Simple and Fun Relief Society Birthday Ideas

Fun and simple Relief Society Birthday Ideas!

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this or not, but I was recently called to be the Relief Society activity committee leader in my ward.

Well, one of them – we have two committees so everyone doesn’t get totally burnt out 🙂

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I have loved this calling so far – organizing and planning activities has always been something I’ve enjoyed, and it’s different than other callings I’ve had at church.

I plan to share more activities in the future, but today, I wanted to share all about our recent Relief Society Birthday celebration!

The Relief Society birthday is on March 17th, and this year is the 175th anniversary! For those of you  who aren’t familiar with what the Relief Society is, it is the women’s organization for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You can read all about the Relief Society here. .

It’s a wonderful organization, and I feel blessed to be a part of it – so I’ve been especially excited about participating in this year’s celebrations.

We decided that we wanted to keep it simple but fun – so we went with a classy birthday party!

Thank you to Shindigz for helping us put this event on!

Relief Society Birthday Decorations

We went with pink and gold for the colors for the night, and I think they worked perfectly. Very feminine and simple.

We got almost all of the decorations from Shindigz. Seriously, this is THE place to go for party decor. They have SO many products and themes, and, best of all, you can totally customize it for your party.

Everyone loved the decor, which I was thrilled about. A few people even mentioned how nice it was to be able to buy it all online and not run all around town finding the perfect decorations (I agree!).

First off, we decided to go with simple pink and gold plates, cups, forks, and napkins. I was excited to find this Classic Pink Party Set and Gold Party set on Shindigz. Each set has a dinner plate, dessert plate, cup, utensils, and napkins for 20 people. I loved how convenient it was to buy these sets. They have tons of colors, too!

I took a lot of time to peruse the collections and color schemes on Shindigz, and I ended up deciding to use the “Fun to be One” theme for some of the custom items we bought. While this is obviously designed for a first birthday, we were able to make a few tweaks to make it perfect for the Relief Society birthday party!

We put a birthday hat on each plate that was customized to say “Happy Birthday Relief Society”.

The center of each table was decorated with little candy bars (we customized the wrappers from Shindigz and bought the candy bars from Costco), metallic confetti, and then a little pink gable favor box that we had stickers made to put on that said “Happy Birthday Relief Society“. Each box had three helium balloons coming off of it.

One of my favorite decorations was this beautiful tabletop runner I had made. I asked Shindigz to put the Relief Society emblem in the middle and then write Happy Birthday RS to the side. It turned out perfect! We opted to put it on the table above the food. We will definitely be keeping it for years to come – very high quality.

Shindigz has so many other options – whether you want custom items or just color coordinated – I definitely recommend checking them out for any church activities. I believe you get $10 off if you sign up for their newsletter!

Relief Society Birthday Dinner Ideas

It took us awhile to finalize the menu, but in the end, I think it was perfect!

Unfortunately, we WAY over-estimated the amount of food we needed. Oops! Several families in the ward were able to have a lot of the unused extra food, and I think all the committee members took home a bunch, too. Good thing it was delicious.

We ended up wanting it to be a spring, picnic-like dinner, and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Chicken Salad Croissant Sandwiches

We bought chicken salad from Costco (so good, but you could obviously make your own) and put them on the delicious, buttery croissants from Costco as well. We also put a piece of lettuce on each one to make it feel a little fancier.

Fruit Tray

Veggie Tray


We just mixed up some Country Time Lemonade and put it in a drink dispenser one of the sisters on the committee had. We also served water.

Cupcakes from Sam’s Club

I’ll admit, Costco is always my go-to place for pretty much everything, but we ended up getting the cupcakes from Sam’s Club, and they were PERFECT. The ones from Costco were a bit large, so the Sam’s Club ones were perfect. I think it’s $14.99 for 30 – they were so pretty, and the whipped frosting was delicious.

We also put these personalized cupcake picks in each one to make them a little more fun!

Other ideas

Here are a few other ideas to give you some inspiration:

Dinner from the 1840s – I thought this would have been fun – make a bunch of food that the sisters may have made back when the RS was organized.

Dinner around the world – a big part of the RS celebration is about celebrating our sisterhood and unity. I think it would be fun to make dishes from around the world!

Pasta dinner

Relief Society Birthday Activities


The other activities committee leader (who was in charge of this activity) had originally created a Bingo game for us to play. We ran out of time, but I think it would have been so fun. I believe it was based on General Conference talks, and she had bought M&Ms for people to use as markers.

History of Relief Society

I think it’s a good idea to have someone talk about the history of Relief Society.

Relief Society Around the World

We had one sister who had served her mission in Japan come and talk about how Relief Society was run in Japan. It was really interesting, and it showed that we aren’t all that different. She also dressed up in a Japanese outfit (not a kimono — I can’t remember what she called it), which I thought was pretty cool.

We had a recent convert give a little talk about her favorite General Conference talk, and she also talked a little bit about her conversion story, which I loved. I think that you can easily involve different sisters by asking them to do things like this.

In her shoes

I’ve heard of a lot of Relief Societies doing this lately, and I thought it was such a fun idea. Each sister brings one of her shoes and everyone places it on the table in the front of the room.

Each sister then takes a turn coming up and talking about why she brought the show and how it represents her or her journey. It seems like a more unique way of getting people to introduce themselves.


Any type of video is fun – I think one that has pictures of all the sisters placed to music, excerpts from General Conference, etc. would be especially impactful. You can easily make these in iMovie or Windows Movie Maker, but I think that Animoto makes it even easier!

Relief Society Birthday Gift Ideas

What kind of birthday party would it be without gifts?! We wanted to send each sister home with a reminder of what the Relief Society is all about.

The other committee leader, Linda, had a great idea to get a bookmark that had the Relief Society declaration on it. We were able to find these great bookmarks from Deseret Book – one side said “Charity Never Faileth”, which is the Relief Society motto, and the other side has the Relief Society Declaration.

We also placed a basket of extra candies on the side for people to grab on their way out:

Here are a few other ideas:

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  • Thank you for your ideas, I love pintrest and I’m newly called to be a second counselor to our relief society president. So I need lots of help.
  • Hi, I love your idea four a fun and simple RS birthday party! I love the color scheme and the picnic foods! I am trying to recreate this whole look for our activity that I'm in charge of. My problem is trying to fit it into the ward budget without spending too much. I love the party hats but they are super expensive on the Shindigz site. We are planning on nearly 100 sisters for our birthday celebration and that many party hats I can't justify the cost. Any other suggestions? Maybe only order half as many and put one on every other plate? Also, I would appreciate it if you could give me a ballpark figure on how much all the food cost for this activity? This is a new calling for me and I dont know what to expect the food to cost. I plan to do the same menu as you did here, plus add potato chips. Any information you could give me will be appreciated:)
    • Hi! I'm sure there are cheaper places to buy those types of hats...I will have to look around and let you know. Honestly though, no one wore them, so I think if you just bought them for decor, it would be better (and more cost effective!)For the food, we fed about 75 sisters, and I think it was like $250? I will have to ask the others on the committee - I didn't actually buy the food this time. I think you could save some money by making the chicken salad yourself. We had way too much though. Some sisters only ate half a sandwich, others a whole, and some not at all!I'm glad you liked all these ideas! Please let me know if you have any more questions. It was a really fun party!

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