Throughout the course, she shares her knowledge and expertise in a down to earth manner that is relatable- but at the same time she is blunt and tells it like it is.

There’s no such thing as an embarrassing topic to touch on, and I appreciate how real she is and how she is explains everything in a way that is easy to understand.

Because of her profession, she has a lot of experience regarding labor, delivery, medications- basically anything to do with pregnancy and delivering your baby.

The information you’ll find in this course is far better than any in-person class I have attended. Because you have purchased this course it is yours to go back and re-read or watch if you need to.

Everything is in writing and in fun video clips so you don’t have to worry about taking notes, either. Because who has time for that when you’re growing a human?

Did I mention this course is actually fun? Yes! Be sure to tell your husband! You really feel like you are talking with one of your best friends when it comes to this course because of how open and friendly Hillary is.

You might even forget you are watching through your screen as you watch more of the videos and feel like you are actually friends with Hillary. She has a calm demeanor that makes it easy to listen to and watch.

Each lesson is thoughtfully planned out and written in an easy to read format. She makes it fun to read and it feels like she is chatting with you- not spewing out information in a text book format- which we all know can be super boring!

You can choose to scroll down and catch the bold topic headers for questions you may have. Although, I do recommend reading everything because the information is that good and includes topics everyone should at least be aware of. You may even find out something you weren’t expecting or that you thought you knew- but clearly didn’t have all the information on.

Researched, Informative and Interactive

At the end of every section, she includes additional reading material that could be helpful and provides links for easy access.

There are also chapter couple discussion questions for you and your partner to read together at the end of each lesson.

They include several questions you may not have thought about before- but are still important to discuss together. It is a great way to review what you’ve just read or learned through that chapter and to put a  plan in place for different scenarios. These questions get you thinking and talking to your partner and can help start an open dialogue to make sure you’re both on the same page.

You can easily ask a question at the end of each chapter that posts in an open forum for everyone to read and see. Hillary responds back and answers questions and responds to comments as well.

So even though you aren’t having a live session where you can ask a question right then and there, you do have the option of still asking that question and just waiting for her to reply.

I also love how other readers comments show up in case they ask something you were wondering, too!


Fortunately, there aren’t a ton of cons to this class. In fact, I really had to rack my brain to find them. I’m not sure I would even consider most of these *that* bad, but I think it’s important to share a few things to consider:

As you can see the pros far outweigh any “cons” when it comes to this course. You really can’t go wrong if you are planning to have a hospital birth

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