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Each morning, I look at myself in the our full-length mirror, and Jack always comes over and does the same. While I don’t usually say anything out loud, I often think something like, “My face is so splotchy and round!” or “I really look horrible in this outfit.”

However, when Jack looks in the mirror, the first thing he says is, “Mommy, I’m so handsome!”

Most days I just laugh and say, “You sure are!” but the other day, it really struck me how different our perspectives are when we look in the mirror. This was one of those unscripted moments where I realized how I hope Jack always has a positive body image, and how I need to be more like him. No, I don’t have the “perfect” body (whatever that means), and I have more blemishes and wrinkles on my face than I really love. But how much of a difference would it make if I saw myself the way my son sees himself…or even how he sees me? He is always telling me how beautiful I am, and even if he may not know completely what that means, I know he thinks it.

I posted on Instagram this photo last week – it’s of some of the “selfies” Jack insists we take together. I rarely show them, because, well, I don’t love how I look! However, I realize that these moments are the moments that make up our lives right now, and the memories Jack is making. I don’t want him to think that these moments aren’t important to me – because, to be honest, they mean the world to me! Way more to me than the picture perfect moments that are so often shared on social media.

My goal is to live for more of the unscripted moments – those times where I can see the world through my child’s eyes, rather than my own…because his view is much purer than mine. Those are the moments to live for. A study from AVEENO recently found that most parents find that the the unscripted moments are far more beautiful than those that are perfectly planned, and I totally agree. This time with my sweet boy is going by too fast – it’s not worth it to worry about the things I can’t control! It’s more important to me for Jack to grow up having a mom who he knows love him unconditionally and went with the flow of things.

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What is unscripted beauty? It’s authentic, unexpected, and family oriented. It’s taken the punches as their thrown, and living life without reservations. Be sure to share your unscripted beauty moments with the world on social media and use the hashtags #unscriptedbeauty and #AVEENO. I think we need more moments like that shared! If you share these moments with those hashtags on Instagram, you could have a chance to win a photoshoot with a professional photographer!


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  • On Memorial Day, we went to the pool with all of the Greene family in the area. We had been swimming for awhile when my niece went up to her dad and told him that she needed to pee. He double checked if she needed to poop or if she just needed to pee and she told him that she just needed to pee. So he told her to just go in the pool. She then proceeded to swim to the side, get out of the pool, stand on the edge that has about an inch of water, and pee into the pool. We were all cracking up laughing, but once she started, there was no stopping her! It's a story that will be told for years to come! haha

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