Easy DIY Baby Shadow Box

Your baby is only a newborn once – and while you can’t keep them that way, you can save some of your memories with this easy DIY Baby Shadow Box!

Baby Shadow Box

Oh, there’s nothing quite as sweet as the newborn stage.

Some days it feels like it will never end, but then when it does, you realize it passed far too quickly.

Some of my favorite memories are that of my sweet baby boys during those first few weeks. I just feel the presence of heaven so close, and I love getting to know the little one who I carried for nine months before.

As the years go on, it’s so easy to forget those precious first few moments, so I like to preserve those memories as much as possible while I can!

I had seen someone make a baby shadow box before, where they put some of their baby’s first moments. I LOVED the idea, so a while ago, I made some for my little guys. They were so easy to make, and I felt like it was a great way to preserve some of my first memories of them.

Baby Memories

My boys LOVE these, and they are always showing me all their favorite items in them and asking about when they were a baby. It’s so fun to relive those memories with them since they obviously don’t remember them.

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This is really a very easy DIY project to do, so I hope that this tutorial will spark some inspiration for you to make sure your own!


11×14″ shadow box
Glue dots
Tacky glue
Scrapbook paper
Various items from baby’s life – outfit they came home from the hospital in, hospital bracelet, hat, birth announcement, etc.


1. Take the shadow box apart.

2. Attach the scrapbook paper to the backing of the shadowbox. You can also use wrapping paper, which can be an easier option if you can’t find the right sized wrapping paper.

3. Arrange all of the items you plan to use on the paper so you can make sure they fit exactly how you want them.
4. Attach the items using tacky glue or glue dots. I used both for different items – the tacky glue was best for the paper items, such as the baby announcement. The glue dots were best for items like the hat and baby outfits – I felt like this would be less likely to ruin those items as well.
5.  I ended up just putting the Wubbanub into the shirt between the glass with no adhesion, and it’s stayed in place.

6. Put the glass back on and hang as directed!


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