First Pregnancy versus Second Pregnancy

All pregnancies are different – even multiple pregnancies from the same woman.

For me, my two pregnancies definitely had their similarities, but there were some stark differences as well. As I talk to other women, it’s so interesting to hear about their experiences with different pregnancies.

I thought it would be fun to do a little comparison of my pregnancies. It’s kind of interesting to really think about them both and how they were similar and different. I’d love to hear in the comments how your pregnancies compared!

Pregnancy #1 (1)

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Finding Out

With both my boys, I had a feeling I was pregnant before I even took the test. With Oliver, I had so many early pregnancy symptoms. We picked up a pregnancy test at Walgreens, and I took it the next morning. I was tempted to take it right away (apparently half of women who buy a pregnancy test take it immediately after buying), but I heard that the hCG is more concentrated in the morning, so I decided to wait.

The test came back positive literally seconds after I used it. I was a little nervous, but mainly, I was really excited. You know, except that I was already feeling so sick!

With Jack, I really didn’t think I was pregnant. I didn’t want to be pregnant, and I didn’t really have much reason to believe I was. So, it was a bit more shocking. I took the pregnancy test, and it showed up positive right away. To say I was in shock is a bit of understatement. Forrest has a video of me talking about it, and I was just totally in shock. We went up to see family later that day, and everyone thought I was being so weird/standoffish. It was actually because I was trying not to burst into tears!

Recently, e.p.t®, the makers of the original home pregnancy test, celebrated their 40th anniversary by diving into the emotions women felt when they found out what they were having. They surveyed around 600 women ages 22-60. Almost 45% of them said the pregnancy was unexpected – so if you are like me and didn’t entirely expect your pregnancy, at least we know we are in good company!

Everyone’s #MomentOfTruth is different – I’d love to hear how you felt when you first found out. I loved this video that shows how different women feel during that crucial moment!

Telling People

The only people who knew I was pregnant with Jack until about eleven weeks were Forrest, the doctor, and a random hair dresser at a beauty school I got my hair cut at. I was so scared to tell anyone (which I now realize was totally irrational.) I was still in school, a newlywed, and just not sure if I was ready to be a mom. We told our family members at eleven weeks with a little video of the ultrasound with the song “What a Wonderful World” playing in the background. We announced it a few weeks later to friends.

I wasn’t sure when I wanted to tell people about being pregnant with Oliver. However, I was super sick from about the moment I found out. We were living near more family that we saw on a regular basis, so I knew I couldn’t hide it for very long. We announced it with a photo through email to family around eight weeks, and then to everyone else around twelve weeks or so (and I’m not sure why we used a picture where Forrest looked so scary. haha.)



I had a lot of the same symptoms. I was very sick with both of my pregnancies. With Jack, the morning sickness didn’t start until around eight weeks. With Oliver, it was around four weeks – right when I found out. I was pretty miserable for most of both of the pregnancies. Morning sickness does not subside after the first trimester with me!

I also had really bad heartburn, which apparently is why I have babies born with a full head of hair. I refused to take any medication when I was pregnant with Jack, but even after he was born, I had horrible heartburn so I took Zantac. My doctor gave me the go-ahead to continue that throughout my pregnancy with Oliver, so I did, and it helped a lot. I used a wedge to sleep on as well, which helped at night.

Beyond that, I was just exhausted! I’m someone who will often stay up until midnight or later, and with Oliver, I couldn’t keep my eyes open past nine until the third trimester. I was pretty exhausted with Jack, too, but because I was working outside the home and in school, I didn’t have much of an option.



I struggled with depression while pregnant with Jack. It was very hard, and I felt very scared and alone. Even though I had a great support system, my irrational thoughts made me feel that I shouldn’t talk to anyone about it. Forrest was a rock through it all, though I know he felt helpless at times.

It took me quite awhile to decide that I was ready to have another baby. Part of that was because I was absolutely terrified that I would relapse into that depression again. And this time, I had Jack to care for and worry about. I wasn’t sure how I would do that if I went through what I did with first pregnancy.

Fortunately, beyond some expected mood swings and emotions, I didn’t experience the depression I had with my first pregnancy. That was the biggest relief to me – even though we went through a few difficult things with my pregnancy with Oliver, I didn’t have the dark cloud of depression looming over me. It was certainly a blessing.

Gender Reveal

We found out that Jack was a boy around 16 weeks. I was participating in a study, and one of the perks were a few extra ultrasounds. All of my sisters were having girls, so I thought maybe I was, too. However, as soon as they pulled up the screen, I could tell he was a boy right away. I was smitten right away. We sent a picture of a “It’s a Boy!” balloon to some of our family, and then we had some family members eat a cake pop with blue on the inside.

I had a feeling that Oliver was a boy, but during his 20 week anatomy scan, I really thought he was a girl. The ultrasound tech didn’t say until the last five seconds of the ultrasound that he was a boy, and I couldn’t tell! I’ll admit I was a little sad for about an hour (during the 10 minutes I thought he was a girl, I got a little bit excited), but then I couldn’t wait. I loved the idea of having a little brother for Jack, and I am not sure what I would do with another boy! We announced it with these shirts.

{{Be sure to check out all these creative gender reveal ideas}}


I didn’t really have any issues with my first pregnancy except for the depression. Jack grew just like he was supposed to, and he arrived at 39 weeks, 4 days.

