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 Mother’s Day.

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There are so many emotions that fill this day for so many.

For some it is sadness, regret, anger, guilt, and feelings of inadequacy and longing.

I know how blessed I am to have two daughters of my own. They did not come to us easily, but they were worth the struggle.


Despite that, I am not the most patient, even tempered, or even the  “nicest” mommy out there. I yell, I cry, I lose my temper, I slam doors, I threaten,  I look at my phone too often, I do all the things I am pretty sure most moms do, too.

But through it all I hope to give myself some credit and realize that those moments do not define me as a mother.

I kiss boo-boos, I snuggle, I have dance parties, I listen, I love, I make lunches,  I teach, I giggle, I worry, I pray for them.

Every night I pray for forgiveness for my shortcomings as their mother. But every morning I wake up with a hope that I do better, that I learn something new.

I pray that I never forget what a blessing they are and that I can learn to be enough.

There is more to being a mommy than the pretty pictures of my kids playing, the happy smiling faces I may post on social media.

We all have our stories, our sad times, our trials, the things in our life that make us feel less than adequate as a mother.

Of course there is always a story behind each picture.

Sometimes I post pictures where right before I snapped it I was yelling at them to “smile, stand up, stop making that weird face!” or I take a happy looking picture when earlier that day we all had melt downs, or I was curled up on my bed crying for one reason or another.

But the sad and hard times go hand in hand with the good and happy moments. It’s a gift we are given to be able to get up each day, and to carry on every minute even when it is hard.

So what is motherhood?

The definition might look different for everyone. Some may be a mother to many, and some a mother to few. Some may not ever have children of their own, and some may mourn the children they once had.

Motherhood is somewhat unpredictable,  it’s a little crazy, never knowing what is going to come next, and being able to handle it all with the ability to still smile.

Motherhood is sleepless nights, crying newborns, and barely being able to function.

Motherhood is giving hugs and kisses.

Motherhood is witnessing the “firsts” of everything.

Motherhood is playing peek-a-boo, and singing songs. It’s playing tea party and trains and dancing around in circles.

Motherhood is kissing “boo-boos”, teaching manners, setting boundaries and learning that it is okay to say “no” and not always giving in to what your child wants.

Motherhood is arguing with a three year old,  deciding punishments, breaking up fights, setting an example of how we share, take turns and be a good friend.

It’s pushing them on the swings over and over and over again.

Motherhood is sleep training, potty training, and helping them to sleep in a toddler bed all on their own. It’s learning to tie shoe laces, and helping with homework.

Motherhood is being the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus.

Motherhood is teaching, and reading, and showing.

Motherhood is sometimes watching movies or shows all day long because you’re so exhausted from day to day life.

It’s feeding your kids chicken nuggets, mac and cheese and rarely throwing a veggie on their plate.

Motherhood is crying on your bedroom floor because you’re feeling lonely, sad, inadequate, frustrated, helpless and guilty.

Motherhood is laughing, giggling, taking pictures, feeling proud.

Motherhood is hard.

Motherhood is taking your kids to the park even when you don’t feel like it

Motherhood is not taking your kids to the park because you don’t feel like it.

Motherhood is only being as happy as your saddest child.

Motherhood is going on mommy-daughter dates, going to get ice cream or eating a Popsicle on the front porch.

Motherhood is hiding in the bathroom just to get a moment to yourself.

Motherhood is letting your kids pick a “prize” out of the dollar bin at Target each time you go {when they’re well-behaved}. Not because they need anything, but because you want to show them you love them, you want them to always remember that you took the time to do something kind for them.

Motherhood is feeling worried, anxious and praying for your children’s safety daily.

Motherhood is hurting when they hurt, and feeling joy when they feel joy.

Motherhood is driving the carpool, having play dates, keeping house, paying bills.

Motherhood is supporting, encouraging and being the most enthusiastic cheerleader.

Motherhood is teaching your children to follow their dreams.

Motherhood is holding back, biting your tongue, crossing your fingers and letting them make their own decisions  and sometimes their ow mistakes. It’s hoping you’ve taught them well enough that they make good choices, that they love others and that they are wonderful human beings.

Motherhood is learning from your own mother, and becoming more like her every day.

Motherhood is so many things. Motherhood comes in many different packages. It comes in different ways. There are many ways to be a mother.

Motherhood is not only being someone’s mom.

Motherhood is caring for nieces, nephews, and neighbors as if they were your own.

Motherhood is a righteous desire, it is good and beautiful.

Motherhood is knowing you would do all of these things if given the opportunity- and knowing you would do them- qualifies you as being a mother, too.

For those who are waiting for their babies, or who have never had children of their own, they can experience motherhood through being a teacher, a friend, a helper, a neighbor,someone who interacts with those they love.

Motherhood might feel empty.

It’s having to be strong, and resilient.

Motherhood is all these things. And more.

No matter what your definition of  motherhood looks like, know that you matter and that you are not alone.
Whether you have small children, older children,  or no child to call your own- you can appreciate the heartfelt and inspirational message from Lzzy Hale and her band Halestorm’s (Halestorm is a GRAMMY® Award-winning hard rock band) new video for “Dear Daughter” this Mother’s Day.
It is a song  inspired by the support lead singer ‪Lzzy Hale received from her parents when she and younger brother Arejay decided to start a rock band as kids and their parents’ encouragement to pursue their dreams- which what motherhood is all about- helping our children see the very best in themselves.  Which is why the song “Dear Daughter is so amazing and I love how Lizzy Hale is such a huge inspiration to girls of all ages who have big dreams.

When I hear this song my heart swells.

You can feel the love in the lyrics and the music. It helps me want to do even better each day as a mother. It reminds me what a responsibility I have to do right by my girls. It makes me want to protect my daughters from pain, sadness and disappointment.  I know as long as I do everything I can each day- even if sometimes it’s not my best- I need to show my girls I love them.

And love is what motherhood is all about.

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