Make Your Own Baby Book: DIY Baby Book

It doesn’t have to be hard to make your own baby book! Here is a simple way to make a DIY baby book that can be customized for your child. It’s a great way to make sure it is as unique as your sweet baby. 

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When I was growing up, I always loved looking at the baby book my mom made for me.

Even though I was the youngest of five at the time, she took great care to record important milestones, stories, and even who brought what to my baby shower.

It’s something I actually still enjoy looking at from time to time, since, obviously, I don’t remember anything from that important time of my life.

I always knew that I wanted to make a baby book for my children, though I will admit there have been months I’ve gone without writing in them, but I do my best to go back and update them when I can.

Jack loves hearing all about when he was a baby, so it makes it worth the effort. Plus, I love remembering small things that I would have long forgotten had I not written them down.

Thank goodness for Intagram and my blog to remind me of certain milestones I want to remember!

Anyways, while I have a traditional baby book for the boys, I just wanted to share an idea for a DIY Baby Book – I recently made these for my boys, and I LOVE how they turned out.

I love the idea of making your own baby book using a service like Blurb. You can easily customize the book to be exactly how you want it, add personalized words, and put as many pictures as you want.

I made these books pretty simple – I had two pages for each month of their life, as well as a few other sections for other important times (such as their baby blessings).

I also put a little a little note at the beginning to each of my boys, reflecting on their birth and their first years.

Here are a few other things you could put in:

  • Birth stats
  • Firsts – when baby first rolled over, crawled, ate solid food, slept through the night, first word, etc.
  • Letter from mom and dad
  • Photos of babies first foot print
  • Photos from every month – if you do monthly pictures like I do, it makes for a fun flipbook.
  • You could put some blank lines into each month section where you can write thoughts or milestones from that month.

If you don’t want to do photos like I did, you can easily make this before baby is even born and fill it in throughout the first year – you could tape pictures in if you want.

However, what I would recommend is to start the book shortly before baby is born, and then you can update it throughout the year. Then, once the year is over, you can print it off! You can also click here to see examples of baby books others have done through Blurb.

While there are different companies can use, I would definitely use Blurb. It’s my go-to book maker. Not only is it easy to navigate and setup, but there are so many lovely printing options. You can order a swatch book before you order, just to make sure you make the best choice.

I chose to use the image wrap option for our books, because I feel like dust jackets are just asking to be torn and ripped apart. I also love how it looks. Both of these books cost around $30 each. You can check out the pricing details here for the size, paper options, etc. before you start creating your book.

They have five different sizes of books and five different tools to create your book. They have a desktop creator that you can download to your computer, or you can do it online. I prefer to use the online agent – super simple. I was also able to import a bunch of pictures from Instagram and Facebook, which made it really easy to put together these books.

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I’d love to hear how yours turns out!

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