101 Easy Summer Activities for Kids

101 Easy Summer Activities for Kids

101 Easy Summer Activities for Kids / Summer Bucketlist / Summer Printables / Activities for Kids / Kid Activities / Summer Ideas

This is our last summer before Jack starts school (give me a moment while I bawl my eyes out).

So I’m still used to helping him find things to do throughout the day – and he’s pretty good at using his imagination on his own as well.

However, I know that many parents are starting to look for simple summer activities for kids now that school is getting out.

I put together this list of 100 fun activities for kids – most of them are pretty simple and require little to no cost (though a few of them might be more of a splurge).

I’ve also put together a printable version of this list, which you can signup for below. You’ll also get a fill-in-the-blank “Summer Bucketlist” to help you make your family’s list of must-do activities. When you signup, you’ll also receive several other printables from other bloggers, which I will talk about more at the end of this!

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  1. Blow Bubbles
  2. Age Appropriate Puzzle
  3. Make chalk art – with chalk or the newly popular chalk paint (totally washes over the driveway perfectly!)
  4. Attempt to break a world record
  5. Make pottery – at home with a pottery kit or at a place like Color Me Mine
  6. Go on a walk
  7. Play night games
  8. Paint a self-portrait
  9. Movie night with popcorn
  10. Camp in the backyard
  11. Family bike ride
  12. Start a YouTube Channel
  13. Make cookies – we have lots of easy cookie recipes to choose from.
  14. Have a lemonade stand – make sure to use our best lemonade stand lemonade!
  15. Go on a picnic – make sure you bring a waterproof picnic blanket!
  16. Go to a splash pad
  17. Go to the zoo – we love the Denver Zoo!
  18. Attend a free museum day
  19. Play frisbee  (or pick up Disc Golf – our family’s favorite)
  20. Family room sleepover
  21. Go camping – make sure you take one of our popular dutch oven recipes with you.
  22. Join a summer reading program – many libaries and book stores do this
  23. Make play dough – this play dough recipe is SO easy.
  24. Go on a bug hunt
  25. Dollar Tree Shopping Spree – $3 limit
  26. Go to garage sales – give each child a bunch of quarters to use.
  27. Run through the sprinklers
  28. Go to the pool
  29. Feed the ducks
  30. Make donuts – a donut pan is a must-have for this!
  31. Have a dollar dinner – give each child a dollar (or two) to buy something from the store for dinner. Anything goes! Then eat everything together.
  32. Have a garage sale – here are our best yard sale tips.
  33. Go bowling – the Kid’s Bowl Free summer bowling program is an amazing deal.
  34. Make snow cones – I’d love to get a snow cone maker someday!
  35. Play board games – here are some great board games for families and some fun preschooler-friendly board games.
  36. Go on a hike – make sure you read our best tips for hiking with children!
  37. Make cupcakes (cupcake wars!)
  38. Make cookies for neighbors
  39. Skype with grandparents – or download Marco Polo (or favorite app)
  40. Play at the park
  41. Make homemade bubbles
  42. Do Mad Libs
  43. Go on a long drive and play road trip games
  44. Make a sand castle
  45. Make wooden cars from craft kits and race them
  46. Make sail boats
  47. Act out skits
  48. Star Gaze
  49. Make a time capsule
  50. Write letters to family members
  51. Make pizza together as a family – our easy pizza dough recipe is always a hit!
  52. Build LEGO towers
  53. Make homemade ice cream – gotta love a good ice cream maker!
  54. Rent a Redbox and make popcorn
  55. Go to sand dunes and sled on them
  56. Go on a nature hunt
  57. Fly Kites
  58. Make paper airplanes – here are some really fun ones to make.
  59. Tie fleece blankets to donate
  60. Make shrinky dink crafts
  61. Do a crossword puzzle
  62. Read a book together as a family – these are all great books for kids
  63. Wade in a river
  64. Go on a train ride
  65. Do a science experiment
  66. Go to a musical or play
  67. Go on a picture scavenger hunt – give each child a list of different things they need to take a picture of, a disposable camera, and then have fun seeing what they came up with. This may require adult supervision/driving. We used to do this at malls for birthday parties when I was younger.
  68. Have a water balloon fight – these water balloons are AMAZING!
  69. Build an indoor tent/fort – we love our Teepee Joy!
  70. Make caramel popcorn
  71. Go to some kind of sporting event
  72. Make s’mores
  73. Go to a trampoline park
  74. Play rock, paper, scissors
  75. Go to a pet rescue center and play with the animals
  76. Go to a beach or lake
  77. Write a story
  78. Play I-Spy (Jack’s favorite game!)
  79. Go on a tour (many towns have free tours at different venues)
  80. Clean your room
  81. Have a magic show – a magic kit will keep them busy for hours!
  82. Make a carnival in your backyard
  83. Go to a Farmer’s Market
  84. Plant a garden – here are a few things we learned about gardening our first year
  85. Play with glow sticks
  86. Go berry picking
  87. Make banana bread
  88. Make popsicles
  89. Make a track and have Hot Wheels races
  90. Swing on swings
  91. Have a dance party – or play Just Dance
  92. Have a water gun fight
  93. Make banana splits
  94. Wash the car
  95. Go to a parade
  96. Go Mini Golfing
  97. Go fishing – these are some great kid’s fishing kits
  98. Play in the rain
  99. Color – with a coloring book, color wonder, or even on an app
  100. Sing songs around a campfire
  101. Listen to an audiobook – here are the best audiobooks for kids of all ages

What are your favorite summer activities?

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