Very Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Signs

Very Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Signs

Very early pregnancy symptoms you may experience soon after conception.

Despite what some people say, some women can and will experience very early symptoms of pregnancy soon after conception – long before a pregnancy test can even be used! Here is a list of uncommon and common very early symptoms of pregnancy that may happen in early pregnancy. 

Right before I found out I was pregnant with Jack, I really had no idea. In fact, I distinctly remember thinking to myself, “Well, I know I’m not going to be pregnant this month” (which, at the time, felt like a relief!) Little did I know that a few days later, I would get the biggest news of my life!

This time around, I knew I was pregnant long before I took a pregnancy test. Don’t ask me why – I just did! I honestly felt like I had very early pregnancy symptoms, so when I took that pregnancy test, and it showed up positive literally in seconds (which happened with Jack as well – no waiting five minutes for me), I wasn’t surprised at all.

For whatever reason, the pregnancy symptoms started really early with this baby, and I feel like I experienced just about everything you could – with Jack, they started at around seven weeks (and with both babies, the symptoms just go on and on!)

I know a lot of women who are trying to conceive are hyperaware of their body, and they are looking for just about every sign of pregnancy – there are common pregnancy symptoms and there are some weird pregnancy symptoms you can even be on the lookout for!

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Post written in 2015 – updated on September 2nd, 2017. 

Positive Pregnancy Test

Of course, the most sure fire way to find out if you are pregnant is with a pregnancy test. Throughout the years, home pregnancy tests have really evolved. While you used to have to wait until after your missed period (of course, one of the biggest signs of pregnancy), there have been many advancements that allow you to find out several days before a missed period.

Even with the ability to test pregnancy earlier than ever both, some pregnancy symptoms can start soon after conception. Here are several early pregnancy signs that you may experience before you can even take a test (of course, taking a test is the only way to really confirm that pregnancy, so if you suspect you are pregnant, make sure you take one!)

If you’ve been using the Ava Bracelet to track your cycle, it might actually tell you BEFORE your missed period that you are pregnant (I seriously think anyone trying to get pregnant should get one of these. I love mine! It takes the guess work out). You can get free shipping using the code clarkscondensed at checkout.

Heartburn and Indigestion – a few weeks ago I shared a post about acid reflux during pregnancy. This is something I am all too familiar with (during and not during pregnancy.) Before I found out I was pregnant, I noticed that my acid reflux was significantly worse than it had been for months, and I could barely stand it. I remember thinking, “I wonder if I’m pregnant?” And I was!

Obviously, pregnancy testing has changed over the years! Women used to have to wait awhile to find out and just pay attention to these symptoms. (Make sure you start stocking up on the TUMS)

From what I’ve observed, having acid reflux in early pregnancy is very common. So if you are feeling extra heart burn-y…you could be pregnant!

Stomachache and Problems – this is a symptom I haven’t seen a lot written about online, but I know of several other people who suffered from really bad stomach aches (different from cramping) and diarrhea early on in pregnancy. I normally have a lot of digestive problems, but early on in this pregnancy, I was feeling even more uncomfortable than usual.

Bloating Early Pregnancy – Bloating is very common in pregnancy, especially in early pregnancy. Many women comment on feeling like they look a couple months pregnant along some days in those first few weeks of pregnancy.

I experienced this with my second child– I looked in the mirror, and I couldn’t believe how big my stomach looked! Exercising and drinking a lot of water made my stomach go back to normal the next day, but if you are feeling extra bloated, it could mean pregnancy. Belly bands will be your best friend at this time.

Headache – Very common in pregnancy, and they can start very soon after conception. I’ve heard that peppermint essential oils can help!

Nausea – Most people won’t start experiencing nausea until they’ve already taken a pregnancy test, however, some people will experience it right away. With this pregnancy, I found out I was pregnant right at four weeks, and I started feeling nauseous the next day. If you don’t find out you are pregnant super early, it’s very possible that you may start feeling queazy before you even realize you are pregnant. And if you are unfortunate enough to experience morning sickness, be sure to check out these tips for surviving morning sickness, as well as natural morning sickness treatments. Make sure you grab some preggie pops. LOVE them!

Fatigue  Feeling extra tired for no apparent reason? It might be because a baby is on it’s way! Get your pregnancy pillow out of storage (or from the store) before you can’t sleep at all!

