How to Clean a Wubbanub: The EASIEST Way

Wubbanubs can be a lifesaver….but they sure can get dirty! If you don’t want to have to buy a new one (or your kiddo won’t let you), here is how to clean a Wubbanub pacifier…the easiest way!

how to clean a Wubbanub

Wubbanub Cleaning

Quite a few years ago, we wrote a post about our love for Wubbanubs. I like to think we loved the Wubbanub before it became “cool” (because that’s a really important thing to claim, obviously. We are totally trending setters).

That love has just continued over the years – not only did J adore his, but I think O might love his even more.

Whenever J’s would get too dirty or the pacifier would break, we’d get him a new one, and he’d be a-okay.

Not so much with O. He is so attached to his monkey Wubbanub – it’s just about World War III when it can’t be found.

So, we’ve just learned to make due. I sew other Soothie pacifiers back on when the old one breaks or falls off, and we wash it when it gets too filthy (though I must admit, we should do it sooner than we sometimes do).

Because I’m sure I’m not the only one who has to deal with a dirty Wubbanub their child can’t part with (or just doesn’t want to spend $13-15 for a new one…they are pricey), this post is for you.

There are a few different methods for cleaning a Wubbanub, but honestly, I’m all about saving time, so I’m going to share the best and easiest way to clean a Wubbanub.

But first, here are before and after shots. I tried to keep them in the same position and lighting:

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Wubbanub Cleaning


How to clean a wubbanub pacifier

All you need is:

How to Clean Wubbanub

First, you will place the Wubbanub into the mesh laundry bag. We have tried it without a mesh bag, and the pacifier broke. This just helps to protect it a little bit more.


I recommend just doing a wash with the Wubbanub or with other baby clothes. It doesn’t have to be a very long cycle!

Place the mesh bag and Wubbanub into the washing machine.

How to clean wubbanub

We place it on a light load with warm water using the normal rinse cycle. You could do delicate if you’d like, but I didn’t find that necessary.

Put in a small amount (you definitely don’t need a whole capful!) of Dreft into your washing machine, and press go!

Dreft Baby Detergent

After the cycle is done, remove the Wubbanub and mesh bag from the washing machine. Let the Wubbanub air dry – do not put it in the dryer. Ours was completely dry after just about 30 minutes.

Wash off the Soothie pacifier thoroughly with warm water to remove any residual laundry detergent that might be on it.

And there you have it – good as new! Hopefully, this is pretty straightforward for you to make your child’s Wubbanub just a little cleaner 🙂 Next time, I’ll share my tips for put a NEW pacifier on your child’s beloved Wubbanub animal.

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  • My kids haven't been pacifier kids, but I know a lot of kids who LOVE their Wubbanubs! This is so helpful! And aren't those mesh garment bags the best!?

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