The Best 11 Board Games for Groups

These are 11 of the BEST family friendly games for groups! I love playing these, and I think you will, too.

These are 11 of the BEST family friendly games for groups! I love playing these, and I think you will, too.

These are 11 of the BEST family friendly games for groups! I love playing these, and I think you will, too.

I LOVE playing games.

I grew up playing games with my family, and I continue to do so today. I know some people may think games are frivolous time wasters, but I think that they are such a fun way to socialize and hang out with other people.

I’m also a rather competitive person, so that might have something to do with it, too.

We’ve been building up our game collection over the years, and I think we’ve gathered quite a few fun games. Whenever we go to family get-togethers, people ask us to bring games because they know we have a great selection.

A lot of our games are good for small groups of people (so, less than 4 or 5). However, we often will get together with a lot of our family – which amounts to a lot more than four people! Fortunately, we have games that accommodate that many people, and they are way fun!

I always love this time of year because you can get games for way cheap. I know that Toys R Us was having a $5 game sale, and Amazon has been doing a buy one, get two free deal recently as well. Walmart always has games on sale as well. I often get games at thrift stores as well – as long as they have all the pieces, they can be a really good deal!

Since Christmas is coming up, and there are always lots of large group get togethers, I thought I would share a few of our favorite board games for large groups. These are some of our tried and true favorites that all ages seem to enjoy.

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Spot It

My sister bought us this game last year, and admittedly, we just recently played it for the first time. I didn’t really understand it at first, which is probably why I didn’t play it for so long. However, we opened it up recently, and it was SO fun! It’s a great game for younger kids and adults, and it’s pretty simple. They have several different versions of it (we just have the original), but it’s really enjoyable.


We are big Scrabble fans, but you can’t really play it with very many people. So, Bananagrams is a great alternative. If you’ve never played, everyone gets a certain amount of tiles and has to use all of their tiles to basically make a free-form Scrabble board. You can really have a lot of people playing at once, and it’s easy to transport around.

Jungle Speed

My brother and sister-in-law introduced us to this game a few years ago, and I love it. I’m a big fan of games that require speed and reflexes. This is definitely one of those games!


This is one of my all-time favorite games. I played at all the time when I was younger, and it was one of the first games I purchased. It says it’s for 2-4 teams on the box, but I’ve never played with teams. We’ve had over 10 people playing at once. If you like word games, this is a great one. We always crack up when we play it!


My parents were introduced to this game several years ago, and it quickly became a family favorite. I have fond memories of my entire family sitting around the table playing it, and we play it quite often still. Jack even enjoys playing it and understands the basic premise of it. While you really just need a piece of a paper to record the score and one set of dice, I bought my dad the party version earlier this year, and it’s been fun. It comes with six cups and dice sets. When we play with more than six people, we just share the dice amongst us!

Pie Face

I haven’t had the chance to play this yet, but I’ve been told it is absolutely hilarious and fun for all ages. I’ve watched a few videos of it, and it looks like a hoot. I actually just ordered Wet Head when it was on sale for five dollars – it’s a similar style of game. I can’t wait to play it!


This is a classic, simple game that I think most people enjoy. There are a lot of variations of it nowadays, such as Uno Attack,  but the classic version is always fun.

Catch Phrase

I haven’t played this game in awhile, but it’s one I hope to get some time soon. This game holds a special memory for me, as it’s one of the last games I remember playing with my grandma before her Alzheimers got really bad. It’s a fast-paced game with really no limit on the number of people who can play. My parents have the electronic version, which I like the best.

Apples to Apples

To be honest, this isn’t my favorite game, but it is fun when you are with a group of people. I know this is a favorite of many, many people.  It’s just a silly game that’s really random! We’ve had some good laughs playing this game.

Reverse Charades

I actually wrote an article about this game while I was in college, as it was developed by some BYU Alumni. It’s great for groups and all ages. Instead of one person acting out a charade, all the members of the team (except one) act it out and another member tries to guess what they are doing.

Mad Gab

This game is absolutely hilarious! I have a lot of fun memories playing this game at Christmas. It can be a frustrating game at times, but it’s really fun nonetheless.

Wits and Wagers

I’m not very good at this game, but it’s still a lot of fun. I’ve played a couple of different versions of it, but I enjoy the family edition the most. There are only enough pieces for maybe five people, but you can easily just use extra pieces of paper and other knick knacks around the house to make this suitable for more people.

Those are just a few of my favorite group games! Which ones are your favorite?



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