Husband Smells Bad During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy brings on a hyper sense of smell.

For those of us who have morning sickness, this can make that even worse.

When I was pregnant with Jack, I couldn’t stand to be near the kitchen. Walking by the break room at work was just about enough to make me vomit. I could smell disgusting smells from a mile away.

I was tempted to walk around with a clothes pin on my nose!

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And unfortunately, Forrest smelled, too.

Help! (1)

Regardless of how often he took a shower (which was every day), I just couldn’t even handle it. I feel horrible even saying this, because there was nothing he was doing wrong. Forrest is the epitome of good hygiene. But I had a hard time being very close to him.

This fortunately subsided later on in the pregnancy, but it was a rough few months. Forrest was so sweet, and it made me feel bad that I felt like vomiting when he got too close.

With Oliver, it wasn’t Forrest’s scent that I was so grossed out by – it was Jack’s. It was so sad and weird! Forrest suggested that it all just had to do with Jack. ha!

I was relieved when I found out I wasn’t the only person this happened to. My sister-in-law, Charbel, told me the same thing happened to her. A quick Google search reveals plenty of pregnancy message boards of women lamenting on the same fact. One lady even said her husband had to go live with his parents because it was so bad. Sad!

It actually made me laugh as I read through some of the message boards I was looking at tonight. It also made me feel relieved to know I was totally normal (and I think it makes Forrest feel better to know this, too.)

So why do so many of us have husbands who suddenly have an unsightly stench when we become pregnant?

In my 20 minutes of researching, there wasn’t really an answer. There were a few suggestions.

Someone said that when you are pregnant, you can’t stand the smell of things that aren’t good for your baby. So they suggested that perhaps your spouse wasn’t good for the baby.

Not so sure about that one.

What I think? Hormones. They do crazy things to you, and I think it’s the only logical (even though it’s not that logical) answer.

Let’s just blame it on the hormones. Unless someone tells me otherwise 😉

So if you came here searching “husband smells bad during pregnancy”, unfortunately, you won’t find a solution here.

Just know that you aren’t alone – and you can assure your husband that it’s not just him. Many men before him have gone through the same thing.

And take heed – even if your husband smells bad throughout your entire pregnancy, as soon as that baby born, you should be able to snuggle him without gagging right away!



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