How well do babies see?

How well do babies see?

I think one of the most common questions I hear from new parents is, “How well can my baby see?” I think we’ve all heard information about how newborns can’t hardly see anything in front of them – but when does that change?

I was recently contacted by Vision Direct to help share some information about their new interactive tool designed by an optician that shows how normal eyesight develops over the first year, so I’m thrilled to have them collaborate with us on this post. 

I know this is something I was always interested in when my children were babies and remember wondering how they saw me and the world.

Vision Direct’s Baby Sight Tool

If you were ever curious to know how your baby sees the world, you can now see things through your baby’s eyes with the tool here:

You can quickly shift from a newborn’s first view to the fully developed vision of a 12 month old child. You can input your child’s age and get an idea for your baby’s field of vision, depth perception and colour awareness.

I have included a few snapshots from the tool below:

A newborn’s vision

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A newborn sees shapes, light and movement, but only in shades of grey.


6 months

A six month old baby can move her eyes quickly to follow moving objects and is beginning to understand object permanence.

10 months

At 10 months old, a baby’s eyes will be the colour they’ll stay when she’s grown up; give or take a shade or two.

Help your baby’s vision develop!

Another great feature of this app is it provides tips to help facilitate your baby’s vision development under each month. For example, at seven to eight months playing games like peekaboo is a great way to help your baby improve her understanding of object permanence, that items still exist even when she can no longer see them.

Vision Direct is the UK’s online leading retailer for contact lenses (also shipping to the USA with no prescription required).





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