World Play-Doh Day Celebration!

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Who doesn’t have a memory of using Play-Doh? I remember loving it so much when I was growing up. There were just so many different things you could create with it.

Until recently, Jack hasn’t really shown any interest in it. However, he recently played with a bunch at a church activity, and ever since, he has been begging me to get some. It was perfect timing, because I was just told we were going to get sent a nice, big package of assorted Play-Doh colors to help celebrate World Play-Doh Day. When I told Jack that, he asked me multiple times a day until it arrived when it was coming!

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He carefully played with all the different colors (after I warned him not to mix them!), and it kept him occupied forever. I love seeing his little imagination at work.

As I mentioned, World Play-Doh Day is coming up. Hasbro is celebrating it on September 16th, and it’s a day that encourages children to open a can of Play-Doh and make anything their minds can come up with. Hasbro is encouraging everyone to show their national pride by making a sculpt of some  kind of favorite landmark, cultural icon, or patriotic symbol and share it on Facebook for the World Play Doh Day parade!

Jack and Forrest had fun trying to come up with something for the parade. Since they both love sports, they thought it was fitting to make something that represented America’s past-time – baseball!

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Although Forrest’s very favorite sport is soccer, he enjoyed playing baseball growing up, and he had fun being Jack’s coach earlier this summer for his first season of t-ball.

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I was rather impressed with the detail they put into this sculpt – they are both more creative than me! We can’t wait to share it on World Play-Doh Day! Be sure to submit a picture of your sculpt to the Play-Doh Facebook page wall between now and September 14th for a chance for it to be featured in the parade. They cannot feature brand names, characters, or pop-culture icons, and they must be kid-friendly! If you share them anywhere else (Twitter or Instagram, perhaps), we’d love to see them as well. Tag us on Instagram (Katie_Clarkscondensed) and Twitter (clarkscondensed) so we can see your awesome sculpts!


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