With Oliver, we had a couple curve balls toward the end. We found out that he was breech at about 37 weeks, and then we found out he was IUGR the next week (which our doctors should have caught earlier.) Everything turned out okay, but

Cravings and Aversions

I didn’t have much an appetite during both my pregnancies. During the first trimester with Jack, all I wanted to eat was pasta. But then after that ended, I wanted nothing to do with pasta. I couldn’t even handle being the kitchen until about 20 weeks with both of our boys.

Both pregnancies brought on a huge craving for cutie clementines. Don’t ask me why, but they always sounded so good.

Doctor and Doctor’s Appointment 

With Jack, I think I had my first doctor’s appointment at around 8 weeks. I searched high and low for a doctor I felt good about, and I loved him. He was an older doctor with a no-nonsense personality, but he was actually what I needed. I had a lot of irrational fears, and he really helped put me at ease. At my first appointment, though, I remember crying and crying to the nurse. She was so sweet. I just felt so alone!

With Oliver, I went in at six weeks because I had a fever. Everything seemed to be okay, but we got to have an early sneak peak at Oliver. They didn’t think that they would be able to get his heartbeat that early, but it was beating loud and clear. Let me tell you – even though my pregnancy test came back positive, it was such a relief to be able to hear his heart beating and confirm that he was growing.

I made my first appointment with my doctors the day after I found out I was pregnant – I wanted to get in as soon as possible! In the same study I mentioned earlier, 2/3 of women wait up to eight weeks to make that first appointment. Not me – I worry so much – seeing the doctor as soon as possible was essential!

Weight Gain and Baby Bump

With both of my pregnancies, I initially lost weight due to a lot of morning sickness and lack of appetite. I didn’t start gaining weight back until about 30 weeks with both of my boys.

With Jack, I probably gained a net total of about 10 pounds. With Oliver, five pounds.

I started showing a little bit after 20 weeks with both of my boys. I’m not someone that really pops out early (or for a long time at all.) I had people wondering at 30 weeks with both of my boys whether or not I was actually pregnant. The picture at the beginning of this post is me at 37 weeks with both of my pregnancies – my bump looks about the same.


I felt flutters with Jack around 20 weeks, and then I felt him moving constantly. Forrest and I were totally fascinating with seeing him make huge waves across my belly, feeling and seeing his huge hiccups that would wake me up in the night, etc. During the hardest times, feeling him move would always make me feel better.

With Oliver, I could hardly believe it when I felt him start to move around 16 weeks. People say you can’t, but I definitely did. By about 21-22 weeks, I could visibly see him moving. He was rolling all over the place, and I felt like he was constantly moving.

However, around 25-26 weeks, it all pretty much stopped. I could hardly ever feel him moving. We did a non-stress test at the doctor’s office that he passed, but I just never really felt him. I believe that it was about that time that my placenta started to have issues and his growth slowed. It’s also when my morning sickness seemed to suddenly get better. Looking back, I wish I had pushed for them to look into it a little bit more about why I couldn’t feel him (we didn’t find out about his IUGR until 38 weeks.)


Both of my deliveries went pretty well. You can read Oliver’s entire birth story here. I was in a lot more pain with Oliver. I got my epidural with Jack at around a 3 when the contractions were uncomfortable but not unbearable, so I never felt the really intense contractions with him. Oliver was a different story. They sent me home from the hospital, but as soon as I got home, the contractions started getting really bad. By the time I got to the hospital, I felt like I was dying. I was at a seven, so I was definitely further along. Let’s just say the epidural couldn’t have come faster.

I pushed three times with Jack, and about 30 minutes with Oliver. I didn’t feel anything with Jack and just some uncomfortable pressure with Oliver. We found out that my placenta was starting to abrupt (with Oliver), which may have caused more intense contractions. Both were beautiful, and the memories are forever etched in my mind 🙂

I would love to hear the similarities and differences in your pregnancies – was it very different if you had a baby of a different sex? Did you know you were pregnant right away or did it take awhile? When did you first go to the doctor? Be sure to chime in below! Check out this fun infographic from the study I’ve mentioned a few times throughout this post – it’s fun to see how others reacted to their pregnancies!


Pregnancy #1 (2)

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  • When I firstly had a pregnancy, I felt pain and soreness in by breasts after an intercourse a few days. The best way to know the result is to use the pregnancy test in the morning after you have missed a period 14 days!
  • I love this! I felt like both of my pregnancies were super different. From how we got pregnant, to how we found out, to how we shared the news, and then how my body responded, and even to how I responded to being induced both times. It's crazy how different pregnancy can be even within the same person!!
    • That is crazy! I wonder if/when you have another baby, if it will be totally different from either, or more similar. I was really hoping I would skip the morning sickness with Oliver. No such luck :)
  • I'm definitely going to have to write a post about this when I have my 2nd baby next week. We think she is a girl too. This one was breech too at 36 weeks and then a specialist doctor was able to flip her, as all my upside down hanging wasn't working. Really hoping to have a natural birth this time after a C-section with my first. My main craving has been bocconcini cheese balls, we have so many empty containers in our container drawer!
    • I'd love to read that post when you are done! They tried turning Oliver unsuccessfully, but the doctor said, "I think you'll come back next week, and he will be head down." And he was, thankfully! I hope you can avoid a C-section and have that natural birth you want :) I've never heard of the bocconcini cheese balls!

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