Bloody Nose

Bleeding Gums – Pregnant women are much more susceptible to bleeding gums and gum disease during pregnancy. I noticed early on with this pregnancy that my gums were bleeding like crazy (I actually ended up getting dental planning done on them, which did help. My gums were left in a bad state after my last pregnancy – partially due to all my morning sickness!)

Basal Body Temperature – This is what tipped me off to my pregnancy with Jack a few days before I could take a pregnancy test. I had been vigilant about tracking my basal body temperature, so when I saw that my basal body temperature didn’t drop like it was supposed to, I was pretty convinced I would probably have a positive pregnancy test still (though, getting that positive was still a shock.) Here is some more information on basal body temperature. You can buy a basal body thermometer here.

Cramping – This may feel like your period is about to start, but if it doesn’t and you are experiencing menstrual like cramps, it could be because of implantation (which happens about 9 days after ovulation.)

Light Spotting – About 30% of women will experience implantation bleeding, which is associated with implantation. This can happen around the same time as the cramping I described above. It’s usually not very dark (it can be anywhere from pinkish to brown), and it’s usually a very small amount.

Skin Problems – I started noticing that my skin was really breaking out a lot more very early on. I have never had the best skin, but it was looking really way worse than lately. Some women experiencing darkening of the skin or just more blemishes than usual.

No pre-period Weight Gain – This was another thing that made me think I was pregnant with this baby. Usually a few days before my period begins, I will gain about three pounds. Well, in January, I noticed that I did not gain that expected three pounds I gain every month. I remember telling Forrest, “Well, I haven’t gained any weight. I think I might be pregnant!”


Super smell – Pregnant women are known for their super sense of smell. It’s pretty much a curse (I can’t even stand to go near the fridge or the sink when there are dirty dishes in them.) This starts very early with me, and if you are noticing smells a lot more, it could be because of pregnancy.

Tender Breasts/Nipples

Congestion – I feel like I’ve constantly had a stuffed up nose during this pregnant (and my ears get plugged up ALL THE TIME. Hate it!) This can happen very early in pregnancy as well.

Did you have any very early pregnancy signs that made you think you were pregnant before you took a pregnancy test?

