend, Brianna, from Flippin’ Delicious had posted about them in the past, and all the food sounded so delicious.

Well, it turns out Brianna now works for them, and she approached me about coming in and checking out the restaurant and sharing with all of you a little bit about our experience.

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She didn’t have to ask me twice (okay, maybe she did, because I took forever to respond. BUT I thought “YES!” the first time I got her email).

My family was really excited to go to the Aurora location to check out what Dion’s pizza had to offer. We invited along my brother and his family, because we all know that pizza is more fun with family!

First Impressions

When we first arrived, I was impressed with how many tables there were and how open the facility seemed. It seemed like a traditional pizzeria, and it had lots of space.

As I mentioned int he title of this post, I think that Dion’s is the best pizza in the Denver areas for families. We’ve gone to a lot of pizzerias in the area, and while they are amazing, they aren’t super kid friendly. What I loved about Dion’s was that there was plenty of space and it was an interactive experience for our kids.

One of our favorite parts was that they have a little area where you and your kids can go and watch the pizza be made. I love things like this, because I feel like it helps my kids appreciate what goes into the experience of making pizza a little bit more.

The Food

There are tons of different options at Dion’s. I was impressed with the variety available, and everything sounded so good.

Their main offerings are pizza, salad, subs, and “goodies.” There is really something for everyone.

On our particular trip, we got pizza, salad, and garlic bread. Pretty classic, right? 

The Pizza

Dion’s has a wide variety of pizzas available – from traditional to not-so-traditional. You can buy by the slice or by the pan, which is nice. For instance, my sister-in-law ordered one slice of pizza and her own small salad because she wanted something different from the rest of us. It worked out great.

We also got the boys each their own slice because they wanted something a little more plain that Forrest, my brother, and me. It makes it so much more convenient when you can order exactly what you want and in the quantities you want. 

Beyond the individual slices, we bought two other pizzas. They have “Original Pizzas” and “Gourmet Pizzas”. We ended up ordering one from each list:

  • The Kansas City

I am obsessed with BBQ chicken pizzas, so I make sure to get one every chance I get. I couldn’t get enough of this one! It had just the right amount of ingredients, and the BBQ sauce was delicious.

This was a gourmet pizza, which features a thin, crispy crust. I actually don’t normally like thin crust, but I really liked this one. It wasn’t cardboard tasting, which happens far too often with thin crust. I think I preferred this crust over the original pizza’s crust.

  • The Carnivore

This is definitely a meat lover’s delight! It has Dion’s original crust, which is a little thicker. I enjoyed the pizza, but I definitely preferred the Kansas City. All of the ingredients were fresh and delicious.

The Salad

We weren’t exactly sure which size to get, so we went with the larger size.

Let me tell you, it is LARGE. We ended up not eating probably even half of it (there were four adults and four kids), but it was really, really good. I would just recommend getting a smaller one for people to share, unless it’s going to be the only thing you get.

We got the chef’s salad, which I think was a good choice. It came with plenty of ingredients and ranch dressing. I do wish it had been pre-tossed, because it was a little messy trying to toss it in the bowl…but that’s just me being picky. I really enjoyed the salad, and I think it was a great complement to the pizza. The ingredients were very fresh and high quality. This definitely isn’t your school lunch chef’s salad!

It came with plenty of Ranch Dressing, which I ended up using to drip my pizza in. It was some of the best ranch dressing I’ve ever had!

The Sides

Dion’s offers a wide variety of sides and treats. We ended up just getting an order of garlic toast, and it was good way to start our meal. Thinking back, I wish we had gotten the cheese bread (just another excuse to go back, right?!)

It was crispy and had great flavor. I LOVE garlic bread! The marinara sauce was great for dipping.

The Prices

I feel that Dion’s prices are very reasonable. I believe you need to pay a little extra for high quality pizza, but even then, Dion’s are very competitive to other places we’ve been in the area. They really have something for all budgets and circumstances – whether you want one slice of pizza and a drink or a full meal for your entire family, you will definitely find that here. They offer so many variations on prices, toppings, and sizes. I love it!

The pizzas range in price from about $8 to $16, though that may vary on location. All of the sides are reasonably priced, as well. Pizza by the slice starts at $2.15, which is a great deal. The salads start at a little of $4. I was actually really impressed when I saw the prices.

The Experience

Overall, we really enjoyed going to Dion’s.

All of the employees at the location in Aurora were very helpful and attentive. They answered all of our questions, and didn’t even bat an eye as we took forever deciding what to get. 

There are so many ways to customize the pizzas as well, so it’s easy to make sure you get EXACTLY what you want.

The pizza came out quickly (well, as quickly as one can expect for a pizza), and everything was hot. One issue I have with some pizza places is that when there are a lot of ingredients on them, it tends to make the pizza somewhat wet (which is gross), and we didn’t experience that here at all, which definitely makes me give them two thumbs up.

Dion’s has three locations in the Denver area right now, and I’m crossing my fingers that they’ll open a location a little closer to me in Littleton. Until then, we will definitely be going back any chance we get!


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