Why You Should Put That Swim Suit on In Front Of Your Kids

One of the things children will remember the most about their childhood are the times their parents played with them.

Whether it’s getting down on the ground for a game of Chutes and Ladders, running around the backyard blowing bubbles or playing together at the pool.

Those are the magical moments that make up childhood.

But I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I don’t do those things. I’ll watch them play a game from the couch, sit on the porch swing while they blow bubbles or more often than I’d like to admit- not be in my swimming suit in the pool with them.

I’ve often been one of those moms who wears a tank top and shorts but conveniently doesn’t wear a swim suit. And the reason is not one I’m very proud to admit.

I let my own insecurities stop me from enjoying those  moments with my girls.

Too many times to count I have sent our young girls  to the hotel pool with their dad while I stayed back. And the reason was because I didn’t want to get into my swim suit.

Maybe I had just eaten a big meal and felt bloated, or I was having  one of those days where everything about my body was bothering me and that little voice in my head  was telling me “you look fat” or “you’re just not good enough.”

Maybe you’ve had moments like that too.

And maybe you’ve pushed through them, thrown on your swimming suit, grabbed  a towel and gotten in the pool anyway. And if you have, I admire you! You are the mom I look up to and want to be more like.

I recently had an ah-ha moment that will stick with me forever.

A friend in our  neighborhood hosted an “End Of the School Year” party complete with a water slide bounce house.

All the kids were running rampant in their bathing suits, eating Popsicles and having the time of their lives.

I had no intentions of getting in the water, and was content to watch from the sidelines. But then I noticed one of my friends.

She was in her swim suit, laughing and playing with her two kids.

She glowed.

If she had insecurities I would never know. She was laughing and smiling and embracing every second of that moment with her children.

And I envied her.

I wish I wasn’t worried about how I looked and could just get wet, and go down water slide with my kids. They would have loved that!

And looking back on that moment- they wouldn’t be thinking that they wished their mom was five pounds thinner.

Or  that she didn’t have cellulite on her legs.

They would have looked back and remembered how fun it was to have their  mom splashing and playing.

They would have remembered the sheer joy of going down the water slide on their mom’s lap.

Eventually, a few other moms went and got in their swim clothes, too. And they also glowed and had a blast with their children.

That day I could have chosen to run home and gotten in my bathing suit, but I didn’t.

And I regret it

So  I made the decision right then and there that I would never let my own insecurities stop me from jumping in the pool with my kids again.

Life is too short, too precious and too beautiful to not embrace those moments where you can make memories with your family.

If there is ever a time to show your children to have confidence it’s when you get in a swim suit- no matter what you look or feel like- and play with them.

That is the lesson I learned and something I’m striving to achieve. Even if it means you  “fake it ’till you make it”.

Push through those degrading thoughts of yourself, rock your body no matter what, and make those  memories with your kids! That is what they’ll remember. Not whether you had flabby arms or too skinny of legs.

That’s what I told myself a few weeks later when I took my girls to the pool. For the first time in forever I actually got in the water and played with them! To see their giggles and excitement as I floated around in an inner tube was priceless for me.

I would never want my daughters to be embarrassed about their bodies or feel insecure about wearing a swim suit and I know it’s up to me to show them how empowering it can be.

I’ll be forever grateful to that friend who led the way that one warm day in May.

Who showed me by example that the rewards of  making those memories with your kids far outweighs any insecurities I might have about myself.

I hate that I have them- and I’m working on that, but I know I’m not alone which is why I wanted to share this story.

I was recently introduced to the amazing Doliray swim suit company who designs the most amazing, comfortable and flattering swim rompers.

You can purchase their perfectly made bikini with high waist bottoms along with  a fun, and practical (it has pockets people!) romper to go with it.

When I wear this suit combo I feel confidant and comfortable.  I’m not worried about anything except having fun with my kids. It makes me feel good.

When I first saw this company I just knew I had to have one and I’m so grateful that this cute romper was designed with women- of all shapes and sizes in mind.

Right now from July 3-5th 2017 you can receive 15% off your purchase of a Doliray product by using the code “cc15” at checkout. I promise you- this will be your new favorite swim suit!

Whether you wear the bikini combo and rock it- or choose to wear the romper- you will feel so ready to play in the pool without stressing so much about your insecurities.

And those are the moments your kids will never forget.


I was sent this product from Doliray to review, but all opinions are my own.


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