30+ Adorable Newborn Halloween Costume Ideas

The Best Newborn Baby Halloween Costumes

There’s nothing sweeter than a baby dressed up in a costume for their first Halloween! Here are 30+ affordable and adorable Halloween Costumes for babies in every budget.  

Well, it doesn’t need to be said again…but I will say it. I love Halloween!

Fortunately, Jack seems to be taking after me in that Halloween fun area, because he loves it, too. We’ve had so much fun getting out decorations, coming up with costume ideas, and just having fun scaring each other.

This is Oliver’s second Halloween, and while he doesn’t totally get what’s going on, he sure loves that you get candy sometimes. He also loves some of our interactive Halloween decorations around the house.

Two of my favorite Halloweens were Jack’s first Halloween, and Oliver’s first Halloween. There’s really just something so fun about seeing a tiny little baby in a silly or adorable costume.

With Jack, we dressed up as superheroes, and he was Jack Jack from the Incredibles. It was a hit!


With Oliver, he was only a month old, and only about six pounds. I can’t even believe it when I look back at pictures. Jack had been asking for our whole family to be Jack-o-Lanterns for MONTHS, so I agreed and made us all shirts.

Obviously, dressing a baby up for Halloween is mainly just for the fun of the family…but it sure makes for great pictures. If you can make a costume, it often will be a bit more affordable. However, I know most people with babies (especially newborns!) don’t have time to do that…and fortunately, Walmart.com has some of the CUTEST newborn Halloween costumes around.

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So, I took the liberty of sorting through all their costume offerings and selecting my favorite baby Halloween costumes. Most of these are under $20, which I think is the perfect price point for a baby’s costume.

Let me know which one is your favorite!

Newborn Baby Halloween Costumes

Infant Bunting Costumes

I’ll admit, I had NO idea what bunting was until I started writing this post. However, I started to see that there were many baby bunting costumes available on Walmart.com, and I realized it is actually quite the popular style for costumes.

Basically, it’s a bag that encases your whole baby and keeps them extra warm – which is why costume bunting bags are SO popular for babies! I mean, I don’t know about you, but where I live, you never know what the weather is going to be like on Halloween. I remember Trick-or-Treating on super warm evenings, and then I remember Halloweens where we had to wear thick winter coats over our costumes.

And these bunting bag costumes are TO DIE for. Some of them are so hilarious!




Infant Tootsie Roll Bunting Costume


Infant Bumble Bee Bunting Costume


Infant Caterpillar Bunting Costume


Papoose Infant Bunting Halloween Costume


Infant Pig in a Blanket Bunting Costume


Infant Banana Bunting Costume


Infant Hot Dog Bunting Costume


Infant Lion Bunting Costume


Infant Bacon Bunting Costume


Infant Daisy Brite Bunting Costume


Infant Sweet Pea Bunting Costume (this pea in a pod one is super cute, too!)




Infant Roger the Rocket Ship Bunting Costume


Elvis Bunting Costume

Tiger Bunting Costume


Infant Animal Costumes

Is there anything cuter than a baby in an animal costume? I think not. These adorable animal costumes from Walmart.com will keep your baby warm and cozy but looking totally cute!


Lion Costume

Grey Kitten Costume


Baby Tiger Costume


Baby Monkey Costume


Baby Puppy Costume


Baby Koala Costume


Infant Itsy Bitsy Spider Costume


Infant Teddy Bear Costume


Infant Dragon Costume


Infant Snuggle Bear Bunting Costume


Infant Guppy Bunting Costume

Baby Bear Costume

Infant Character Costumes

Who doesn’t have seeing a tiny person dressed up as a famous character? Here are some of your favorite iconic characters – in baby form!


Infant Batman Costume9a5f8b25-aec2-45de-ad0f-36c4a857b6db_1-35a42752fa58f17bd3c41ab68e963a82

Infant Mickey Mouse Costume

‘Lil Hatter Costume


Infant Jailbird Costume

Little Red Riding Hood


Infant Jack Jack Costume

Infant Robin Costume


Infant Wonder Women Costume (you can match with your child with this great wonder woman costume tutorial!)8d4978bd-4a97-441d-a771-dd9a2fd2e82c_1-fcf5421d7f4c323ef29c11aac112ed77

Infant Super Girl Costume


Infant Super Man Costumee4a12a2b-046d-45dd-b3dd-b341e02ba081_1-6eacb66b221497429a1a489bad19a6e5

Infant Bat Girl Costume


Pumpkin Costumes


Infant Pumpkin Jumper Halloween Costumec2dcbd1a-e5f5-46b8-a2d2-5c1b0088ee34_1-e71b755f997d61c5aa4bee4400054f1d

Infant Pumpkin Costume1f447403-7300-4034-9822-3db11ae220de_1-881e38d2a10cf3b9f2347a262981cabb

Infant Pumpkin Bubble Costume


Baby’s First Halloween Outfits

Carter’s has TONS of adorable “First Halloween Outfits” which are perfect for little ones:





Newborn Halloween Costumes


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