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  • With my first, I had NO idea I was pregnant even though we had been trying for nearly a year. I missed my period and took a test about a week later. The day after the positive pregnancy test was when the nausea and vomiting started. With my second I had NO idea I was pregnant again, but this time because we weren't even trying. The nausea started and that's when I took a pregnancy test. Sure enough! I'm not always aware of what's going on with my body, but a missed period and/or nausea will definitely make me suspicious!
  • I think I am about experience being pregnant for the third time. Lol. I am ALL the above. And since its been awhile since I have been pregnant, I wanted to read someone elses symptoms to remind me if it's in my head or what? I have 5 days till I can take a home pregnancy test. But all the symptoms are right On. So guess we are expecting again! Ahhhh! This happended fast! We were hoping to "practice" safely for a year but well someone is extremly fertile! ? on.
  • Last year we had two miscarriage (I was 34yrs old so I'm no spring chicken). Since then we have taken the steps needed to have a healthy pregnancy. We have spent 8+ months getting my body ready, taking the prenatals/folic acid/baby asprin/progesterone the nurse recommended I try to "make my uterus a hospitable home", lol! I stumbled across your page - I didn't have any symptoms like the ones I'm experiencing now last year. It made me feel good to know that some of your early symptoms are what I am feeling now. I took a pregnancy test over 2 weeks ago, got a strong positive and I have my first appointment next week (7weeks according to first day of LMC). The symptoms of acne, "just knowing", headaches, and severe nausea (which i didn't have for either 2 miscarriages), a high basal body temperature.... all of which I felt before the test -- soI hope this means this pregnancy will stick. Cool website, great content. Thank you for sharing your journey.
  • I knew I was pregnant the second I started craving yellow mustard! It was like I could not get enough of it; and I hate mustard!
    • So funny! I think that's definitely a sign - when something you don't like normally sounds great (and vice versa - I couldn't stand some of my favorite foods pretty early on!)
  • Great list! I suffered with infertility and had several miscarriages along the way. We quit "trying" to have a baby over 10 years ago. I had been 40 a few months and since I have PCOS it didn't occur to me that I could be pregnant, because it is normal to have spotting and cramping with no real period for months on end. I also traveled internationally and was EXHAUSTED, but I blamed jet lag. My face was breaking out A LOT, but I blamed stress. It wasn't until I was on an international flight back home and I had to get up and pee ALL the time, SO much more than normal, and I hardly had been drinking anything at all on the plane. I got home was still exhausted, was still cramping but no period, still had my face breaking out and then realized that my boobs were hurting SO badly. I put all of these symptoms together and thought surely not. I took a pregnancy test, first one in over a decade and sure enough I was pregnant!! Nine weeks to be exact. I had that little fellow almost 5 months ago and am still in complete shock that I got pregnant!! LOL
  • i got depressed when we tried long 8 months and didn't conceived. i almost gave up and at the 9th month i became know about my pregnancy through stick test but my only early symptom was constipation!
  • My sister told me she knew during sex that she had become pregnant. I thought she was crazy until it happened to me. This is embarrassing to tell, but it was the only time I actually felt the semen entering me. Somehow I knew I had just gotten pregnant.
  • My confirmed pregnant friend craved spicy food. And I hated spicy food and now I can't get enough of it. I suspect I am but I haven't tested yet. And I've had a bunch of symptoms listed above
  • I have most of these symptoms. I am 3 days late on my period. And I started having bad cramping this morning. Extremely moodiness and anxiety also. Took pregnancy text it was negative. The waiting game is so hard!
  • I've been super emotional all through my pregnancy. I was absolutely sobbing over the littlest thing before I found out I was pregnant & couldn't figure out why I was so upset. Lo and behold-my hormones were already going crazy!
  • 2 years ago my sweet husband had a vasectomy, year later I became pregnant. Unfortunately I had a miscarriage at 12 weeks, embryo was only at 8 weeks though, wasn't able to get in for my first appointment due to no health insurance yet. We were in between jobs. My husband then had another vasectomy few months later. 11 months later here we are pregnant again!! I am at 5 weeks 5 days along. The first miscarriage I had really really sore boobs. This one I don't, it makes me nervous as ever. I do have a few of your symptoms. Heartburn, boobs are little swollen, can hardly wear a bra the pressure around my mid section is restraining, bloody nose on occasion, acne and little bloating oh and headaches. I am glad I found your site feeling a little more reassured . Doc is going to put me on Progesterone Monday, taking more prenatal add one this time too. I have two weeks till I can't get in for my first appointment to hear heartbeat. Oh and haven't been able to tell my husband due to he works out of town. Surprise!! Trying not to stress, please pray for Us. I really think God has a plan for us to be a bigger family don't think he wants us to be done yet. P.s I have an amazing 7 year old boy that keeps asking for a brother or a sister?. I do know I am at high risk due to that I am almost 44. Deep breaths, stay calm.. Thanks for listening.
    • Thank you for sharing your experience! It certainly does seem as if God has a plan for your little family. I will certainly be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers that this pregnancy will be uneventful for you :) My mom had a baby at 42 (7 years after me - I'm the next closest in age to him), and he's one of my best friends.
  • While essential oils are extremely effective, they are not recommended until after the first trimester because they can have an effect on the developing fetus most sensitive in the first trimester. Wait until after week 12 to utilize essential oils to ensure maximum safety of baby.
  • My husband and I were pregnant back in May 2015 but had to have an abortion due to medical issues the baby had. Here it is almost 2yrs later and we have not been lucky enough to become pregnant again. We've been trying since Oct 2015. I've experienced some of the signs mentioned in this blog before but still no baby. I could remember my first pregnancy, I was 13wks never was sick or felt any symptoms. I just so happen to take a test just because I knew we were trying. Now I'm seeing a Fertility Dr. They've discovered some scar tissue that may be causing our issue. This may be out of the subject but just curious if any one has gone through this or knows anyone. I'm set to have it removed April 5. Nervous and just praying this is the cause of many months of not getting the positive lines my husband and I have been waiting for. Thanks
    • Hi, Roxy! I haven't experienced this, but I do know that some women have trouble conceiving due to scar tissue. I hope that is the answer to you being able to conceive again!

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